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Author: Lightning Bolt 7  Story: My Best Friend  Chapter: Default
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Life is so hard

I just want to cry

Everywhere I turn

I meet another dead end

Find another mountain I have to climb.


I feel


or sad

or out of place

But I never feel alone

Because I've got

My best friend,


Tall, thin

Freckly face,

Flaming hair.

Lopsided grin.

That's Ron.

My best friend Ron.

He's always there

Always has been

Always will be

For me, I know.

That's Ron.

My best friend Ron.

Loyalty undying

Always by my side

To stand up for me

And help me through life.

That's Ron.

My best friend Ron.

He can make me laugh

Even in the darkest of times

Where would we be without him?

Wit, sarcasm, humor.

That's Ron.

My best friend, Ron.

He's got a temper

Red-hot like his hair

He's as stubborn as stubborn

But I love him for those things, too.

That's Ron.

My best friend Ron.

He often feels

Overshadowed by his brothers

Bill, Charlie, Percy

Fred and George.

But I think he's the best of them all.

Where would I be without


My best friend Ron?

Loyal, brave

Stubborn, temperamental...

Lovable, hilarious.

That's Ron.

My best friend Ron.

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