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Author: Sammy Weasley  Story: Permanent Sticking Charm  Chapter: Default
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JK owns all of the characters and the spells. I am just playing in the world for a little while.


“Filth! Scum! Mudbloods! Half-breeds!” Mrs. Black was screaming from her picture on the wall.

After all this time, Sirius never was able to remove her from the wall. I couldn’t help but think about this as Ron, Hermione, mum and dad, and I move back into Grimmauld Place. I thought there wasn’t anything that could stop a Marauder.

It was the day after we got back from Hogwarts, and we had been working all last night to get ready for the move to Grimmauld.

Lupin comes out of the kitchen and starts to tug at the curtain, and with Ron’s help they were able to close it.

“That will have to be one of the first projects for this house,” Mum says once the curtain was closed. “But for now let’s get some food. Then we can settle in. Hermione when do you have to take your potion again?”

“I should take it after breakfast. Madam Pomfrey said that it is best to take it after breakfast and supper,” Hermione responds as we all go down to the kitchen.

Mum immediately goes to work making a full English breakfast, while Hermione and I set the table. It would just be five of us for Breakfast. Dad went into work early. Tonks who had also been staying at number 12 was on late duty with the Aurors last night, so she wouldn’t be around.

“Tonks and I have tried everything the past few days that we could think of. Including a combined Accio and Reducio. All that did was make her scream louder, and as we all know a silencing charm does not work on her picture,” Lupin was saying, having picked up on Mum’s comment about dealing with Mrs. Black. “We also haven’t had any plans to deal with Kreacher. Neither of us have had time to look up the proper way of dealing with him.”

“What do you mean, deal with him?” Hermione asks, a little shocked.

“Proper house-elf law and everything, Hermione. To their code, Kreacher has to be punished for what he did. It is the same as if you or Tonks or I broke Wizarding Law, any of us would have to face the court system.”

“But what will they do to him?”

“Who cares, it is what he deserves. Give it a rest Hermione, spew has no place in this,” Ron comments as he places a jug of Pumpkin Juice on the table.

“It is not SPEW, RON! And it is that attitude that keeps them enslaved.”

“Ron’s right, Hermione. We have to let them deal with the issue,” Lupin brakes in before an argument could start. “In this case it is similar to our trying to tell Muggles how to live. They have their own culture and set of rules for everything. Most of them like the way it is. I am not saying that everything about it is right, but you will not win any over by interfering with this one.”

“Where is he?” I ask, realizing that he is not around.

“Locked in a closet on one of the floors. We have placed a containing spell around it so that he cannot get out. If you want him out of there sooner Hermione, you can research the proper way of handling the situation.”

“How, I doubt there are books dealing with the subject in this house?” Hermione asks, as Mum gets the food on the table.

“You would be surprised. After breakfast I will do a location charm in the library to find the books that would be most helpful.”

Good, a project to get Hermione involved in. But, is she really the best one for it? She will probably just use that information for her S.P.E.W. campaign.

“Ron what do you plan to do?” Mum asks, having sat down after serving.

Ron couldn’t answer, since he had just taken a very large mouthful of his food.

After swallowing, Ron replies, “I’m not helping research. The damn, bloody piece of trash can stay up in the closet forever for all I care.”

“RON!” Mum and Hermione scream at the same time. Mum for the language and Hermione for the comment.

“Well, he can. I don’t see how you can defend him in this Hermione. He is a dirty, rotten traitor and should be put away or put down. Since I doubt that house elves can be put away, he will probably be put down. And good riddance, I say.”

“Can we please talk about something other then Kreacher?” I ask, wanting to end the conversation before another argument brakes out. We don’t need fighting the first day we are here.

“Right, so Ron, what are you planning to do? There is still a lot of cleaning to do,” Lupin says, steering the conversation into somewhat safer waters. “I would like to get the heads of the elves down soon. Maybe you could help? It is a project for two people. You are tall enough not to need a ladder to hold them, while I remove them.”

“I suppose,” was Ron’s response.

“What about you, Ginny? What are your thoughts?” Mum asks, probably hoping the answer would be homework. Who does she think I am, Hermione?  She does it all in the first thirteen hours and then uses the rest of the summer to revise them.

“What are my options?” I have no idea of what needs to be done. Truthfully, I didn’t expect us to come back here. Additionally, I think this is the last place that Harry should come, when he can come.

 “Buckbeak needs to have his room cleaned. You could help Hermione with the research, or there is cleaning in some of the other bedrooms. That way if they are needed, they can all be open for people to use,” Lupin replies.

“I’ll take Buckbeak’s room.” No need for conversation there, although, he probably is a good listener.

Breakfast continues on in silence, and then we go to get our rooms done. Hermione and I are sharing again; it is always nice to have some company. Although, right now Hermione looks like she might explode, or kill Ron with her glare.


When I get done putting my things away I go up to start on Buckbeak’s room. After bowing to him, he doesn’t really seem to care that I am here. I think he is missing Sirius, that and he needs to have a good flight, anything that will allow him to stretch his wings. Maybe I could talk to Lupin and Dad about him going to the Burrow for a few days. He could have some sunshine, and fresh air. Only problem is how to get him there.

“Too many things to think about, Beaky. How to deal with Mrs. Black, what to do with Kreacher, how to get you to have a good flight? That doesn’t even include keeping Harry sane, and informed, or dealing with my summer homework.”

No response came from Buckbeak, not that I was really expecting one.

“How about we tackle one problem at a time. Hermione can deal with the house elf, right? Right, that is her responsibility, and I am sure she will enjoy it. Even if we have to hear her complain about slave labor and unfair treatment all the time.”

Buckbeak just looks at me, I don’t think he really cares what happens to Kreacher.

“We could feed him to you, but that would probably get you sick. And we wouldn’t want that. Besides, I doubt that house elf tastes good. How would you even go about cooking one?” That is a disgusting thought, Ginny, don’t go there. Or you might loose breakfast, making more of a mess for you to clean up.

“So, first thing on the list is Mrs. Black. They have tried everything in the book. Nothing removes a permanent sticking charm.” Key word being PERMANENT! “What if we could do something to the curtains? That is something to think about. But, wouldn’t they have tried that already?”

I look at Buckbeak, who is just scratching at the floor. He offers no answers, and I have to finish cleaning or be called to lunch before I can ask Lupin about that.

“What could be done to the curtains? It would be hazardous to everyone’s ears to stitch them together. Could build a wall, but that might not block out the noise. Probably would just mute it. So that doesn’t solve anything. Is there anyway to do a permanent sticking charm to a permanent sticking charm?”

There is something to think about. What if there was a way to just stick the damn curtains to the picture. That way they can’t open and then she won’t scream.

I think on it a little more. The more I think on it the more it seams like an idea to try. Although, I don’t know if I want to ask Lupin or Mum do try as they would tell me not to worry about the problem.

“Mum would tell me it is not my place to think up solutions. Lupin probably would tell me that they have tried it already.”

Glancing at Beaky, he doesn’t seem to care that Mrs. Black screams at everything she sees. Probably can’t hear it all the way up here, lucky him. What about his flight? Could try to clear it with Dad and then talk to Lupin about letting Beaky go to the Burrow for a few weeks when Charlie comes home for a few days. I am sure that he would be willing to do a few days of Hippogriff sitting.


A few hours later, I hear two sets of footsteps coming down the hallway. Fred and George come in the room just as I finished cleaning up the last bit. Then I realize they are just the people that I want to see. They would try the permanent sticking charm on a permanent sticking charm.

“Ginny, look at you, covered in dust and muck on your first day of freedom,” George says, looking at me.

“Yeah, Ginner, looks like everything that was on the floor is now on you. You should clean up a bit before coming down to lunch. Mum says it is almost ready,” Fred adds.

“Only if you two will help me with a project, before lunch,” I reply, knowing that I can’t eat without cleaning up a little bit.

“Well…I suppose we can,” George starts.

“Only if you explain while you are cleaning up…” Fred adds.

“…Wouldn’t want to miss lunch ya know…”

“All of it might be eaten before we get there.”

“Fine,” I say, “let’s go I’m hungry.”

“So what is this secret project that you have selected us to help you with?” Fred throws his arm over my shoulder while we walk down the stairs.

“I thought of a way to maybe shut Mrs. Black up.”

“Brilliant, we can test it when Tonks shows up. I hear she is coming to lunch too,” George adds, using his wand to get some of cobwebs out of my hair, and unbeknownst to us, into Fred’s.

“Excellent, now, can I have some privacy? Stand near the door, that way we can still talk while I change.”

I close the door to mine and Hermione’s room; they could have come in if we had been at the Burrow. Hermione doesn’t want any of the boys in the room, so out of respect for Hermione I don’t let them in.

“The idea is to permanently stick the curtains to the portrait. Do you think that it is possible?” Suddenly I wonder how well this idea may actually work.

“Should be,” George answers. “Attach it first to the frame, all the way around. Then we can work on the actual picture. If the picture doesn’t stay, then at least the curtains don’t fly as far apart.”

“Good thinking, Ginner, why didn’t we think of this George?” Fred asks.

“’Cuz we didn’t have five hours of cleaning Buckbeak’s room to think up things.”

“And, because I am a genius,” I put in as I come out of the room all cleaned up for lunch. “So, let’s go try this project before Mum sends a search party.”


When we get to the hall, we walk very quietly up to the curtains that are now covering Mrs. Black. Fred and George pull out their wands and get to work on the attaching the curtains to the frame.

“That part done,” Fred whispers when they stop the spell. “Ready to go for the whole picture?” He asks, looking at his twin.

“Ready when you are,” George whispers back.

“Alright, Ginny, you count down from three on your fingers. I think we need to hit this at the same time. George, you take the left side of the portrait and I will take the right. Cover the whole bloody painting with the spell.”

“Yes, Professor,” George and I whisper to Fred, as they get in position and I hold up my fingers to do the countdown.

As I drop my fingers, Fred and George start the incantation again. This time it takes longer, and we are just getting done when Lupin comes up the stairs from the kitchen to see what is keeping us. At the same time, Tonks comes through the door.

George, wanting to test their attempt to shut up Mrs. Black for good, grabs the first thing that he can. It happens to be an umbrella from the troll leg.

“Tonks, catch,” George calls, as he tosses the umbrella to Tonks.

Obviously, Tonks does not catch the umbrella, and also falls for her efforts. With the noise of it all, everyone holds their breaths and watches to see if Mrs. Black starts screaming.

“Ginny, you are genius,” Fred exclaims as he scoops me up and swings me around.

“What have you done to Mrs. Black?” Lupin asks, wandering over to where we are standing. “Wait, answer that when we get down to the kitchen.”


In the kitchen, Tonks gets George in a loose headlock, “I thought you were going to get me in such trouble, you hooligan.”

“What have they done now?” Mum asks, looking ready to pop.

“That is what we would all like to know,” Lupin replies.

“Well, it was all Ginny’s idea really,” George starts, as food is served and everyone sits down. “She suggested making use of a permanent sticking charm to stick the curtain to Mrs. Black’s portrait.”

Fred jumps in, wanting to share in the glory. “We were just finishing up when Lupin came to see where we were, and Tonks walked in. So…we decide to test things out, George in his infinite wisdom, tosses an umbrella to Tonks.”

“Which I didn’t catch and fell over for the effort of trying,” Tonks adds. “So, it appears that Mrs. Black has been silenced for the time being. Might want to test the exact strength of it later though.”

“Why?” Ron asks around a mouth full of sandwich.

“So we know whether it truly worked or if it needs to be redone at a stronger level.”

“I am sure that Fred and I could make quite the noise to test the strength of it,” George volunteers.

“Ginny, with all of your thinking, were you able to make any progress with Buckbeak’s room?” Mum asks, looking unhappy about the whole tale.

“It is done, the only thing to improve it at this point would be to have Charlie take Buckbeak to the Burrow for a few days, so that Buckbeak can have a chance to stretch his wings.”

“Well, we will have to see what happens when Charlie gets here.” Mum’s look says that she doesn’t really think that Buckbeak will go to the Burrow, although, from the look of Lupin, he just might get at least one day of flight.

“Well, the elf heads are down, and Buckbeak’s room is finished. That means that Ron and Ginny have to find something else to do this afternoon,” Lupin says, wanting to get the subject off of Buckbeak.

That is a fight for another day. Maybe I should take a break from extra thinking and do some homework. Bet Mum and Hermione would like that.

“I’m gonna get started on my homework. That way some of it is out of the way,” I say, leaving Ron to his own devices.

“Then what are your plans, Ron?” Lupin asks.

“Still won’t help with the Kreacher problem, might as well work on some of the bedrooms.”


When lunch is done, I head out of the kitchen as fast as I can. I don’t need Hermione trying to help. She will probably offer anyway. Maybe I should work on homework up with Buckbeak. That way he will have some company.

Gathering my books, I head back up to where I was that morning. Hermione is too focused on something she found this morning. I think it was how Kreacher would die, which he deserves to do.


Half way through my charms essay, I suddenly hear faint screaming and what sounds like fireworks going off.

Heading down to the main level, the noise gets louder. Now I can also hear laughing. Getting to the hall, I see that Fred and George had lit some of their Weasleys’ Wild-Fire Whiz-Bangs. Mum is screaming something awful at the twins, Ron, Tonks, and Lupin are laughing and Hermione looks exasperated with having been disrupted from her research on the House Elves. As I join in the laughter, noting that Mrs. Black is still not screaming, I decide that it was a good way to start the holiday.



Thanks to potions gurl for ideas and proofing. Thanks to Silver Phoenix for doing corrections, and helping me with my tense problem.

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