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Author: Vala  Story: Raising Sirius  Chapter: Chapter 1-The Dursleys
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The Dursleys

The Dursleys

Once again, this belongs to J.K. Rowling.  Unfortunately, I am not the genius behind Sirius Black or any of the other characters mentioned here.


Sirius looked at the parchment and then up at the house he was standing in front of.  Yep.  This was the place.  He could tell by the tidiness of the exterior that this was not going to be a pleasant visit.  He grimaced as he hoisted Harry, who was trying to squirm out of his arms. 

His suspicions were confirmed as a rather beefy man with a thick mustache and no neck burst from the house and made a beeline for him.  He was followed by a thin woman with pale blond hair, a long face, and an even longer neck.  The woman he had seen many times before with her parents in King’s Cross when they went to fetch Lily.  He slowly let out a breath and just hoped that he wouldn’t say something stupid for a change.

“I demand to know who you are and what business you have here,” the man said in a quiet voice, so as not to cause a scene.

“I’m Sirius Black,” he answered cordially, if a little stiffly, “I need to speak to Vernon and Petunia Dursley.”

“I’m Vernon Dursley,” the man answered gruffly, “And I’d like for you to leave my property.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that.  I have some very important information that I have been instructed to give you, no matter what,” Sirius replied coolly.

“I’ll not take that tone from a young hooligan such as you.  I am not intimidated by you and your motorbike.”

What was with this man?  Sirius wasn’t THAT much younger than he was.  Sirius almost wished Hagrid was with him.  Now THAT would take the air out of the overblown windbag.  He could see he was going to have to be a little more forceful.  He couldn’t just wave a wand in broad daylight in a VERY Muggle neighbourhood. He was going to have to fight smarter, not harder.

“Fine,” he said, “But don’t be too surprised when people in hooded cloaks come to your house just because you refused to listen to me.”

Sirius turned his back, pretending to walk away.  Harry had squirmed around and was now looking back over his shoulder.  Sirius held on tightly so that Harry didn't lean too far over and topple onto the concrete.

“Wait,” the woman said, “Please come in.”

It wasn’t the nicest invitation he could have received, but it would do.  He turned back around and followed the sullen couple into their house, which was way too tidy to be normal.  He didn’t know which was more disturbing; his family home at Number 12 Grimmauld Place or Number 4 Privet Drive.

A chunky toddler stumbled around his legs, screaming bloody murder.

“Oh, Diddykins,” Petunia cooed affectionately, “We won’t let the scary man hurt you.”

Sirius turned to Harry and made a face, which made the boy laugh.  He was getting annoyed and he hadn’t even been there for five minutes yet.  These were Harry’s only living relatives, the poor boy.  No wonder James had never liked them.  He quickly pushed James out of his head, though it was pretty difficult.  He didn’t know how many times that morning he had thought, “I’ll just Floo James and see if he knows” and then realized he would never see James again.

Sirius wasn’t offered a seat, but sat down on the couch anyway, completely ignoring the scowls he was receiving.  He sat Harry in his lap and remembered his instructions.  Since he had no choice, Sirius was to be civil. Dumbledore wanted to send Harry to these people for good, and though Sirius understood his reasons, there was no way in hell Sirius would let him live here, so Dumbledore had decided to compromise. 

“Since it seems we have no choice but to listen to you, what do you want?” Vernon barked.

“To inform you that your sister, Lily and her husband, James were…” he began.  He had to clear the lump from his throat before he finished that sentence.  Petunia’s expression changed from snarky to grim within seconds. Vernon, however still wore a scowl.

“It was bound to happen to them,” he said, almost sounding satisfied, “I knew it.”

“Quiet, Vernon,” Petunia whispered.  He and Sirius both looked at her, befuddled.  She just looked up at Sirius and snapped, “And?”

He looked down at Harry and said, “This is their son, Harry.  He managed to survive the attack because of Lily, who died protecting him.”

“If you are asking us to take him, then you have come to the wrong place,” Vernon barked.

“Don’t worry.  I wouldn’t dream of it,” Sirius said icily, “I’m his godfather, so he’ll be with me most of the time. However, he must be allowed to come visit.”

“Do you think we want one of…their kind around our son?  Absolutely not,” the big man growled.

“That is your call, but let me explain the consequences.  You see, since Lily’s blood was spilled to save Harry, he is always protected by her blood.  You, Mrs. Dursley, are the last one that shares her blood.  If he is able to come here, no one will be able to touch him.  That protection will also cover your own family.”

Vernon Dursley looked like he was ready to explode while Petunia absentmindedly held on to her screaming brat.  He looked down at Harry, who was giving him a rather quizzical look as he sucked his thumb.  He just smiled at the boy, who grinned back, revealing new teeth. 

Finally, Petunia broke the silence.

“What about the person responsible for this?  Has he been arrested?”

Sirius winced.  Truthfully, he wasn’t entirely sure what had happened and he knew that there were things that he couldn’t tell them.

“No one is sure.  He actually attacked Harry, but when he did, something unexpected happened and it…damn, I don’t know what happened.  It didn’t kill him, but he no longer has power.”

Petunia looked scandalized that he had just used a swear word in front of her child and covered his ears.

“If he no longer has power, then why should we worry?” Vernon asked. 

“Because he still has plenty of supporters out there would love to kill Harry and this would most likely be the first place they would look.  If you don’t agree, your family will be vulnerable to attack.”

“So how is he able to stay with you and not be in danger?” he persisted.  It was becoming quite an annoyance.

“Because I have cast a spell on the both of us called the Fidelius Charm.  Only I can tell Harry’s location and I don’t really care for being attacked.  But in case something DOES happen to me, he will have to stay here.  For right now, this arrangement is also for you, as well as him,” he answered.  As open-minded as he was about Muggles, he didn’t quite see why he should be doing them any favors.

“Is that the same spell that was cast to keep my sister hidden from the madman?”

Sirius sucked in a breath, feeling almost like he had been punched in the stomach.  Lily must have said something in a letter.  Apparently Petunia she was a lot more insightful than he had given her credit for.

“Yes, that was the same spell,” Sirius answered uncomfortably.

“Weren’t you the only one who could tell what’s his face?” Petunia probed.

Sirius clenched his fists.  He hadn’t planned on talking about this because it made him want to do bad things to a certain Wormtail, as well as kick himself in the arse for being so stupid.  However, he now had Harry to worry about and had been ordered by Dumbledore not to go looking for Pettigrew.

“Originally, that was the plan, yes.  Plans changed and I thought that we could divert attention by letting someone else being the Secret-Keeper.  It would have worked had I known that the person I switched with was a spy for the nutter out to kill them.”

The Dursleys were eyeing him very suspiciously, but he tried to keep his cool.  They could think what they wanted for all he cared- it wasn’t like he had warm fuzzy feelings for them, either.

“We don’t want him hurting our son,” Petunia continued, “I don’t want him turning his meals into frog spawn.”

Sirius suppressed a grin as he said, “Don’t worry.  He won’t know that he’s a wizard until he’s old enough.  I intend on raising him outside of the Wizarding community.  He won’t turn anything into frog spawn.”

After a long silence, Petunia said, “Fine.  He is allowed to visit.”  Vernon gave her an incredulous look, but she just shot a very firm one back at him.  That was the final decision.

Sirius nodded and got up.  Harry had fallen asleep during the exchange.  That kid sure did sleep a lot.  Sirius was careful not to wake him.

“Thank you.  You’ll hear from me before I bring him over and don’t worry.  It won’t be very often,” he said as he walked out the door.

That went about as was expected, maybe better.  He hadn't had to use less orthodox methods of persuasion or even raise his voice.  Perhaps Petunia wasn’t as bad as James had said, even though he had definitely met more pleasant people.  But she didn’t hold a candle to her husband.  He felt really bad for Harry.

He placed his sleeping godson in the rucksack Hagrid had given him to keep Harry in while on the motorbike.  He was glad Harry was asleep because soon Sirius would have to stop flying the bike.  Just this once, he wanted to fly before he couldn’t anymore.  Plus, Sirius wanted to get away from this place as quickly as possible.  He pulled out of the driveway and drove until the city lights began to fade and houses became more distant.  After that, he took to the skies, under the cover of night and clouds, heading to their flat overlooking Muggle London.


A/N:  Yep, a new fic.  I am out of my mind, I know but I really am enjoying this one.  Thanks to my ROXIN beta, Wombat, for the vote of confidence on this one, since I had my worries about an AU; to my writers’ group, moonette, MFF, Lell, starbuckx, Gabriella du Sult and, Wendelin; to prplhez8 for the encouragement.  You guys all ROX.





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