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Jealous and Confused

Jealous and Confused

By PrettyPixie


            Jealous and Confused, my very first Harry Potter story, is dedicated to J. K. Rowling for creating a fantasy world beyond my wildest dreams.


          Ron and Ginny sat in Ron’s bedroom at number twelve Grimmauld Place. They had just finished unpacking their things.

          “What did you want to talk to me about?” Ginny asked Ron.

          Ron turned red. “Er, it’s about Harry and Hermione.”

          “What?” Ginny asked, becoming interested.

          Ron started to twitch nervously. He appeared to be closely concentrating on an ant creeping along to floor.” I don’t know if you noticed, but at Kings Cross Hermione gave Harry a . . . er . . . kiss. On the cheek. He paused. He wasn’t sure if he should continue but decided to anyway. “But she didn’t give me one. D-Does she like him better than me?” Ron was careful not to look at Ginny as he said this.

          Ginny smiled. She could tell that Ron was extremely jealous. “Of course not! She likes you. That’s why she didn’t kiss you.”

          “She likes me, That’s why she didn’t kiss me? That makes perfect sense,” Ron said sarcastically.

          Ginny sighed. “Don’t you get it? She likes Harry as a friend. But she would feel really awkward kissing you.”

          Ron looked surprised. “D’you mean that she likes me as more than a friend?”

          Ginny nodded. “That’s exactly what I mean. Only don’t tell her I told you. She would get soooo mad at me.”

          “And she told you all this?” asked Ron.

          “No,” Ginny admitted. “But it is pretty obvious.”

          Ron sat in silence for several minutes. “But,” Ron started, looking confused. “I thought she liked Krum!”

          “No,” said Ginny. “She told me that she used to like him, but now they’re just friends.”

          “Hey,” Ron said suddenly. “Did she tell you what they said when we were leaving Hogwarts?”

          “No. I asked her, but she wouldn’t tell me.”

          “Damn. I always wanted to know. Well, what should I say to Hermione?”

          “Do you like her?” Ginny asked. She already knew the answer but doubted that Ron would admit it.

          “No!” Ron said. Ginny smirked. “Really! I don’t! She’s my friend.”

          “Whatever,” said Ginny.

          “Should I say anything to her?” asked Ron, looking worried.

          “Since you don’t like her, no. Just pretend that I never told you any of this.” Ginny rolled her eyes as if Ron should have known this.

          Ron nodded.

          “So, is that it?” she asked.

          “What?” asked Ron.

          Ginny sighed exasperatingly. “Is that all you wanted to talk about?”

          “I guess so. And Ginny?”


          “Don’t tell Harry or Hermione about this when they come. Okay?”

          “Sure.” Ginny smiled mischievously. “I’ll just tell Fred and George.” Ginny giggled.

          “Ginny! Don’t tell anybody!”

          “Okay, I won’t,” Ginny agreed. She left Ron’s room and headed off to her own.    

























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