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“V –very well

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter or any of the other characters or places mentioned. No money is being made off of this nor is there any intent on infringement. I am just playing in the world that J.K. Rowling created.




“V – very well. I’ll – I’ll be in my office, getting – getting ready.”


Gilderoy Lockhart turned and left the staff room on shaking legs and headed for his office. He hurried along the corridors, not really paying any attention to where he was going. When he finally reached his office he shut and locked the door behind him and stood leaning against it for a few minutes trying to gain his composure, though becoming very close to hysterics.


“I can’t do this. I don’t know where the Chamber is. And I haven’t got the slightest idea what’s in it. No one does.”


Slightly more composed, Lockhart started to magic his trunks and boxes into the office. He proceeded to stuff the pictures from one of the walls into one box. His photographic selves were looking rather perplexed as they were tossed in every which way; they all protested at the way they were being manhandled. Some even left their frames to join other frames that were still on the wall.


“Now behave. You know this is for the best. As soon as we get out of here and someplace safe you’ll all come back out again. You’ll see, everything will be just like it was.”


He put all his awards and letters into another box. “What can I do? I can’t let them know that my life is a lie. Oh look, my first Most Charming Smile award, what a day that was.” Lockhart spent a few minutes admiring his awards before recalling what he had been doing. “I’ll be laughed at everywhere I go. Better to sneak out with my dignity attached when no one else is around then let them discover what I really am.”


Lockhart started to pull robes, hats, and cloaks out of the wardrobe and shove them into one of the trunks, all the while keeping up a nervous running commentary with himself.


“When I took this position I didn’t think there would be real work involved. Dumbledore said I would just have to teach them about the Dark Arts, not actually do anything. I think that Professor Snape might have guessed already, but I can’t be worried about that.


“Oh, my poor robes. Well, I don’t have time now to fold you properly. It’s a good thing I know some de-wrinkling charms. I’m going to need them when I go to unpack.”


When he had all the robes packed he turned and picked up the few books that were sitting on the desk, looking for something to pack them in. He fondly caressed the covers before packing them.


“Why would anyone in their right mind want to spend a year with a Yeti? If anyone really knew what they were like they would know that I hadn’t done that. They are not the type of creature that I would spend any time with. And to travel with a troll? You have to be joking. They smell and they aren’t at all friendly. But if it will sell my books I will go on pretending that it was indeed me who did those wonderful deeds.


“Yes, it would be best if I just nipped out while the rest are all involved with securing the castle and preparing the students for departure.”


By this time the second trunk was full of books haphazardly tossed in. Some were so mangled that they would never sit flat or stand neatly again, but Lockhart didn’t seem to notice or care. He was too involved with packing and talking to himself to notice the growing darkness outside. The candles in the wall sconces lit automatically; he didn’t even pause.


He started to gather up papers and quills off his desk and dropped them into a bag conjured out of thin air. Nothing seemed to want to fit though and he was becoming paroxysmal.


“Why isn’t everything going in nicely? It all fit last September when I brought it here. Why can’t it fit now? Ah, students’ papers. Yes, well, I’ll – I’ll just – just leave them here on the file cabinet so that someone will be sure to find them to hand back. Can’t have the students not know what grade they got. Such a shame that they don’t mean anything now.


“The school will probably close and they won’t even need to know whether they made it though the year and on to the next one. Such a shame too. Some of the students were really bright. So sorry to see one of my best students petrified, but some things just can’t be helped. I’m sure the Mandrake Restorative Draught will be ready before long and those unfortunate few will be returned to normal and sent home just like everyone else.”


By now all the walls were bare and only a few fade marks indicated that anything had been hanging there. Lockhart set to work tidying and dusting so that everything would be just as he found it.


“Even if my life has been a lie, no one need know of it. I can take my books and smile and awards and go start somewhere new. The South of Spain might be nice, it is warm there. Hardly any snow, or so I hear. I’m sure there will be fans there and if not, it won’t take me long to build up a new group of followers.


“Anyone that might have an idea of what went on here… I can just modify their memory. I’m quite good at that. They’ll never remember that they even heard anything to blemish my good name.”


Lockhart had everything packed into the trunks and was closing the last one. When he had finally managed that he started to drag it across the room to the door so that it would be ready to go. He then hurried over to get the box of pictures when a knock at the door startled him so that he almost dropped the box.


Who on earth could that be? He thought. Surely the other teachers didn’t really think I was coming back here to prepare? What a preposterous idea! No, I bet its just Peeves trying to cause trouble. Well, we’ll just have a look see, shall we?


Crossing to the door and opening it just enough to see who was outside, Lockhart was surprised to see Harry and Ron standing in the hall. Just what I don’t need, two very enamored fans wanting to know if they can help. The stories of these two are quite something though.


“Oh –Mr. Potter. –Mr. Weasley  –I’m rather busy at the moment – if you would be quick—”





Author’s Note: Thank you to Lady Narcissa for your betaing, and all the suggestions you made to help it flow better. Also thank you to Sammy Weasley for your unofficial betaing. Luv you muches.


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