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Author: Kit Black  Story: At Last  Chapter: Default
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Disclaimer: I own none of the following but wish I did


Disclaimer: I own none of the following but wish I did. The song belongs to the great Etta James. The world of Harry Potter belongs to the J.K. Rowling.


Once again, thanks to Gufa, my fantastic Beta-Reader, for putting up with me.



ďAt LastĒ

by Kit Black



Bill Weasley hung his head and stared at the marble bar top in front of him; barely registering the song playing in the background. The truth was, for a while now Bill had felt like something was missing in his life, maybe someone. As he began massaging his temples, he heard a bell tinkle signaling that someone had entered the bar.


At Last

My love has come along


When Bill looked up to see the newcomer, it seemed to him like an angel had walked into the room. A familiar angel, he had seen her somewhere before. Then it hit him, the Tri-Wizard Tournament. She had been the Beauxbatons Champion, and what a champion she was. There was a certain air of elegance about her, she was confident and sure. She was unmistakable.


My lonely days are over

And life is like a song


Bill didnít know her that well, but he knew enough to know she was part Veela. Did it matter, should he care? Bill decided it didnít; her blood didnít make her, her essence did.


At Last

The skies above are blue


Azure eyes took in the room, its every little detail; the same eyes that had smiled at him last year, daring him to come over to say something to her, daring him to take a chance.


My heart was wrapped up in clovers

The night I looked at you


As she scanned the room her eyes fell on him and she smiled a mysterious smile that made the corners of her eyes crinkle. As she walked gracefully over to an empty table, Billís eyes never left her face.


I found a dream that I could speak to

A dream that I can call my own


Bill knew there wouldnít be another chance; he had to speak to this dream girl. Suddenly, he found himself standing, walking over to her table; afraid, but trying not to show it.. The closer Bill got to her table, the wider her smile grew. Finally he reached her. In a whisper of a voice, Bill heard himself offer a hello, and her light laugh in response. Bill realized that he had reached his hand out and asked her to dance. She didnít answer, she just simply stood and laid her hand in his, waiting to be led.



I found a thrill to rest my check to

A thrill that I have never known


Once they had reached the floor, Bill found that he was slightly unsure of what to do, he was nervous. He could never remember being this nervous before. Nevertheless, his hands found her waist, while hers found his shoulders, the words of the song in the background echoing in both their minds. She looked up into his face, biting her lip as a nervous habit. Bill unconsciously pulled her closer to him. She trembled ever so slightly, giving Bill a burst of confidence. Could it be possible he was having just as much of an effect on this girl as she was him? Bill thought that maybe he was, as he felt her rest her cheek on his shoulder. Both their eyes closed, as they began swaying to the music.



And you smiled

You smiled

Oh and then the spell was cast.


Bill felt her lips curl up against him in a smile, the smile that had started it all. They were unknown to each other, but it was a beginning, a beautiful beginning.



And we are in heaven



Bill didnít care that maybe his hair was a little too long, or that maybe he wasnít perfect. All that mattered was his angel and her smiling eyes. Bill was just happy, because in this moment, his hair wasnít too long and his earring wasnít out of place. For just this moment, Bill couldnít help but feel that he was in heaven.


For you are my

At Last



Authors Note: This song has always been a favorite of mine, and it always made me think of Fleur and Bill. Also, I would like to tell you all that I plan to make this a series of song-fics of Harry Potter couples. I hope that you enjoyed reading my story.








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