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Nice skirt, Ron!

Nice skirt, Ron!

"Ronald Weasley!" - shrieked Hermione.

Both of them were lying on the floor. Ron wanted to get up, but his arms didn't lift his body. He turned on his back, pulled his legs into the air and jumped onto his feet. He was proud for this trick that Charlie taught him during the summer. He looked around and found Hermione still lying on the floor. Her position meant that the hem of her skirt was higher than usual. Much higher. He admired this view. His admiration was so big that it occupied much of his brain capacity. The remaining free capacity was enough only to utter a single word: "What?"

"We've splinched! Look at your arms - they're mine! And I've got your arms, that's why I couldn't get up yet." - continued Hermione.

"Sorry" - replied Ron. He wanted to help Hermione but when he tried to grab Hermione's arm, only his arm attached to Hermione's shoulder was moving.

"Don't move!" - hissed Hermione. "I'll just lose my balance if you move your arms". She finally managed to stand up and the hem of her skirt slided back to its proper place.

"Where are we?" - wondered Ron. "I don't remember I've ever been in this room."

"Of course you've never been here. This is the girls' Quidditch locker room - you're not allowed to be here."

"Harry came down once here. He wanted to check that Cho's breasts are really that big or she only puts some socks into her bra..." - said Ron, trying to hide his smile.

"No, he couldn't have done that, Harry is just not..." - stammered Hermione.

"Of course he didn't do it. However, Fred thought it's a good idea." - answered Ron with a huge grin on his face. "Speaking of checking the contents of a bra... I've wanted to do this for ages." - said Ron and started to unbutton Hermione's shirt.

Hermione realized that she couldn't slap his hands because her hands were still attached to Ron's body. But she could cover his eyes.

"Ow. So you don't let me see them. But you can't stop me to feel them." - said Ron. His hands were halfway towards her chest when Hermione's slap landed on his face.

"I told you - no sex till you pass the Potions N.E.W.T.!" - shouted Hermione.

And Mom thinks Snape managed to motivate me. Ha! Neither does she know that my good grades are due to Hermione finally letting me copy her homework. However, it's beyond me why she lets it... thought Ron.

"Then what do we do now?" - asked Ron.

"Flitwick told us that if we Apparate at the same time to the same place, for example when someone just can't wait one more second," - she frowned at this point at Ron, - " we could end up splinched. If we Apparate back to the Quidditch field again at the same time, we could unsplich ourselves."

"Isn't it dangerous?"

"Of course it's dangerous. Or do you want to wait for the Slytherin girls come here and find us before Flitwick?"

"OK, do it." - replied Ron. He didn't want to give any opportunity to that Parkinson cow to annoy Hermione. "I'll count back. Three, two, one, ..."

They've Disapparated with a crack, appearing on the Quidditch fields. Ron quickly checked his arm - they were attached to his body. He sighed with a relief, then he heard Harry.

"Nice skirt, Ron!"

Author's Note: I know one can't Apparate at Hogwarts. Let's just say they've lifted the charms so the students can Apparate during their Apparating lessons inside the grounds.

Author's Note 2: This story was inspired by Nundu's Splat, Split, Splinch. Do yourself a favour and read it.

Author's Note 3: Thanks to my beta reader Beth for fixing my English, to the Anthology subforum for inspiring me write fanfiction, to the Harry Potter forums at for introducing me fanfictions and to JKR for creating the Harry Potter Universe and letting us play with it.

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