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Author: DeeDee (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: Finding Lily  Chapter: Chapter One
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Thanks, everyone, for your encouragement along the way.And a million thanks to my fast, kind, and thorough beta reader, Zsenya!=)


Part One

††††††††††† "Hermione, I have another box!"

††††††††††† Hermioneís head snapped up at the sound of her motherís voice.† "Coming, Mum," she called, rifling quickly through the box sheíd just carried down from the attic.† She and her mother were taking advantage of a lazy Saturday afternoon to do a bit of summer cleaning in the attic, and it was Hermioneís job to sort the contents of the boxes into organized piles.†

††††††††††† This particular box was filled with photographs, and Hermione knew that her mother would have to go through these.† None of these faces looked familiar.† She lifted a stack of photographs and stared into the faces of an old man with a large mustache and pipe, a laughing woman, a little girl, and a . . . Hermione paused and went back to the photograph of the girl.† Brow knitted, she studied it for several minutes.

††††††††††† The little girl had red hair, curled adorably into little ringlets that framed her face.† She wore a green dress and smiled up at the camera, eyes closed, clutching several daisies in her hands near her nose, as if inhaling their scent. Her nose and cheekbones were sprinkled with freckles.

††††††††††† Hermione grinned.† "Mum?"

††††††††††† "Yes, dear?"

††††††††††† "Where did you get a photo of Ginny Weasley?"† Hermione turned the photograph over, but there was no name or date.† It also struck her as strange that Ginny Weasley would appear in a non-magical, still photograph.† There could be no doubt, however, that the toddler was Ginny.

††††††††††† "A photo of whom?" her mother called back, raising a small cloud of dust as she looked down from the attic.

††††††††††† Hermione climbed the stairs and handed the photograph to her mother.† "Thatís my friend, Ginny Weasley," she told her mother.† "I was just wondering how on earthó"

††††††††††† "No, darling, this is a picture of my best friend," Mrs. Granger replied.† "She does look remarkably like Ginny, though, doesnít she?† Do you know, when I saw Ginny that day we went shopping for your supplies, I thought she looked familiar?"

††††††††††† "So this girl was your best friend?" Hermione repeated.

††††††††††† "For a few years," her mother explained with a smile.† "She lived next door for a short time, then her family moved again.† We were as inseparable as two five-year-old girls could be," she said wistfully, placing the photo into her pocket.† "Your grandfather took that picture.† I had just picked those flowers for her."

††††††††††† "Itís uncanny how much she looks like Ginny," Hermione mused.† "But it was silly, really.† I donít even know what Ginny looked like before she was eleven.† Iíll get that other box now."

††††††††††† Several hours later, the small family sat together at dinner.† Mr. Granger expressed his pleasure at the progress that they were making in the attic.

††††††††††† "We should be done tomorrow," Hermioneís mother replied.† "Itíll be lovely to have everything up there organized.† And you never know what youíre going to find!† Why, today, Hermione found a picture of Lily."

††††††††††† Hermioneís fork paused in mid-air.† "Who, Mum?"

††††††††††† "My friend.† The little girl in the picture you found."

††††††††††† "Do you . . . er, do you remember her last name?"

††††††††††† "Evers," replied Mrs. Granger.

††††††††††† Hermione exhaled and almost laughed at herself.† To think that her motheró

††††††††††† "Pardon me, Evans. †It was Evans."

††††††††††† Hermioneís jaw dropped.† "Your best friend was Lily Evans."

††††††††††† "Yes, but why do you look so pale, Hermione?† Dear, are you ill?"

††††††††††† "No, Mum.† Erm.† Where did you put that picture?"

††††††††††† Mr. Granger was looking confusedly at his wife and daughter as Mrs. Granger replied, "Oh, somewhere.† There were a lot of photographs in that one box.† Hermione, I wish youíd tell me whatís bothering you."

††††††††††† "Mum, Lily Evans was Harryís mother!" Hermione exclaimed.†

††††††††††† "That mate of yours with the scar on his forehead?" her father asked.

††††††††††† "Yes, Harry!"

††††††††††† "Are you certain itís not a coincidence?" asked Mrs. Granger.† "Iím sure Lily Evans is a common enough name . . ."

††††††††††† "But Harryís mum had red hair," Hermione insisted, her supper forgotten entirely.† Neither of her parents looked convinced.† Hermione thought for a moment, then asked, "Did Lily have any brothers or sisters?"

††††††††††† "Well, now . . ."† Mrs. Granger looked thoughtful for some moments.† "Yes.† She had a sister.† A horrid sister.† I only met her once or twice."

††††††††††† "Her name?" Hermione managed to croak out.

††††††††††† Mrs. Granger laughed.† "Her name was Petunia!† I remember now, because I always teased Lily about their flower names . . . Her mother loved gardening, and even gave me a lovely little flower book for my birthday."

††††††††††† "Oh, do you still have it?"

††††††††††† "Somewhere, possibly.† Are you sure weíre speaking of the same person?"

††††††††††† "We must be," said Hermione excitedly.† "Harry has to live with his nasty aunt and uncle . . . and his auntís name is Petunia!"

††††††††††† "Perhaps Harry would like to have that photograph," said Mrs. Granger generously.† "And I do have other things lying about here and there.† When her family moved, Lily gave me a letter and a locket.† Iím sure Iíve spotted the locket somewhere recently.† And her mother gave me several books and wrote me the sweetest letter."

††††††††††† Hermione beamed, imagining the look on Harryís face.† As soon as she could get away from the table, she bolted to her room and pulled out her quill and parchment.

Dear Ron,

††††††††††† You will never believe what happened today!† My mum and I were cleaning out the attic, and I found a photo that looks just like your sister.† But wait, you wonít ever guess!† Itís Harryís mother!!!† She was best friends with my mum when they were just little girls.† Mumís going to try to find some more things she has, like a locket that Harryís mum gave her, and some books and a letter that Harryís grandmother gave her.† Do you think I should tell Harry now, or wait and see what we can find?† Oh, Iím so excited!† Itís almost like reading Hogwarts: A History for the very first time!!



††††††††††† Hermione woke Pig, who was still almost comatose from having to deliver a box of Chocolate Frogs from Ron. The poor little owl didnít look pleased when Hermione sent off the letter.


††††††††††† The following day yielded more treasures than Hermione could have wished for.† At breakfast, Pig arrived looking miserable.† Two letters in twenty-four hours was a little too much, even for a hyper owl like Pig.† Mr. and Mrs. Granger watched with their usual mixed fascination and befuddlement at this method of delivering mail.† Hermione smiled as she unfolded the parchment to read Ronís messy scrawl.


††††††††††† First off, how many times have you read Hogwarts: A History?† I personally think that once is too much for anyone with anything resembling a LIFE.† The fact that you may have read it more than once troubles me deeply.† Second, that is so cool about Harryís mum!† I think you should find as much stuff as you can, then give him a big surprise.† You should wait till we get back to school, because those nasty people might take everything away from him.† And you should give it to him when he can look at the stuff alone, cause he might start crying or something.† What do you mean, the picture looks like Ginny?† So anyway, who else have you been writing to this summer?† Itís not that important, really.† I was just wondering.


††††††††††† Hermione smiled, refolded the letter, and put it in her pocket.† "Mum, are you ready to go up to the attic?"

††††††††††† Mrs. Granger raised her napkin to wipe her mouth.† "Certainly.† Iím a little excited about all this myself!† I looked around for this yesterday evening," she said, producing the photograph of Lily Evans.† "I think thereís a lot more to find!"

††††††††††† A few hours later, mother and daughter were sitting cross-legged on the attic floor, both going through boxes and boxes of trash and treasure.† Hermione opened one box and looked up quickly, wrinkling her nose at the dust that flew into her face.† When the dust cleared, she looked over at her mother, whose thick brown hair was gradually falling from a clip as she sifted through the contents of a box.

††††††††††† Hermione smiled, feeling suddenly grateful for her mother.† This made her think of HarryóHarry, whose mother had died for him.† She knew that her mother would do the same, but was thankful that sheíd never had to.† Her eyes welled, but she blamed that on the dust.† "Mum?" she murmured.

††††††††††† Mrs. Granger did not look up, but replied, "Mmmm?"

††††††††††† Hermione swallowed.† "Iím . . . Iím so glad I have you," she said softly.

††††††††††† At this, Mrs. Granger did look up.† She bit her lip and stared at her daughter.† "Oh, sweetheart."

††††††††††† "Itíll be so nice . . ." Hermione paused as her voice caught.† "Itíll be so nice if we can find some of these things for Harry."† With a renewed purpose, Hermione gave a few sniffles and returned to her work.

††††††††††† Their efforts werenít rewarded for another hour, when Mrs. Granger said, "Hermione, I found some things.† Here is Mrs. Evansí letter."† She handed the yellowed paper to her daughter, who took it eagerly.

Dear Rose . . .

††††††††††† Hermione looked up, puzzled.† "Rose?"

††††††††††† Mrs. Granger chuckled.† "Her nickname for me."

Dear Rose,

††††††††††† Iím sorry we have to leave the neighborhood so soon after arriving here, especially when Lily has such a true friend in you.† But Harry has to . . . ††

††††††††††† "Harryís named for his grandfather," Hermione murmured.† ††††††


††††††††††† "I noticed that," Mrs. Granger replied.† Her eyes sparkled.† "Keep reading."

Harry has to go where his job takes him, I suppose.† Watch out for my small garden for me, wonít you, dear?† I know you are very young.† Your mother might be reading this letter to you.† But I want you to remember us.† I have a feeling that your path will cross Lilyís again, though I canít know how.† Your friendship is something special, the kind that lasts forever.† Goodbye, dear one. †

Virginia Evans

††††††††††† Hermioneís hand fell into her lap as she stared at her mother.† "Harryís grandmother was Virginia?" she said in a voice that was no more than a whisper.

††††††††††† Mrs. Grangerís eyes shone as she replied, "Weóall the neighborhood childrenócalled her Mrs. Ginny."

††††††††††† Hermione could not swallow the lump in her throat.† She wanted to hug Harry, and she wanted to ki . . . hug Ron.† "Is there more in that box?" she asked.

††††††††††† "Oh, yes."† Mrs. Granger reached into the box and held up a small heart-shaped locket.† Hermione took it with trembling fingers and opened it.† Inside was another picture of Lily Evans, smiling up from the tiny photo with flaming hair and bright green eyes.† Hermione snapped the locket shut and put it with Mrs. Evansí letter.

††††††††††† "What else?" she asked eagerly.

††††††††††† No more of the items were quite as intensely personal, but there were several childrenís books, as well as the childís gardening book that Mrs. Granger had spoken of already.† Memories of more than thirty years past came to Mrs. Granger, and she told Hermione the story of how Lily had come to give her each book.†

††††††††††† Hermione ached to give these things to Harry, but knew that Ron was right.† She should wait until they got back to school, or wait to see if Harry went to the Burrow at the end of summer.†


††††††††††† They tidied up the attic and stood looking at their handiwork.† Mrs. Granger suddenly raised her hands to her face and started crying softly.

††††††††††† "Mum!" Hermione exclaimed, embracing her mother.† "Whatís wrong?"

††††††††††† Mrs. Granger stepped back a little and asked the question she must have been aching to ask for some time.† "What . . . exactly . . . happened to Lily?"

††††††††††† Hermione swallowed and told her mother everything she knew about Lily Evans, which wasnít much.† How she had gone to Hogwarts and befriended four mischievous young men, finally marrying James Potter and having Harry.† How she had died begging for Harryís life.

††††††††††† "And this person who killed Lily . . . this is the same person youíve been frightened of all summer?"

††††††††††† "Yes."

††††††††††† Mrs. Granger enfolded her daughter tightly in her arms.† "Hermione, you have made us so proud.† I want you to be careful this school year.† I couldnít bear to lose you."† She drew a deep breath and tried to regain her composure.† Smiling broadly through her tears, she said, "I want Harry to have every one of these things.† Lily would be furious if she knew that I kept them from him.† And Lily had some temper, let me assure you."

Dear Hermione,

††††††††††† I know Iím sending you two owls in one day, but I forgot to tell you that I was just kidding when I said youíre disturbed for reading that book all the time.† And itís none of my business who youíve been writing to this summer, but if you wanted to tell me, I wouldnít mind that much.† You can just send Errol and Pig back together if you want.† If you want, you can write me two letters and give one to each owl.† I donít want to have to read all that much, but it would make sure one owl wasnít jealous of the other one.† Anyway, you know what Iím trying to say.† I hope you find a lot of things for Harry.† Let me know.† Itíll probably take a really long letter to tell me about everything you find, wonít it?† Thatís okay.† Itíll be a nice break from reading Hogwarts: A History. †


P.S.† Iím not really reading H: AH. . . . But I donít think thereís anything wrong if some people like to read it.

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