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Author: Sammy Weasley  Story: A Grandfatherly Chat  Chapter: Default
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“On the count of three, Sirius you try and go,” James Potter said to his best friend

Disclaimer: JK owns Harry Potter, and all the characters. I am just hanging out in their magical world.





“On the count of three, Sirius you try and go,” James Potter said to his best friend.


“I’ll try,” Sirius Black replied from where he was standing.


“All right, One…Two…Three,” James counted.


Sirius appeared to be concentrating really hard, yet also looked as though he didn’t expect he would get anywhere.


“Sirius, why don’t you stop? Then you and James can try together,” Lily Potter, finally said causing Sirius to open his eyes and relax a little.


“I don’t know if we are going to be able to get in there,” Sirius commented.


The three friends were trying to get into Professor Dumbledore’s head or rather his dreams. As a group they had visited Remus Lupin, and James and Sirius had visited Harry Potter, Ron, Fred and George Weasley.


“Ready to try, Prongs?” Sirius finally asked.


“Ready when you are. Lily, you do the count down,” James commented as he went over to where Sirius was standing.


“One the count of three, again?” Lily asked, when her husband was in position. Both Sirius and James nodded. “One…Two…Three.”


This time they got a little fuzzy, but didn’t fully disappear.


“I think we are making progress,” James commented when he and Sirius finally stopped trying.


“Have a rest and then the three of us can try together. And if we can’t make it then, then I don’t think it will be possible,” Lily commented, as Sirius flopped down on to the floor of their Gryffindor lounge in the land of the dead.


“Should we visit Harry again before Hogwarts starts?” Sirius asked, as they relaxed a little.


“We could, Lily you should join us for that,” James commented.


“Could be an attempt for tomorrow night. All this trying to get to Professor Dumbledore tonight will make it hard to get to Harry, especially if he is practicing his Occlumency like he is supposed to be doing,” Lily put in.


“Well, let’s try Dumbledore again.”


As they all stood together, James held up his fingers to do that count down. As soon as all three fingers were down, they all concentrated on Professor Dumbledore. Suddenly they were no longer in their lounge area.


Looking around they saw four, big comfy chairs, just the type Dumbledore liked to conjure. Slowly the professor also seemed to appear.


“Welcome,” Professor Dumbledore said.


“Hello Professor,” Lily greeted him, as she gave him a hug.


“I would ask how you are all doing, but…since you’re dead…I won’t.”


“We’re just perfectly normal,” Sirius commented as he settled into a chair.


“Did Remus tell you about us coming to visit?” James asked, as the rest of them sat.


“He did indeed. Said it was an ‘interesting experience’,” Dumbledore replied. “And I can assure you that both he and Harry are doing well. Molly seems to have taken them both under her wing. Being away from Grimmauld seems to be doing wonders for them.”


“That is always good to hear,” Lily replied.


“Yes, they are a fine family. Big hearted and fiercely loyal, perfect Gryffindors.”


“Have you found a Defense teacher?” James asked, out of curiosity. He and Sirius had talked about it, and both wanted to know; James to be prepared and Sirius to drop hints to Harry.


“Alas, I have not. Looking at a few Internationals, hoping for someone who can really help Harry with his Occlumency. His summer practice is good, but he needs to be able to do the practical part and be tested.”


“Is there no one at Hogwarts, other then Snape, that could help?” Sirius asked.


“No, it is not practiced by many. And for the same reasons as last year, I do not wish to try. Post sessions his mind will be very open for a little while, and I don’t need Voldemort using that to access Harry and gain information. While Remus would be an excellent candidate to have back, since he does have the basic skills of Legilimency and Occlumency. Alas he is needed elsewhere for The Order.”


“Couldn’t that have similar effects to having him practice with Severus?” Lily asked.


“Yes and no, he probably wouldn’t have his scar hurting. Yet, his relation to you three, particularly Sirius and James, could have an effect on the effectiveness. Someone with which Harry has neutral ground with would be best.”


“But who wouldn’t have at least heard of him?” James asked.


“Exactly, so it needs to be someone I can trust around Harry. Not knowing what International support Voldemort has already received makes this a very difficult situation.”


“A tricky predicament,” commented Lily.


“Very much so I’m afraid,” Dumbledore replied.


“Has Voldemort gathered many supporters from the Continent?” James asked.


“We do not rightly know. It appears that he has strong support from Durmstrang, but mixed from Beauxbatons and the other lesser know schools are unknown. Durmstrang will not fall, per say, to him, if anything they will welcome him with open arms. That has as much potential as Azkaban as becoming a base for his operations.”


“Have the Dementors started to follow Voldemort?” Sirius asked.


“Not as far as we can tell. They stay at Azkaban, but that doesn’t rule out that Voldemort isn’t having them stay there while he gets his plans in order. The attack at the Ministry forced him to alter plans some, as we believe that he didn’t want to be recognized by the Daily Prophet yet.”


“So the summer has been fairly quiet, again?” Lily asked, looking as if she didn’t believe this.


Unlike James and Sirius who liked to watch the living, Lily tended to avoid the screen that allowed them to look down onto the land of the living.


“Yes and no, there have been a few attacks, but nothing so grand as the Ministry fiasco. Mostly, people seem to be deciding what side to take and how they are going to deal with this new news. Parents are extremely worried about who I will be getting for the position of the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. They seem to think I am loosing my touch with that post.”


“That post is cursed, is what the problem is. Are you going to allow Harry to continue teaching the DA?” Sirius commented.


“Professor McGonagall and I haven’t decided if we should do that or have him assist the forth and fifth year classes. There is no need to scare the younger students more than they will be already,” Dumbledore replied.


“Can’t really do both I suppose, if he is to play Quidditch,” James supplied. “What about Quidditch captain? Has Professor McGonagall decided who will be the new captain?”


“She is currently deliberating between Harry and Mr. Weasley, I believe. Obviously she knows of the contents of the Prophecy, so she will take that into effect, as well as his Occlumency lessons.”


“He does have a lot on his plate, doesn’t he?” Lily asked looking a little surprised as to how much Harry seemed to need to do his sixth year. “And he isn’t even Prefect or studying for his N.E.W.T.s, yet.”


“Not that Hermione won’t push Harry and Ron into trying to study for them, when classes start up,” Sirius commented.


“Well, they do need to study.”


“But not the beginning of their sixth year. They haven’t learned anything new yet, all they will be able to do is review their O.W.L.s and we know how much fun that is.”


“It is good to review their O.W.L.s, that way they are able to be better prepared for their classes.”


“That is no way to spend the last few days of their summer. Who wants to be stuck in some dimly lit place with their nose in a book, for eight weeks? That’s the exact opposite of the meaning of summer.”


“Just because you never needed to study, doesn’t mean that everyone else doesn’t need to.”


“Actually, having them enjoy their summer while they can is an excellent idea,” Dumbledore cut in, before Sirius could respond to Lily’s latest comment. “And, since Harry arrived at the Burrow, that is exactly what they have been doing.”


“Excellent, that is just what he needs to do,” James put in. “And I hear the twins are coming out with new products like mad.”


Sirius couldn’t help but grin at that comment. The Harry Hair had been put on the shelf three days ago and was the hottest item in the store. Lily just looked exasperated with the idea of the joke shop.


“Yes, I take it you have had the fortune of seeing ‘Harry Hair’ in action.” All three nodded their heads. “Yes, they sent me a few trials as well. I must admit Fawkes was very put out with my new hairstyle when I accidentally tried them. However, Professor Flitwick loved them, when he mistook them for a simple piece of candy.”


James and Sirius looked highly entertained at the prospect of the tiny Charms professor having Harry Hair, while Lily just looked shocked.


“Well Professor, I am sure you have a very busy schedule for tomorrow. So we should be going, so you can get some rest,” Lily said, getting up from her chair.


Instantly James and Sirius were out of their chairs as well. Dumbledore, however, remained seated.


“You all are always welcome to visit. I will have to work to allow you to visit one at a time if that is what you wish. The past few nights I have felt something akin to attacking my shield, if you will, when I was sleeping. I presume that way you three trying to make contact.”


“Yes, Jamies-poo and I each tried separately. Then tonight we tried together with just the two of us. And then the lovely Lily was so willing to join us in our attempt.”


“Padfoot, do shut it. And don’t call me Jamies-poo,” James commented, glaring at Sirius.


“All right, boys, let’s leave the Professor to his sleep,” Lily cut in before James or Sirius could start anything.


Although, Dumbledore didn’t seem to mind, as he had the look on his face of an indulgent grandfather, watching two of his favorite grandchildren. When James and Sirius looked at him though, his face showed none of his amusement if one didn’t count the little twinkling in his eye. But they over looked that, since it was normally there.


“Yes Mum,” they replied in unison. Then with a quick salute to Dumbledore they disappeared from sight.


“Haven’t changed that much, have they?” Dumbledore asked, with a smile.


“No, it appears that even death hasn’t changed their humor or diminished their chance of causing mayhem. They can even change forms in the land of the dead. Everyone wonders how a Grim got into the land, and why he is in the company of a stag.”


“They make an interesting pair.”


“That they do. Good night Professor,” and with that Lily followed her husband and friend’s example and left her old headmaster.


“Good night, Lily,” Dumbledore said after Lily had faded from his sight, and he started to drift away from the communication area.


As expected, James and Sirius were involved in a wrestling match when Lily arrived. She just skirted around them and went to find her mother-in-law.



In the morning, Hogwarts letters went out. O.W.L. results were in and the sixth years needed to buy their books. Ron’s had an extra letter asking if he would be willing to take the role of Captain for the Gryffindor team. In Harry’s was a request to help with the forth and fifth year Dark Arts classes. Additionally, should he wish, the members from the previous year of the DA could be re-formed, with a limited number of new members. Included was a sheet of parchment, with ‘Dumbledore’s Army’ written at the top, and a note asking Harry to contact the previous members that would still be attending Hogwarts regarding their continuing membership. Dumbledore wanted to have the students prepared, but not necessarily all of them armed to wage a battle. The students who had a strong potential to be in the thick of the fight needed to be prepared, for who knew when they would be called upon to help fight the war that had returned.




A/N Thanks to Silver Phoenix for beta-ing my story and dealing with my fragment problem. Thanks to potions gurl for bouncing idea around with me. There will be one more story, a final visit to Harry, which I hope to have out before book six.

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