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Author: the silent speaker  Story: The Harry Potter Primer  Chapter: Default
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A is for Albus, the mentor and sage

A is for Albus, the mentor and sage.

B is for Binns of incredible age.

C is for Cedric, whose death bereaved Amos.

D is for Dursley, the great ignoramus.

E is for Errol the elderly owl.

F is for Fawkes, who is Dumbledore’s fowl.

G is for Gryffindor, home of the brave.

H is for House-elves who want to be slaves.

I is Imperio, stealing the will.

J is Jo Rowling, who writes with such skill.

K is a traitorous house-elf named Kreacher.

L is for Lupin, the good Defense teacher.

M is for Moody, whom none dare annoy.

N is for Neville, worth twelve of Malfoy.

O, Ollivander’s, the best place for wands.

P is for Potter, Patronus, and Prongs.

Q is for Quidditch, with Quaffle and rings.

R is for Ron, who is Weasley our King.

S is for Snape and his Slytherin sneer.

T is Trelawney, occasional Seer.

U is for Umbridge, who had Harry framed.

V is for Vol-He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

W, Wands and their magical cores.

X is the mark on the Ministry doors.

Y is Yvonne, who’s Petunia’s friend.

Z is Zabini, of gender

The end..

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