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Author: Darker_Rage  Story: Why - Harry's Tale  Chapter: 2 - Colours
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Why? – Harry’s Tale.
A companion piece to Why? – Ginny’s Tale.

These are JK Rowling’s children. They are only in my care for this story, and I’ll have to give them back soon.


Summary: Just what was Harry thinking down by the lake the day Dumbledore was entombed? How did his decision to stop seeing Ginny affect both of them? A what-may-have-happened-next. Possibly rated PG, but not really, for insinuating things that are not described in the text


A/N – I completely forgot to thank Sveltskye for beta-ing the last two chapters :-$ Thanks for everything, I owe you a beer J. Meantime, thanks to PirateQueen for agreeing to take me on and beta the rest of this fic.



Chapter 2 – Colours



Through the darkness, my voice calling…


…running footsteps…


…hands grip my arms…


…rubber tube squeeze…


…head hurts…


…coloured lights, pretty lights…




…”you can speak to both of them then…”


…“ I must ask that you don’t mention this to them…”


…” can they see each other …”


…”know one another again. There’s a theory that it might…”


…”alone now. Call if you need…”


…soft hands covering mine…




“Harry? Are you alright? Can you remember anything?”


“Unnnnngh…” I prised an eyelid open to reveal an indistinct, bushy shape. Dragging the other eye open and blinking rapidly to clear the fog, the bushy shape resolved itself to become the bushy head of Hermione. A fiery glint of red just behind her became Ron. I tried to sit up, but a needle-like pain lanced through my head. I resolved to lie very still for a while. “Where am I? No, wait. Is there any water here, then where am I?” Ron barked a strange, short laugh that sounded like relief, and handed me a glass of water.


“You’re in the spell damage ward at St Mungo’s Harry.” The relief in Hermione’s voice was palpable. “We’d just come over to your aunt and uncles to tell them that we would be spending the rest of the time you had to stay there with you when we heard you shout. Ron ran upstairs so fast I thought he had Apparated, and then I came up and he was bending over you and you weren’t moving and… and…” it was one of the few times I’d ever seen Hermione at a loss for words. She drew a deep breath and continued. “Ron picked you up and carried you outside, out of the range of the wards around your house and side-along Apparated perfectly to the St Mungo’s Apparition Point. He nearly got into a lot of trouble for Apparating without a licence, but once the Magical Law Enforcement Squad saw who he was carrying, they dropped all charges, and recommended to the Apparation Office that he be given his licence immediately. I think it was the added Determination and Deliberation.” She smiled weakly.


“Shout? I don’t remember shouting anything. Don’t remember much actually… Hermione, why am I here?”


“Well mate, it’s not surprising you don’t remember shouting when you shouted – Ob-OUCH! Hermione that was my FO… Oh yeah, I forgot. Umm, we’re not supposed to tell you, Harry, the Healers say it might be dangerous. Mental shock or something, they said.”


While I was digesting this and trying to decide what to make of it, a Healer in lime-green robes entered the room. “Hello Mr Potter, I hope you’re feeling a little better?”


I nodded, bringing about another spasm of pain from my temples. It must have shown on my face, for she hurried over and started examining me, passing her wand over my head and studying the glowing lights that trailed it. “I’m Healer Costello, by the way, and I’ve been treating the two of you. Right, well it’s clear, Mr Potter, that your brain is still a little traumatised. I’m going to give you a potion that should help. It will make you very sleepy however, so Miss Granger and Mr Weasley, I would ask that you leave Mr Potter in peace for a while. Why not come back during visiting hours tomorrow?”


The three of us shared a look that said ‘Healers, eh?’ and with expressions of relief still upon their faces, Ron and Hermione waved goodbye and left the room.


Healer Costello was standing by with the potion. It was a vile, muddy green sort of colour, and I was sure it had a flavour to match. I took it with trepidation, and swallowed it in one. It was one of the nicest things I had ever tasted, and I suddenly regretted not drinking it slowly and savouring every drop. Costello laughed at the look on my face. “It catches everyone that way Mr Potter. Comfrey for bruising, peppermint to stimulate the mind and passionflower to sort out that little neuralgia I noticed as I walked in. It’s the peppermint and passionflower that makes it taste nice. Unfortunately, the passionflower also makes you sleepy. Good night Mr Potter, I shall see you in the morning.” With that, she walked out, closing the door behind her.


I lay for a while, waiting for the potion to take effect. Slowly, I became aware through the gathering clouds of sleep that I was not alone in the room. Healer Costello had turned down the lamps as she had left, but I could definitely hear someone breathing. To my right, a long curtain bifurcated the room, and it was from there that the breathing sounds were coming. My heart in my mouth, I dropped down from my bed and stole up to the curtain. I gathered my courage and twitched it aside, ready to shout, kick, punch or otherwise immobilise anyone who was there. I was ready for anything except what I saw. In an identical bed to mine, sleeping soundly and breathing deeply was a vision unlike any I had seen before.


A girl, a year or so younger than me, lay there, her long mane of red hair turned to fire by the flickering lights of the lamps. Her face was… indescribably beautiful. Her skin was pale, and there were small freckles across her nose. She looked timeless, and at peace with the world. I found myself fervently hoping against hope that I could stay here in this room, with this beautiful young woman, for ever.


I don’t know how long I stayed there, but I became slowly aware that I was standing there with my mouth open and my feet were getting cold. I tore my eyes away and clambered slowly back into bed, my mind reeling. The effects of the potion were catching up with me, and I could feel myself falling asleep. I don’t know if I dreamed, but if I did, I would be dreaming of her.




I woke in the morning feeling much refreshed and with the pains from my head gone, presumably thanks to Healer Costello’s potion. Someone was talking on the other side of the curtain. I scrubbed my eyes to get the last of the sleepiness out of them and sat up. My bed creaked.


“…know Mr Potter again, I see he’s awake.” An arm clad in lime green appeared around the curtain and drew it back. Before I had time to compose my thoughts into something even slightly coherent, the vision of loveliness from last night was there, looking at me with bright brown eyes and smiling a radiant smile. I was struck dumb; she had been beautiful last night lit by candlelight, but in full sunlight she surpassed even that.


“Hi,” she said. “I’m Ginny Weasley…”



A/N  - The properties of the plants came from . As I said in Ginny’s Tale, that should have cleared things up, that it was Obliviate nothing more. Have a read of the notes on Ginny’s Tale, I explain some more things in there. Additionally, I have answered everyone who has reviewed this and Ginny’s Tale as best I can on the bottom of Ginny’s. If you’ve reviewed this or Ginny’s Tale, I have put an answer to your review on the bottom of Ginny’s. I will continue to do so if I can. I prefer this way rather than clogging up peoples inboxes by responding individually.

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