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Author: Goldfish  Story: Picking Up the Pieces  Chapter: Chapter One:The Final Battle
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It's Finally Over

By Goldfish

Disclaimer: The characters in this story are JKR.'s. I only own half the plot, that sucks!

Chapter One: The Final Battle

"AVADA KEDAVRA!!" Voldemort shrieked. Harry Potter dodged the deadly curse. He had resolved not to use that curse unless it was perfectly necessary. Thankfully, so far it hadn't been, but now things seemed quite dire.

The Order of the Phoenix, along with the Hogwarts Order, was fighting the Death Eaters. The Hogwarts Order was actually quite big, considering it was made up of a few Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, and Ravenclaws; everyonewho was in Dumbledore's Army was in it and more. The Hogwarts Order did not think about House rivalries and worked together, so hardly anyone was rude to Harry anymore. Even Zacharias Smith had turned around, but that was probably because Voldemort had murdered his father.
Harry was getting very tired. He had aimed a good few Reductor Curses at Voldemort's head...and missed. He had endured the Cruciatus Curse many times and it was beginning to take a toll on him. His scar was also burning painfully on his forehead, as if Harry didn't realize that a particularly murderous Lord Voldemort was standing right in front of him, wishing he were on the floor dead with half of his classmates.
Too many people had died. As Harry fought the Darkest wizard in history, he saw bodies of his school companions strewn about the floor of the Department of Mysteries, where their trying battle was set.
"REDUCTO!!" Harry yelled, but Voldemort got away again.

Voldemort Apparated behind Harry.
"AVADA KEDAV- !!" he shrieked, but Neville Longbottom rammed himself into Voldemort, sending the curse at the ceiling.

Voldemort hit Neville with the Cruciatus Curse and Harry, taking full advantage of Voldemort's lapse in concentration, yelled, "REDUCTO!!" But somehow, Voldemort escaped the curse once again.
Out of nowhere, Ginny Weasley shrieked, "REDUCTO!!" aimed at Voldemort's left arm.

Voldemort howled in pain and blood spurted everywhere. Harry was transfixed by what Ginny had done. He barely noticed Voldemort, eyes squinting in pain, pointing his wand at her. He didn't hear Voldemort's whisper but he most definitely noticed the jet of green light that issued from Voldemort's wand.
"NO!!!!!!" he yelled, running forward, but someone else reached Ginny first. The green light hit the figure and Harry watched in horror as Percy Weasley's dead body fell. Harry felt a surge of total and complete hate.

"AVADA KEDAVRA!!!!" he screamed, shouting in those words all the misery, anger, fear and loss he he had felt for years thanks to Voldemort and his Death Eaters murdering all the family he had left... like Sirius.

Amazingly, he hit his target. Voldemort fell with a very surprised look on his face, apparently amazed that Harry Potter would use the Killing Curse.

All the Death Eaters saw Voldemort fall dead and they all immediately dropped their wands.
"Accio Wands!" Dumbledore said, his voice calm as ever. Once Dumbledore had their wands, members of the Order of the Phoenix, along with a few seventh year Hogwarts Order members, rounded up the Death Eaters and stunned them. Nymphadora Tonks watched over them, just in case they awoke.
Harry, on the other hand was glaring at Voldemort's body in pure hatred. The thought of Voldemort murdering anyone close to him made him shake with rage. Furious, he raised his wand and prepared to completely destroy Voldemort's body with every curse he could think of.

"Harry - " Remus said in his ear.
"No! H-he killed Percy! I'm getting RID of this - " Harry swore very badly.
"Harry, you can't. We need his body!"

"Harry, no!" Neville said urgently, his voice full of pain.
"FINE!!!" Harry yelled. He stormed off, not knowing one Death Eater still had their wand. As he was running away from Voldemort's body and the surviving members of the Order, he heard an unexpected shout of "CRUCIO!" Pure hate and malice was in her voice. Bellatrix Lestrange laughed as Harry shrieked in agony. All he could feel were white hot knives cutting through his skin. He lay on the ground, convulsing.

But she didn't know he welcomed the pain. He wanted it to kill him. He wanted to die so badly. The last thought he had was, 'Please, let this be the end!' And all went black...

Harry lay in St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries, pale as death. Many people feared that he was dead. A crowd of people, Hermione Granger and the Weasley family in front, waited outside the door to Harry's hospital room for news. Everyone sighed in relief as a medi-witch emerged from from the room and informing everyone, press and all, that Harry was alive. Once the crowd left, Hermione and the Weasleys demanded to know exactly what was wrong with Harry.
"Are you absolutly sure you wish to know?" she asked them with a slightly pained look on her face. "Yes!" they all answered immediatly.

She looked at them sadly.
"Well, I'm afraid that Harry may not live more than a month or so. He has severe nerve damage from the Cruciatus Curse too many times, possibly brain damage, and he has quite a few broken bones. I don't know how the poor boy fought You-Know-Who with all his injuries, but he did. Thanks to those curses, he probably won't make it through this. I'm very sorry."
Ginny started to cry. "C-can we s-see him?" she asked through sobs.
"I'm not sure you, or he, are in a state to see him. However, if you insist, you may see him." the medi-witch said. Ginny headed for the door to his room, but Fred grabbed her, stopping her.
"Fred! L-let go! I h-have to see him! H-he ran at me when Voldemort tried t-to kill me! H-he tried to s-save me! I have to see him!!"
"Ginny," her father said gently, placing a hand on her shoulder, "we all want to see him, but we're all too tired. We'll come tomorrow after a night's rest." He nodded to the medi-witch and said, "Thank you - ?"
"Helga," the medi-witch said. "Ask for me and I'll take you to Harry tomorrow."
Ron managed a smile.
"Thanks. C'mon Hermione. Let's go."

Hermione nodded. She looked dangerously close to crying. Mrs. Weasley was sobbing into Mr. Weasley's chest. "P-Percy!" was all she managed to say, and as she did, it hit them. Percy was dead. Dead.

Percy had died saving Ginny, and she was forever in his debt. Once Penelope had her baby, she'd be the best aunt ever. And to Penny, she'd be the best sister. Like a real sister, not just a sister-in-law. Ginny began to cry harder. Why did war have to be so brutal? Since Fred still had her arm, Ginny pulled him close and cried into his shoulder.

She cried for Harry, for Percy, for her, for Penny and her baby, and for all the families of people who had died in the war. The world would never be the same.

The next day the Weasley family and Hermione returned to the hospital. Almost as soon as they walked in Ginny started tearing.

Ron noticed. "Ginny," he asked, "Are you sure you want to see Harry?"
"Yes." Ginny replied, though sounding slightly uncertain.
"All right..." Ron said. He felt nervous. He hadn't seen Harry in a day, and who knew what horrible state he was in. He couldn't bear to see his best friend in pain.

When he and Hermione had first gotten together, in sixth year, Ron had feared Harry might feel left out. He never had, though. He had dated a few girls, but he hadn't found what he needed until he had gone out with Ginny. He had needed someone to confide in, someone who knew what was happening out in the world, and someone who believed him. None of the relationships had lasted long before him and Ginny.
Now Harry was alone, and no one could help him. Ron put his arm around Hermione. She pulled in closer to him, her lower lip trembling. Ron held her tight. He couldn't believe all three of them had so far made it out alive.
'Harry may be close to death, but he can still make it!' Then they were outside Harry's door.
"Well," Mr. Weasley said, his voice cracking slightly. "Ron and Hermione should go first. He's their best friend."

Hermione nodded. Together, she and Ron headed toward the door. Ron opened it with a shaking hand. When he saw Harry he felt a chill course through his spine and his eyes widened.

Harry was as pale as a ghost, and the contrast of his het black hair didn't make him any tanner. He didn't have his glasses on, and his eyes were closed. His face was in a deep frown.
"Oh no, oh no!" Hermione sobbed, hugged Ron close. Ron held her, and together they spoke to Harry, hoping against hope he would respond. Eventually, they gave up. Harry hadn't moved an inch and hadn't even flinched at Hermione's touches to his cheek.
They left Harry alone again. As soon as they were out the door, Ginny tried to run in. Ron grabbed her arm and stopped her from entering. "Y-you can't go in there, Gin. You just can't."
"Oh yes I can, Ronald Bilius Weasley! I don't care if I pass out and die! I'm going wherever I want to!" She wrenched her arm out of his grasp and strode into the room. Ron heard her gasp and fall. He went near the door, but his father said, "No Ron. We knew it was hard for you, and we left you to yourselves. Leave Ginny, she needs her time with him alone, too."

Ron took a deep breath. It was still so hard to believe little Ginny was sixteen now! "Okay Dad." His father looked at him.
"Ginny wanted to go to you when we heard you gasp so loudly. You just care, we know it son."

Eventually, the whole family had seen Harry. Each came out with varying degrees of worry and shock on their faces. Harry, their beloved Harry, may be gone forever.

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