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Father Christmas

Father Christmas

By: Lumos P. Nox


A/N: Thanks a ton to shellebelle, my awesome betta for the fastest betta check this side of the pacific.  Also, thank you J.K. for creating this wonderful world for us to play in.


Ginny had just finished a mug of hot chocolate and was climbing into bed on Christmas Eve when she looked at her mother and asked her a question that most parents dread.  “Mum, is Father Christmas real?”

          Her mother smiled warmly down at her and kissed the top of her frizzy red head. “Why wouldn’t he be real, sweetheart?” she asked.

Ginny squirmed uncomfortably for a minute until she confessed.  “Well Mum, it’s only that I asked Fred about it a while ago and he keeps telling me that he’s just made up. He said that seven-year olds shouldn’t believe in Father Christmas anymore.  Then I talked to Bill about it and he just laughed at me and ruffled my hair, which I hate.  I just don’t know who to believe, so tell me the truth. I’m ready to know.”

 Her face was so determinedly set that her mother couldn’t help but smile.  “If you just let me tuck you in I’ll tell you all you want to know about Father Christmas.  He truly is a remarkable man.”

“So he is real then?”

“Get into bed and I will tell you.”

As soon as Ginny was tucked in and ready to hear the story, her mother began to in a soothing voice to tell her all about the great man and wizard, St. Nicolas.

“You see,” she began, “the reason so many people don’t believe in him is because they don’t believe in magic, and magic is one of the things that makes Father Christmas so great.”

“So he’s a wizard then?”

“Yes, he’s a wizard, and a very old one.  Has anyone ever told you about a Philosophers Stone?”

“No, what is it?”

“It’s a magical stone that can produce two very powerful things.  The Elixir of Life, which can make a person live forever and it also can turn any metal into gold.  Some wizards don’t believe that it’s real, but it’s as real as St. Nicolas himself.  No one knows how old he is exactly because he has been using The Elixir of Life so long.  He probably doesn’t even know himself.  We only know that he has been helping children for generations.  The stone helps with that too, because he can use all the money to buy all the supplies he needs for the gifts.  He truly has used the stone to the fullest.  Nicolas is the last person believed to have a Philosophers Stone today, but because no one is sure if he has one, or even where he lives, as it isn’t positively recorded anywhere.”

“I thought he lived in the North Pole.”

“That is the believed place yes, but many wizards have searched it and cannot find the true place where he has his shop.  Most wizards believe it is surrounded by powerful protection spells that even wizards can’t detect.  He has been around for so long that it could be filled with old magic that has become long forgotten except by him.”

Molly paused and looked at Ginny.  “Are you sure you aren’t too tired for this dear?  It is quite past your bedtime.”

“I’m fine Mum.  Can you finish telling me about him?  What about the flying reindeer?”

“It’s funny that you should ask that, because Muggle children do think they’re reindeer don’t they, how funny.”

“What’s funny?”

“Well who has ever heard of a flying reindeer?  It’s ridiculous they don’t even have wings!  His sleigh is pulled by Thestrals, of course. They have a wonderful sense of direction and are quite fast.  Sometimes Muggles spot him on Christmas Eve, but other Muggles don’t believe them because not all of them can see Thestrals, and they don’t understand them.  It comes in quite handy for him, I’m sure.”

“How does he get to all those houses in time?”

“Well, most people believe that he has a Time-Turner and he keeps turning it back so he can get to all of them.  So, in a way that’s how he is at so many different people’s houses all at once.”

 “What about all the presents? That’s a lot of gifts to fit on one sleigh, even with Thestrals pulling it.  Wait, does he shrink them, so they all can fit in his sack?”

“Now you’re getting it!”

“What about that whole chimney thing? I thought he got down through the chimney?”

“He does, but he doesn’t go down the chimney he uses Floo powder sometimes to get in the houses.  That must surprise unsuspecting Muggles sometimes so they most likely think he is coming down the chimney when he is really just taking the Floo Network.”

“This is so cool Mum!  I never doubted he was real even for a second.  Do you think I could run downstairs quick and tell Fred?”

“No, I think its time for you to go to bed, young lady.  Give me a kiss.”

Molly reached down as Ginny gave a soft peck on the cheek and gave her a comforting hug. “You remember now not to believe all those tales you brothers have been telling you.  They can be downright storytellers when they set their minds to it.”

By the time she had finished the hug Ginny was sleeping softly with her head tilted slightly toward the moonlit window.

“Good night sweetheart,” her mother whispered, “and Merry Christmas.”

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