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Dear Diary Ė A Marauder Story



September 2

Dear Diary,

What is it with boys? I will never understand them!

Before I waste any breath (or rather, paper) on the extremely inappropriate doings of James Potter and Co., the first thing I need to do is tell you who I am.

My name is Lily Evans. Iíve never kept a diary before. I am in sixth year in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and if you havenít guessed, Iím a witch. Iím sixteen years old, I have dark red hair and almond-shaped green eyes, and, as my best friend Katie Reiner insists, I am not bad-looking. At least, I donít cringe every time I look in the mirror, like that stupid Slytherin, Rosie Perkler. She has a face like a pug and she realizes it. Donít ask how she managed to get her equally stupid boyfriend, Ferlus Parkinson.

But Iím getting off the subject Ė me, obviously. Iím not a bad student, and Iím especially good in Charms. My parents support me in my witchery (is that even a word?). My sister, Petunia, doesnít. She hates me and calls me a freak. We used to be so close. Why does she have to be jealous of me?

Now thereís a Dark wizard trying to rise to power. His name is Lord Voldemort and heís gathering followers (almost everyoneís afraid of saying his name. I think thatís ridiculous. If weíre afraid of a mere name, weíve lost half the war already!). Heís been killing people Ė everyone says that heís after Muggle-borns. Iím a Muggle-born (from a Muggle family, who can probably be killed)! And Iím not any less of a witch than Rosie Perkler Ė better, in fact, and sheís pure-blood! Apparently he hates Muggles, and half-bloods, and quarter-bloods, and - well you get the gist.

I suppose, with a Dark wizard threatening my family, I shouldnít even care less about the antics of James Potter and Co.But, Voldemort is out there Ė thereís nothing I can do about him.James Potter is right here and sometimes it feels likes heís the bane of my existence.

Well, not just James Potter. James Brian Potter and Co. (Co. being his three best friends, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. Actually, Remus isnít so bad. Heís Katieís boyfriend and heís a prefect. But the othersÖ).

James Potter is Ė well Ė Iíll tell you his obvious traits. He has very, very, very untidy black hair which he makes even untidier so as to look like he just got off his broomstick. He has hazel eyes and glasses, pretty good-looking, and heís very good at Transfiguration. In fact, heís good at pretty much everything. And heís amazing at Quidditch (I give credit where credit is due).

But thatís the whole problem. He is extremely arrogant. Along with Black, he hexes people just to show he can, and he has a crush on me. AARGH! He has been asking since fourth year to go out with me. Iíve always told him that Iíd rather date the giant squid. But he keeps on asking. Does he think that if he persists, Iíll finally get so tired of it that Iíll go out with him to get him off my back?

Iím not so sure about that.

Anyway, do you know what he and his merry men did today? It was the FIRST DAY OF TERM, mind. We had Potions first thing with the Hufflepuffs and Potter went and stuck Filibuster Fireworks in each cauldron, and they exploded. It was bad luck that we happened to be making a Shrinking Solution, and it went all over everybody, shrinking whatever body parts it hit. Actually, Potter and his friends did get a bit hurt, so serves them right!

Bloody Potter, bloody Black, bloody Lupin, bloody Pettigrew.

I didnít tell you about the others. Sirius Black has black hair, gray eyes, and heís very good-looking. All of the girls in the school (including the ones in seventh year) have crushes on him. Except for me and Katie. Katie because sheís got Remus, and me because I donít have a boyfriend, donít plan on having one in the near future, and because I think itís ridiculous that people fall all over others just because of how they look. Sirius is a very good student, and manages to get perfect marks on every test in spite of playing pranks in every class along with James. But heís also extremely arrogant.

You know, it really annoys me that Potter and Black can pay absolutely no attention in class, almost never take notes, and get top marks on tests! I mean, the last time I saw them really study for a test was when we were taking the O.W.L.s!

Remus Lupin is an extremely clever wizard. And he does work hard in class. Heís always one of the first to discover the quirky hexes, and the teachers all love him. Heís very gentle and kind, but watch out! He has a devilish streak that is fairly funny to see. Youíd never guess by looking at him, or even speaking to him briefly, that heís involved in half the pranks in the school. Heís also a very good student. He adores Katie, who in turn adores him, but thatís the whole point of having a boyfriend, isnít it? Heís also very nice to me. What does bother me about Remus is that heís a school prefect, and he just lets his friends get away with EVERYTHING! I really donít understand him. Itís almost like Ė like heís worried that theyíre the only friends heís got. What is it Ė has he got a deep, dark past or something?

Peter Pettigrew is short, chubby, and has watery eyes and a pointed nose. He isnít much of a leader, but he follows the other three around and theyíve become quite good friends. I donít know how, actually. Heís completely unlike them! The only thing I know about him is that heís very good at drawing cartoons (he did a really excellent one of Gryffindorís enemy, Severus Snape).

Bloody, bloody, bloody boys.



Lily Evans



August 1

Dear Diary,

Well, I have good news and bad news.

The good news is, now that Iím in seventh year, Iím Head Girl! I really, really am! I canít believe it! Imagine, what an honor! (This is much too full of exclamation points, but Iím too excited).

Mum and Dad were thrilled. Petunia was disgusted (why am I not surprised?). I really donít know why she has to be so mean to me. I mean, why act that way? She isnít a witch. Period. She can become Head Girl in her own school (she didnít, so thatís beside the point, but she couldíve), and itís not my fault I put an effort into school and she doesnít. She keeps muttering about me Ďputting on airsí and Ďstrutting around like a peacockí. Alright, I am excited and proud about it, but I am not putting on airs, and I do not STRUT!

The bad news is Ė James Potter is Head Boy.

Imagine, what a horror!

I am going to be responsible for the entire school along with HIM. That stupid, arrogant, bloody, BOY!

I wonder why he made Head Boy. I mean, heís not a prefect. To be perfectly honest, I expected it to be Remus. Doesnít Dumbledore realize that Potter is irresponsible, a prankster, and an arrogant prat to boot? Did Potter do something to get into Dumbledoreís good graces? I suppose Iíll never find out.

I guess I should look at the bright side.

At least it wasnít Snape.


††††††††††† Lily


September 1

Dear Diary,

Well, weíve started the new school year. It really was great seeing Katie again. And of course, Hogwarts! I missed the castle.

Anyway, Dumbledore called me and Potter into his office after dinner. He said that he trusts us to be responsible for the welfare of the students and some other things, but we were both too tired to listen. The only time Potter woke up was when Dumbledore said that he expects us to have a new sense of responsibility, and he looked at Mr. Troublemaker Head Boy especially.

We walked back to Gryffindor Tower together and we said a total of four words in all:

ďGood night. See you.Ē


††††††††††† Lily


September 5

Dear Diary,

Well, what do you know? Potter actually seems to behave himself. He and Black managed to get through the first day of school without playing their usual back-to-school prank. Itís always been my theory that the boys are BURSTING to play any prank all summer, so they start on the first day of school to make up for lost time. But they didnít. Theyíre probably saving up for a really BIG prank. Oh well. Schoolís been great. Iíd forgotten how bracing it is to wander through Hogwartsí halls. And itís still beautiful outside. Iím sitting by the lake right now. The Marauders (guess who that is! They call themselves that, and it sort of caught on with the other students. Now weíre all calling them that. They have the weirdest names for themselves. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs. Loony, Pigtail, Loudfoot, and Wrong would be more appropriate.) are sitting under the big tree a bit away from the lake and are conspiring vigorously. Probably planning another way to make Snapeís life miserable. Not that I disagree that he deserves to be made miserable, but it does seem a bit unfair to have four against one. Well, actually, against Snape and HIS gang, Rosier, Wilkes, Avery, Nott, and all those slimy gits. So itís fair. Actually, Potterís writing something in a book, and the rest are talking. I wonder what heís writing.

Professor McGonagall told me to tell him that she wants to see us in her office at seven. Donít ask how Iíll get through it. Though, to be honest, since about May last year he hasnít been as annoying to me as usual. Maybe heís growing up. And heís stopped hexing people, except for Snape, of course.

Iíll write in here later.


††††††††††† Lily

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