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Author: May  Story: As Life Begins  Chapter: Chapter Three: Making a Date
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Chapter 3: Making a Date

Chapter 3: Making a Date


Professor Rosier, the Potions Master, eyed the two students very carefully as they slipped into their seats.


“Potter, Black… for goodness sakes! You are in seventh year, perhaps it is about time for you to be on time. Now you’ve interrupted my lesson… detention for both of you!”


“Tonight?” exclaimed James.


“Together, at the same time!” Sirius made his voice sound as excited as he felt.  They hadn’t had a detention together in a long time.


“No Mr. Black, you will have the pleasure of seeing me tonight. Mr Potter, I will see you tomorrow.  There’s plenty to be cleaned around here!”


“Looks like we’ll have to postpone our date, Jane!” Sirius yelled across the room to Hufflepuff Jane Trimble, “How about next Friday?”


“No, that’s no good for me, I have another date then,” Jane Trimble called back absentmindedly.


Sirius whirled around in his seat to face her; she had just shot him down.…


“B-but I could reschedule it, I s’pose,” Jane stammered after seeing his face. Turning to another corner of the room she called, “Owen, how about Saturday instead?”


Owen Corner, the Captain of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team, started to protest but was cut off by an exasperated Potions Master.


“Mr Black, I’ll not have you scheduling your social life in my class,” the teacher fumed, “How is it that no matter what I do you always seem to get the class in an uproar?  Next time it happens beware, I may give you more than a detention!”


“All right sir, I’ll think about it….” Sirius sat back in his chair just in time to hear soft tutting sounds coming from directly behind him.  He turned to see Lydia Viridian gazing at him with the utmost disapproval and perhaps (if he wasn’t imagining things) a hint of amusement. “What?” he asked, watching her closely.


“Why does everything about you have to be so out in the open?  So loud and revealing?” Lydia raised her chin slightly to meet his gaze, “I would hate to be one of your girlfriends the way you broadcast things like that.”


“Well you don’t have to worry, you’ll never be my girlfriend,” Sirius reassured her.


“You got that darned right!” Lydia didn’t look the least offended, “thank Merlin.”


“And I’ll have you know that there’s plenty you don’t know about me!  I’m quite the man of mystery; just ask James!”


“I’m sure…” said Lydia with an unconvinced nod.


“Sirius, you’d better turn back around or Rosier’s not going to be too happy,” Grace Dresselle, Lydia’s best friend warned the boy.


“Right….” Sirius whirled around and noticed that Sally Basil had been eyeing him curiously.  That gave him a little encouragement.


As soon as the time came to start making the potion, Professor Rosier left the class unattended for a few moments as usual.  No one knew for sure what he did when he left.  Some said he was an alcoholic and had to go drink to relieve stress.  Others said he was a chain smoker and couldn’t handle being away from his pipe long enough to teach a class.  The most sensible of students always just assumed that he had an overactive bladder, as there was never any sign of drunkenness or smell of tobacco upon his return.


Regardless of what the professor was doing, Sirius was sure that this would be his chance to finally ask Basil out.  With a gulp, he slowly turned to the girl who was analysing the list of potions ingredients.


“Hey Miss Basil,” Sirius had always found referring to girls in such a way charmed them enough to promote a positive answer, especially when it wasn’t expected.


“Yes Mr. Black?” she returned civilly.


“I was wondering what you were up to tomorrow night…”


Basil smiled furtively. “Nothing….”


“Would you like to have dinner with me on the roof of the astronomy tower?” This was his best place to woo girls.


“Won’t it be kind of cold up there?”


Yeah, that is the plan!  Sirius thought to himself. “You’re probably right, we wouldn’t want such a perfect nose to catch cold do we?”


“Nor should we want a perfectly hormone-driven young man putting his arm around me for warmth.” She said it sweetly enough, but there was a hint of boredom in her voice, “Mr Black I refuse to become one of your weekly conquests.  In fact I’m a little offended that you would think I would lower myself to that.  Please accept my refusal with the utmost dignity.”


“No, you have me all wrong,” Sirius could feel himself losing it; he never took rejections well even when he didn’t even like the girl, “The last thing I wish is for you to become a conquest of mine.  Your resilience to such attempts is actually something I have greatly admired about you.  In fact, I admire you a lot more than I would really wish upon anyone.”  It was with his sweetest and most sincere voice that he said these words.  If she still rejected him, it would be the worst he had ever gotten.


“Perhaps. I’ll have to think about it.” Basil stood up coyly.


With his last attempt at intriguing her into dating him he had to take a bit of a risk. “I’ll wait for you on the rooftop.  Everything will be ready at seven, and if… if you come, I promise you won’t be cold.”


“We’ll see about that.” She turned quickly to grab some ingredients.




When break came along, Sirius recounted his tale to James, Remus and Peter.


“Wow, you must have been desperate to use the ‘I’ll be waiting if you come or not’ ploy on her.” Remus looked impressed. “That is quite the risk.”


“You’re so going to get stood up!” Peter chortled as he slurped his soup. “Besides, the week isn’t over; how’d you get to ask a girl when no one else can?”


“Sally’s different,” Sirius replied hopefully.


“Speaking of standing people up, I asked Lily about the date thing and she said, ‘Oh, that’s too bad, I was going to ask you’,” James frowned indignantly. “I don’t want to go any more.”


“Maybe she lied,” Remus pointed out. “It was meant to be a surprise.  Only a pig-headed git like you would try to take the fun out of it by asking her something dumb like that.”


“Pig-headed git this.” James threw a book at his friend who caught it one-handed.


“Remus, you have a great point, one that I was telling James about earlier when the discovery of a date was made,” said Sirius.


“I agree more with James; Lily’s not one to lie for no reason,” Peter put in, as usual completely on James’s side.


Remus and Sirius ignored the comment.


“Maybe I shouldn’t go,” suggested James with a sigh.


“And that wouldn’t be rude at all,” Remus snorted. “Girls love being stood up.”


“You have to go. What if it really is Lily?” mentioned Sirius.

“If you go, then at least if it’s not Lily you can tell the girl to her face why you don’t want to date her,” said the ever so sensible Remus as he prepared himself for the next class. “You have to check.”


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