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Author: Potioncat  Story: This Week in Witch Weekly  Chapter: chapter 1 Love is in the House
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Witch Weekly

Witch Weekly

Valentine Edition


Love is in the House

By Carlotta Lovejoy



Do you need help finding the perfect mate? Whether you are looking for yourself, your friends or a family member, this is the perfect guide to romance and marriage.


No matter your House, Hufflepuffs across the board make the perfect mates. Loyal to a fault, a Hufflepuff never strays from the marriage vows. They are hardworking and dedicated, willing to shoulder an uneven load for the sake of the family. Hufflepuffs keep the home-fires burning while Slytherin partners are working to reach their ambitions, while Gryffindors are saving the world, or while Ravenclaws discover new spells. If Hufflepuffs have one fault it their work ethic. They can make life miserable for a lazy spouse. By far the best choice for a Hufflepuff is another Hufflepuff.


If you are looking for a hardworking loyal spouse, Hufflepuff is your best choice. If, however, you are looking for sparks…look to Gryffindor or Slytherin. Members of these Houses actually crackle with energy, both emotional and physical.


 In fact, the relationship that creates the most sparks is Gryffindor-Slytherin.  True, it is a rare combination, but to the lovers in a Gryffindor-Slytherin romance, it is like being struck by lightening.  Someone usually gets hurt, and they hardly ever make it to marriage. These two Houses shouldn’t get involved unless both participants are looking for a brief fling or if each is incredibly committed to the other.


Gryffindors also make loyal husbands and wives, but with courage as its defining feature, the house is something of a mixed bag. You can actually have a Gryffinclaw, a Gryffinpuff, or a Gryffinslyther. Therefore, a Ravenclaw should look for a Gryffinclaw or Gryffinslyther. A Gryffinpuff is a Hufflepuff’s second best choice for a permanent arrangement. As for staying in House, Gryffindors should look to Housemates with differing qualities to get the best fit. There is no doubt that a Gryffindor-Gryffindor match is a stable one.


Slytherins are perhaps the most difficult mates. Driven by ambition, the Slytherin’s love interest often takes second place. Be warned: a Slytherin husband will expect the mate and family to be waiting at the end of the day…no matter how late that may be. They expect the perfect home as a matter of course. Slytherins often think their ambition is “for” their family and sees any resentment of time spent away as selfish. On the other hand, they are fiercely protective of their families. If their ambition is a strong family, they will commit their time and energy to it. Slytherin wives spend a great deal of energy encouraging each member of the family to be perfect.


A Slytherin-Ravenclaw partnership works very well. Ravenclaws tend to want time alone for their own pursuits and generally do not mind that their partner is sometimes absent. They are clever and supportive partners in a Slytherin’s drive for success.


Slytherin-Slytherin marriages work exceptionally well, so long as the two are united in the family’s goals. Slytherins working on different personal ambitions cause a marriage to disintegrate in a wicked battle of words.


Ravenclaws have to look carefully. A dashing, daring Gryffindor may make an exciting lover, but if the relationship is to last, the Gryffindor needs brains as well. That isn’t always the case. A Slytherin works well if the Slytherin’s goals are in agreement with the Ravenclaw’s. 


Ravenclaw-Ravenclaw is also a stable pairing, but there is sometime conflict over the day to day routine at home. Both partners need time alone and often spend too much time perusing new ideas. Ravenclaws tend to become self-absorbed.


As for romance alone:


A Gryffindor will wine and dine you, or smother you with cakes and elaborate meals. Gryffindors aren’t afraid of risks and may surprise you with a broom ride to the Andes. A female Gryffindor is just as likely to take charge of the romance.


A Hufflepuff will take you to the perfect restaurant (having read all the reviews to make certain it’s the right place) or will make a perfect meal, (having interviewed anyone who’s ever known you to discover your favorite foods.) There won’t be any surprises from a Hufflepuff. Watch out! Hufflepuffs are never just looking for a fling.


Ravenclaws may expect romance, but will go for the pre-fabricated type if they are choosing. They’ll pick romantic restaurants or romantic places because the place is known for romance. They will be attentive and affectionate, but expect you to be aware of their interests as well. Ravenclaws want attention.


Romance is a means to an end for Slytherins, if they are aware of it at all. Slytherins, in romance mode, will choose the best restaurants, with the goal to impress you, and the other diners. They want to see and be seen. Slytherins may bring you expensive gifts, but know that they have ulterior motives. Of course, if their motives and yours are in agreement...go for it!


Yes, love is in the house! What are you waiting for?


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