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Author: Darker_Rage  Story: Why - Ginny's Tale  Chapter: Sounds
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Why? – Ginny’s Tale.
A companion piece to Why? – Harry’s Tale.

These are JK Rowling’s children. They are only in my care for this story, and I’ll have to give them back soon.


Summary: Just what was Harry thinking down by the lake the day Dumbledore was entombed? How did his decision to stop seeing Ginny affect both of them? A what-may-have-happened-next. Possibly rated PG, but not really, for insinuating things that are not described in the text


A/N – I completely forgot to thank Sveltskye for beta-ing the last two chapters :-$ Thanks for everything, I owe you a beer J. Meantime, thanks to PirateQueen for agreeing to take me on and beta the rest of this fic.


Chapter 2 – Sounds



Through the darkness, a door opening…


…high pitched scream…


…green flames…


…white walls flash past, concerned voices…


…head hurts…


…coloured lights, “Come on, don’t give up”…




…”When she wakes up, Mrs Weasley…”


…“could cause long term damage…”


…”yes, that’s safe. They need to get to…”


…”undo the damage. I’ll leave you…”


…a careworn hand covering mine…




“Ginny, are you ok? Do you remember who I am?”


“Hi Mum.” My voice sounded raspy and weak, and I was unbelievably thirsty. “C’n have s’m watr?” My mind felt fuzzy, and I felt as if I was seeing and hearing through a layer of felt. I must have said something right though, as Mum handed me a glass of cold water, and promptly broke down.


“Oh, Ginny! We’ve been so worried! Your father has taken the last three days off work so he can be here through the nights with you, the twins are actually quiet, and Ron and Hermione have been flitting back and forwards between your beds so often I’m surprised if there isn’t a path worn by now. What were you trying to do? I was just coming up to bring you some breakfast and I heard you fall over, and then I had to get you down to the fireplace, and the Healers were worried that you might have permanent damage… What did you think you were doing?” she sounded angry, but I knew she was just worried. I tried to answer,


“I was… I don’t remember. I was lying on my bed. I remember a hopeless sort of feeling, but I can’t remember why. Mum,” I said, suddenly realising something, “Why am I in St. Mungo’s?”


“You cast a spell on yourself. The Healers say we can’t tell you about it though. They say it might cause some kind of psychic shock.” There was a low, musical chime. “Ginny, that means visiting time is over. Now you’re awake and stable, they won’t let us stay. Try and get some rest, the whole family will be here tomorrow. Everyone’s been so worried.” It was as if she had charmed me with her voice. The moment she stopped talking, my eyelids began to droop, and the world receded into the soft stillness of sleep.




When I awoke, I felt better than I had for a long time. I hadn’t been sleeping well for the last week or so, though I couldn’t remember why. I sat up in my bed and looked around, noting immediately that I was not alone. I could hear faint snoring coming from the other side of a privacy curtain, obviously dividing my bed from that of whoever I was sharing the room with. Curious, I peered around the edge of the curtain. Amidst the twisted bedding, I could just see a shock of extremely untidy black hair.


“Ahh, feeling a little better I see, Miss Weasley?” I started violently and whipped around to look towards the door. A middle aged Healer was standing in the doorway, a slight smile on her face. “I’m Healer Costello,” she went on. “I treated you and Mr Potter there. A most unusual case. Individuals try this sort of thing occasionally of course, but this is the first time two people have tried it at the exact same time. I should explain. Miss Weasley, you and Mr Potter there attempted the same spell on yourselves at the same time. The nature of this spell is multi-way, affecting the caster, the recipient, and the object or person who is the ‘subject’ of the spell. As you cast it on yourself, there is the problem of power feedback looping as you are both the caster and the recipient. This generally causes unconsciousness and a few days of headaches; a single day here for observation and then you would have been back at home. However, as you were the ‘subject’ of Mr Potter’s cast, and he the subject of yours, a second feedback loop was created. You two are officially the first case in the world of double-feedback spell backfire.”


I sat, dumbfounded for a short time, while the Healer fussed around me with her wand, performing complex little motions and examining the strange patterns of light that glowed in the wake of its passing.


“What spell was it?” I asked.


“I’m afraid I can’t tell you. It would risk a shock that your system just couldn’t cope with right now.”


“What do you mean?” I braced myself for what I knew wouldn’t be good news


“Ginny,” she said. It’s never good when Healers suddenly start using first names, and certainly not when they’re using their best ‘kind and gentle’ voice. “There is a complication in your situation. As I said, in single-person cases of this type of thing, the first feedback loop burns out as you lose consciousness – you are no longer able to tap your power when unconscious, so it just peters out. You two are different though; there is a second loop, and it is stable. You see, the end of the loop that is anchored to you is feeding off Mr Potter’s power, and vice versa. There is no easy way to say this, but we are unable to break the loop. If we attempt to do so, all the power stored there will be instantly passed to one or other of you. Imagine, one person trying to contain all the magic of two! The very best we could hope for is that that person would lose both their magic and their mind. The worst? Have you ever heard of a Muggle device called an H-bomb?” She gave a shudder at this point, and looked away from me. I had a feeling that worse was about to come. And I knew what that was, even before she went on. “You have probably worked this out by now. All your power is going into that feedback loop. You won’t be able to perform magic of your own until we can find a way to break it. It’s a small comfort I know, but things like brooms and the Floo network will still work; things that use their own stored power. I’m sorry…” she moved to leave.


“Healer Costello, when can I go home?” I was fighting to digest all this information, and through it all was an overwhelming desire to be back at home. I couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe it would just all be better then.


“In a day or two I should think. There are a few more things I would like to try before I let you go. I believe your family were going to come to see you in an hour or two. Meanwhile, why not get to know Mr Potter again, I see he’s awake.” She came back towards the beds and drew the curtain back to reveal a thinnish, lanky teenage boy with startlingly green eyes and a shock of black hair that was sticking up all over his head. He had a razor-thin lightning shaped scar on his forehead.


“Hi,” I said. “I’m Ginny Weasley…”



A/N :- Well, that should hopefully have cleared it up. It was indeed an Obliviate spell that they cast. I was originally hit with the idea to write this as one of them attempting the Avada Kedavra on themselves, but not having the will to make it work. I didn’t, and chose this route for two reasons, first because I thought the Quill would probably reject it, and second if anyone has been touched with suicide (as I have) directly or indirectly, it may awaken bad memories. I apologise to anyone if you thought that’s what the spell used was, and have been adversely affected by it. Thanks to everyone who reviewed, especially the few that said it stunk and actually told me why!


A couple of people reviewed Elements and asked when I will finish it. I stopped writing it due to the new canon blowing it totally out of the water. However, niggling little baby Plot Bunnies have invaded my hindbrain and are multiplying fast – I may be able to re-write the bits I have to comply with Canon and twist it round so that it works. After this is finished, of course!

I’ve decided to try and answer everyone’s reviews at the end of the chapters. The answers for reviews of both Tales will be at the end of Ginny’s Tale. Answers follow…


Katja – I can’t really say, as it’s central to the plot, but it’s not lost. Just wait for the last chapter J


Kaeli Karali – good guess. I will keep writing, and I’m just as interested as you to see where this story goes – I currently have no idea :-P


Jenny – look at my forum location – Harry needs a good, solid hoof to the gonads for splitting up with Ginny. I was bouncing all over the house when they hooked up and then… GRRR! And good guess, it was.


Freshwater – Umm… not sure how to reply to that, but thanks for reviewing nonetheless


Gijane – Don’t think I’m going to let any Americanisation slip just because you’re buttering me up :-P Thanks for reviewing


Sanction – There should be a satisfying conclusion (siriusly, that’s the only bit I know, how I’m going to end it!) I fear it will be one of those sickeningly sweet nearly-sue moments however… :-S. I was dead proud of that line with the traces of fire. Come to think of it, the line you didn’t like is a little disturbing I suppose, but I was drawing on my own experiences of heartbreak to write the first chapters, and that’s pretty much exactly how I felt. Not sure if it crosses the gender divide and sits well with Ginny, but it’s there now J Thanks for an excellent and concise review.


Jeda – Yep, you got it in one J. You telling me there’s not a bittersweet memory you’d erase if you could? Lord knows I’ve got loads! Worry not, all will work out in the end.


Hannah – Pessimistic? Me? Never :-O All will be well, just you wait.


Meredith – Ach, you caught me! I’ve actually never seen the film, but when I decided to abandon the attempted Avada Kedavra plotline, I remembered what my mum had told me about the film, liked it, and adopted it. I’m hoping it will be different enough (especially if you include the magic theory I used in this chapter) to keep people interested! Mate of mine (Thanks Moulder!) told me a poem quote that I’m going to use as chapter titles later


Chele – Thanks, I hope it will be. Yep, Obliviate and as I said to Meredith, it’s kind of eternal sunshine


Andrew Parker – a) Correct, Obliviate isn’t unforgivable, but I never said it was, only that neither Harry nor Ginny expected to have to use it. I think to them it must seem pretty nasty – it’s like a violation after all, messing around with someone’s memories. B) Not sure what you mean here. I have kinda wild ideas on magical theory (probably brought on by reading farrrrr too much fantasy) which might cause crossed wires, which leads to C) I have considered this problem, and kind of dealt with it with my wild magical theory on feedback loops up there. Trust me, there is a way to reverse It (in my little miniverse anyway). You must take into account that Ron’s wand was broken at the time, and wouldn’t be doing what it was supposed to anyway – Voldemort reversed a memory charm, did he not? By forcing it, he broke Bertha. This will not be forced to break. Trust me, wait and see…


Mariposa – Thank you for your opinion. You may be interested to know that Sveltskye warned me about exactly the same thing, in the same way (“this is your story, but I think…”). All I can say is the same as I said to her – I am drawing on my own experiences of heartbreak. I, like Ginny, am a strong person (in spirit at least :-P), yet affairs of the heart can, do and have cut me to the quick, leaving me debilitated for weeks. I hope you read this message, and thanks for being the first person to tell me why they don’t like one of my fics J Seriously, that’s a good thing; more people please tell me where I’m going wrong so I can start going right!


Lindsay – Glad you like it. See above for Eternal Sunshine references J


Elaina Riddle – Soon enough for you? :-P Glad you’re liking it so far!


Sarah –The note was kind of insurance; I didn’t want anyone thinking it was Avada Kedavra. Alas… Anyway, good guess. Hope you liked what came next J


Felix (or felic :-P) Felicis – nothing I need to say, you worked it all out J I was trying to leave the last chapter as a “could they really have done an Unforgivable” but I put the author note in at the last moment just to play it safe – I don’t want a Darker_Ragegate type situation…


Merry101 – glad to see we’re on the same wavelength!


Emily – It will a little, as I’ve said, but different enough (I hope) to keep everyone hooked J.


June Luttrell – This little Plot Bunny has attached it’s self firmly to my cerebral cortex, and it’s not letting go. I only abandoned Elements due to new Canon, and I may have a way to revive it once this is finished (following on from it in fact…). I was going for exactly that response as I wrote the first chapters – it was designed to shock but provoke deep thought. I feel much better now that it has had the desired effect!


Meggs – Aaah, you’re not the first to say that. Indeed, Sveltskye said so when she beta’d chapter 1. Rest assured, however strong in mind or will someone is, everyone’s vulnerable to heartbreak. I hope Ginny’s better for you in this one, and she’ll not be that way again. Promise J. Thanks for telling me why you didn’t like it


Emerika – Well guessed. I hope this is soon enough! And I apologise for the semi-cliffie that is the end of these chapters. And “Gah” is a pretty good description, especially when applied to Harry’s behaviour at the end of HBP!


Answers from Harry’s Tale


Anna – If I’ve released Harry’s at the same time, then right now :-P Otherwise, I’ve decided to switch to alternating between Harry and Ginny to make the dialogue easier (otherwise I’m going to end up repeating large lumps of dialogue in both stories.) I may keep as it is, and do at the same time, keeping them different by staying in first person and showing the thoughts of each.


Author by Night – We kind of sorted this on MSN. Harry wouldn’t use Avada Kedavra, even over love (not sure about that “simply” there at all – there is no greater force than love, it can drive one to all sorts of strange things). Hopefully this chapter (Or Harry’s chapter) will sort that, as will the answers to the reviews


James – Good guess, but that’s all I can say without giving the plot away J. First person to comment on the twinned fics aspect, glad you found it interesting. Updates will be soon, but will get slower as the year progresses and I get snowed under with work


Sanction (again!) – Thanks for reviewing both. I was struck with that little comparison during a particularly irritating dry spell, and the rest of the plan, as well as half the second chapter just fell out of my head from that moment J


Pandora – Thanks for all the praise :-D. Next chapters are here already, see?


Merry101 (again!) – Ahh, wait and see dear Merry, wait and see. They are … well, I can’t say J


St. Margarets – I feel all special! Glad my reviews meant that much to you J. Thanks for a wonderfully concise (and flattering!!) review.


Emerika (again!) – thanks for another review J not much to reply to this one though!

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