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Author: Sammy Weasley  Story: One Last Visit  Chapter: Default
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There is that strange pulling sensation

There is that strange pulling sensation. Dad and Sirius must be coming to talk again. I practiced my Occlumency tonight. Wonder if that means they have figured out how to get past the shield. The room comes into focus; like last time it looks like an empty lounge area with no chairs, and the bed isn’t here is time.


“I thought Sirius was coming,” Lily Potter could be heard saying.


“That is what I thought, too,” James responds.


Thinking it would be Dad and Sirius and it is Mum and Dad, I call, “Mum? Dad?”


“Harry, oh Harry!” Mum races to me and pulls me into a tight hug. It feels a bit like the ones that Mrs. Weasley gives. “You and James could pass for twins.”


“Lily, don’t strangle the poor kid,” Dad says with a smile.


“I’m not, James,” Mum responds with a look in her eyes similar to Hermione when she is getting ready to do battle with Ron. “Just because you have the typical male problem with emotions, doesn’t mean that I can’t give my only son a hug. Especially the first time I really see him in almost fifteen years.”


“I didn’t say that you couldn’t hug him, I was just saying that he needs to be able to breathe. And I do not have a problem with emotions.”


“You most certainly do too.”


“Do not.”


“Do too.”


“Thanks for coming to visit me,” I break in. There is enough fighting with Ron and Hermione around.


“Can’t you two stop fighting for five minutes to visit Harry?” Sirius asks as he appears just behind my left shoulder.


“We’re not fighting, Sirius, we’re bickering,” Mum replies. “And what took you so long to show up?”


“Figured I could give you two some time alone with Harry, but you use it to bicker instead.”


“Anyway, Harry do you have any burning questions to ask us?” Dad asks, probably wanting to prevent an argument between Mum and Sirius.


“Who is the new Defense professor? Is it Lupin, and he can’t tell us?” I ask.


“Can’t tell you who it is, Harry,” Dad says, as he conjures chairs for us to sit on. Three different chairs pop up, an overstuffed comfy loveseat for Mum and Dad, Sirius takes a matching overstuffed chair, and I get a mission style. As we sit down, Dad continues, “That would ruin some of the fun for the Welcoming Feast. It’s a tradition to not know who the Defense Professor will be.”


“No, Moony isn’t returning and it isn’t the real Mad-Eye either,” Sirius adds.


“It’s not an Auror, but it is someone that you have met recently,” Mum puts in.


“You can and should trust them though. And we can tell you that they will be taking over the Occlumency lessons,” Dad finishes.


“How are preparations going for the DA?” Sirius wants to know.


“Good, Neville, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione all signed-up right away,” I reply. “Luna will probably want to come back. Hoping for replies from everyone else. Cho, Marietta, and a few other Ravenclaws didn’t get letters. Ginny also suggested a few from her year that are in Gryffindor, and one Hufflepuff.”


“How many new recruits are you trying to get?” Mum asks.


“Dumbledore wants to keep new recruits small. So I am waiting until classes start up to decide on them. Plus we are trying to keep it to those who would probably have a large role in the fights.”


“Makes sense, if the Death Eaters are going to have a junior league at Hogwarts. There is no reason why the Order can’t,” Sirius comments. “Loses some of the thrill to be doing it legally, instead of illegally.”


“You do realize that Hermione questioned the logic behind the DA after you said you approved of the idea?” Mum asks Sirius.


“She did? Somehow that doesn’t surprise me. Had a relationship with her similar to that of my relationship with Mrs. Weasley. Neither of them really seemed to trust me.”


“Hermione said she didn’t think it was the best of ideas, since you willingly supported and encouraged it,” Dad informs Sirius. “Doesn’t seem to think something you openly encourage is the best course of action, Pads.”

”That was till she conceded that we should go through with it, especially since it was her idea in the first place,” I add. “For a thinker, she seems to think too much or seconds guesses herself and her own ideas depending on the reactions of different people.”


“I would say she could calm down some,” Mum admits, “and next time tell her you could be more like James and Sirius. Totally out of control.”


“We’re controllable,” Dad says, indignantly.


“Most of the time at Hogwarts, you weren’t.”


“You didn’t hang around us too much at Hogwarts, Lil,” Sirius adds.


“That was out of self-preservation.”


“So just tell Hermione that the Lily in you is exerting itself. If you really wanted to, you could be a bit more like us,” Dad cuts in, trying to prevent a fight.


“Or the twins,” Sirius adds, not so helpfully.


“I am sure Hermione would love that response,” I comment.


“I heard that Fred and George have a small bet on when Ron and Hermione might get together,” Sirius says, changing the topic a little abruptly.


“They do,” I admit. “I haven’t put in my date yet. Don’t know when a good one would be. Any suggestions?”


“What dates are already taken?” Mum asks.


“Ginny claimed Halloween, Fred says Hermione’s birthday. George thinks Valentine’s Day. Bill says end of the year, and Charlie requested New Year’s. Fleur and I are the only one’s left. Fred doesn’t want to ask Angelina, for fear that she might get ideas about them.”


“What about Christmas or if there is a Winter Ball?”


“How much is the bet for?” Dad asks.


“Nine sickles, so that if you win you get a little over three Galleons and what you put in.” I answer.


“I would say go with Christmas, since we don’t know if there is a Winter/Yule Ball,” Mum says.


“Or, if you can, claim both,” Sirius suggests.


“I doubt the twins would allow that, Sirius,” Mum tells him, sounding a little exasperated.


“He could put it under our name, or have Moony join in. I’m sure that he would like that.”


“I’ll see what I can do, but I don’t promise anything. The twins want an answer tomorrow. Since that is that last day before we return to Hogwarts. Everyone is coming to dinner at the Burrow. Bill, Charlie, Lupin, Fleur, Percy, maybe Penny, the Twins, possible Angelina. Don’t know if Tonks is going to show,” I tell them.


“If she does, should add her to the pool,” Dad comments. “She would probably be more than willing to place a bet.”


“Speaking of Hogwarts, that is why we came tonight. Unless something major happens during the year, we probably won’t be visiting you,” Mum says, stopping the conversation on the bet for when Ron and Hermione get together. “And do try to stay out of detention this year.”


“I don’t set out to get a detention. They just seem to find me, kinda like trouble.”


“He has a point, Lily. And he did go one year without getting a detention,” Dad puts in.


“But he acquired enough this past year. All of the ones he had with Umbridge,” Sirius comments. “Is anything being done about her?”


“That is up to the new Minister. Hermione and Lee Jordan both wrote to the Ministry to inform them of the abuse done by her,” I reply, self consciously rubbing at the scar on the back of my hand.


“So something will be done,” Mum says.


“One can only hope,” Dad adds. “But enough about her, you really shouldn’t worry about that now with classes starting up again, and Quidditch.”


“I don’t even know if I am going to be able to play. As far as I know, I still have the life-time ban,” I reply, trying to sound casual.


“I am sure that Dumbledore and McGonagall will have that problem cleared up,” Sirius jumps in. “There is no reason to keep you from the team. Although, they may have you try out to be put back on the team. Wouldn’t want an inferior player on the field.”


“Sirius Black, you know that Harry is the best Seeker that Gryffindor has had in a very long time. Even if you haven’t seen a match since he was a third year,” Mum exclaims, looking ready to do battle with Sirius.


“I know that Lily, simmer down. The try-out would just be a formality for him. I doubt that there is anyone else in Gryffindor that could match his talent in the Seeker position, with the exception of Ginny Weasley.”


“And she wants to transfer to a Chaser position,” Dad puts in. “So there really isn’t anyone to contest Harry for the spot.”


“Would Ron really make you try out?” Sirius asked.


“If he were more like Percy, yes. If McGonagall doesn’t required him to, probably not.” I say.


“Which she may well do, to prove that the position was given to the proper person in a fair way,” Mum adds. “That would prevent people saying that you were getting special treatment again, for being ‘Harry Potter’ and all.”


“You mean he shouldn’t be treated as if he were special?” Dad asked, with what looks like a feigned surprised expression.


“Not for Quidditch, Mr. Only-the-best-and-those-wanting-to-kick-some-Slytherin-arse.”


“The Slytherin part is the unofficial requirement to be in Gryffindor.”




“Yes, really. It is the mark of an outstanding Gryffindor. Slytherins always need to be taken down a few notches.”


“Like the way you would always take down Snape?”


“Snape was different, besides, look what he does to Harry now. Unfair detentions, threatening to use Veritaserum and being a right old arse about the Occlumency lessons.”


“Are they always like this?” I stage whisper to Sirius.


“Most of the time. They kind of remind me of Ron and Hermione,” Sirius replied. “I don’t remember them bickering this much when they were alive, and were together. There was a fair amount of bickering before they got together, usually in the form of ‘I’m not going to date you.’ ‘Why not?’ ‘Because, you have a big head!’ and that sort of thing.”


“We did not sound like that,” Dad informs Sirius.


“Before seventh year, you most certainly sounded like that.”


“Let’s not get into it here,” Mum cuts in. “We are here to see and talk to Harry, after all.”


“Right, is there anything else we need to pass on to Prongs Jr.?”


“I can’t think of anything,” Dad looks thoughtful. “We talked about the Defense professor, the bet on Ron and Hermione, Umbridge…”


“Quidditch,” Mum adds. “I think that was everything. So, I suppose we should let you go to get so real sleep. Try not to worry about the outside world too much. You will have enough with Quidditch, and N.E.W.T. level classes.”


“Hermione won’t let me, probably. By Christmas she will be complaining about how soon the N.E.W.T.s will be on us,” I give Mum a grin.


Mum gives me another hug, and then fades out of sight.


“Keep in contact with Moony, especially if anything weird happens. He will still want to know about it,” Sirius tries to mess my hair up a little more than it already is.


“I’ll try,” I reply. “You can’t do too much to my hair, Sirius. Haven’t you realized that with Dad yet?”


“Always have to try,” Sirius flashes a marauder-ish grin and disappears, too.


“I don’t think there is much for me to add to what they have said,” Dad says, when it is just the two of us in the area.


“Does the connection work if I want to talk to you?” I ask.


“I don’t think it does, but Sirius and I are often watching you. So we’ll have a pretty good idea of when you might want to talk to us.”


“That makes me feel better.”


“Alright, son. I should let you get back to sleep. Have a good year, and remember, we are always close by.”


Dad then fades out and I drift back to my bed and a peaceful sleep.



A/N: Here is the last story in the visit stories. Hope you enjoyed reading them. Thanks to potions gurl for looking over my story and offering suggestions. Thanks to Silver Phoenix for beta-ing my story.

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