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A.N: For Gred and Forge, and their many living variations around the world. Next time you feel tempted into a practical joke, do it!

Thanks so much to my Faaaaaaaab Beta-reader, Suburban House Elf and to all who reviewed my last fic…you guys rule. J



‘No, we can’t use those, it’s too obvious that it’s us…’


‘I don’t see why that matters, it’s not like our days here aren’t numbered.’


‘Yes, but we don’t want to be expelled before we’ve finished the other prototype.’


‘You’re quite right George, I forgot myself there for a moment.’


Curiosity at this point got the better of Ginny and she crept silently down the remaining stairs leading from her dormitory to the common room. It was nearly one in the morning and she had woken up after a restless sleep, having had a dream that, upon waking, was just out of reach. Intending to read herself back to sleep, Ginny had gone searching for her Charms text, which she had left beside the fire when she abandoned her homework the previous night. Instead, however, she had stumbled upon this highly interesting conversation.


Entering the common room with practiced nonchalance, Ginny plopped herself down between her brothers. They looked mildly surprised, then resignation settled on their faces and a silent battle began between them.


-You explain it to her!

-No, you! Why does she have to know at all?

-You know what she’s like. And I’m not doing it.

-But why should I?

-Fine, we’ll-

-Both do it.


Ginny smiled to herself as the struggle played itself out on their faces. Being the most feared Weasley had its advantages.


Fred took a deep breath, wondering how to begin. The twins had realised that Ginny would find out eventually, but they were also wary of any information about the plan finding its way back to their mother before it could be carried out.


‘Ginny. Dear, sweet-’


‘Not always, Fred,’ George reminded his brother with a shudder. He had been on the receiving end of one of her Bat Bogey Hexes most recently. The memory still haunted him.


‘Mostly then. But we digress.’


‘We have decided-’


‘That the time has come-’


‘For a little revenge.’


Ginny considered this for a moment. ‘What were you planning?’


The Weasley twins’ faces split into the identical, evil grins that suggested they were up to no good.


‘Well, dear sister, that is exactly what we were discussing.’


‘We considered Canary Creams,’ began George, with a contemplative air, ‘We would obviously have to transfigure them to be something that she would willingly eat without suspicion-’


‘But too many people have seen them,’ Fred concluded with a tragic face.


‘They’re all Gryffindors, though,’ Ginny pointed out. ‘None of them are going to be rushing to Umbridge to point the finger.’


George nodded acknowledgement of this idea. ‘But if they knew it was us-’


‘And we don’t want to be big-headed-’


‘-The little squirts might not be able to contain their excitement.’


‘We’d be heroes.’




‘Best thing since Bertie Botts’.’


‘Bigger than Zonko’s.’


‘Yes, yes, I get the point,’ Ginny interrupted quickly, stopping the twins glowing praise of themselves.


‘It would be great though…’


‘Magnificent really…’

Fred and George drifted into a fantasy.


‘Just imagine, the Great Hall packed with people, all the students there eating…’


‘HER sitting at the staff table where everyone can see her, making sure she’s visible to everyone, feeling important…’


‘When, all of a sudden-’


‘Without warning-’


‘She turns into a fat-’






‘Yellow canary!’


Ginny giggled at her brothers’ comical routine, along with the image they conjured up.

‘You’re right, she’d instantly know it was you. It has to be something that would really make her explode though.’


The twins looked at Ginny in amazement.

‘Are you thinking what I’m thinking, Fred?’

‘I really think I am, George. Ginny, you’re a genius.’


Ginny blinked. ‘Thankyou, but why?’


George smiled wickedly.

‘Do you remember, genius sister, several years ago when some fireworks caused a, erm…bit of a distraction?’


Ginny did. It had been on their way to Hogwarts from The Burrow, and the Muggle taxi-drivers had not been impressed.


‘Well, after seeing the havoc that caused, we began to ponder upon the, ah, diversionary effects of such objects. However, we never had the opportunity to test the prototype.’


‘However,’ Fred interrupted sternly ‘It’s not your business at the moment.’


‘But-’ Ginny began to protest.


‘Gred’s right, Ginny. We’ll let you know before it happens, don’t worry, but for now you can’t tell anyone, especially Ron, Harry and Hermione. Definitely not Mum.’


‘Fine,’ Ginny agreed with a scowl. Silence fell.


‘What were you doing down here anyway, Gin?’ Fred asked curiously.


‘Looking for my Charms book. I couldn’t sleep.’ She yawned hugely.


‘Don’t think you’ll have that problem now,’ George observed.


‘No. I’m going back upstairs.’ She rose and affectionately ruffled her brothers’ hair as she stood up.


‘Oh, and Ginny?’ Fred sounded hesitant.


She turned at the foot of the stairs. ‘Hmm?’


‘It’s probably best that you keep out of trouble, so we might not mention your part in this little…concept.’


Surprisingly for the twins, Ginny nodded without complaint.


‘For now.’ Her voice floated back down as she disappeared up the staircase to her dormitory. Eventually, she knew, she would want some of the credit that would no doubt turn her brothers’ into the most famous pranksters ever to pass through Hogwarts.


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