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Author: birgit (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: The Godfather Part II - Morals  Chapter: Chapter 3: Sold
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Disclaimer: I'm just playing around with JK Rowling's characters, having a bit of fun while knowing that her stories are at least a hundred times more brilliant than mine.

Author's Note: Thanks to my wonderful beta readers: Whimsy, Jo Wickaninnish and CornedBee!

The Godfather Part II – Morals

by Birgit

Chapter Three – Sold

Harry tried very hard to be brave, but he failed miserably. Silent tears were rolling down his cheeks as he sat in a corner of the dark room, hugging his knees. Truly brave wizards, he knew, would now find a wooden panel in the wall that would move when they pressed on it, revealing a secret tunnel. Or maybe they would think of a clever trick to get their wand back and take out their enemies with an impressive bit of magic.

Harry didn’t even have a wand, and he was quite sure that there were no moving panels in this dusty, small room. High up in one of the walls – impossible for Harry to reach – was a small window, so filthy that hardly any light came through it. All in all, it was a very depressing room, and the fact that he was locked up in it by an ugly witch made it even worse. It was all Harry could do to keep himself from crying out in despair, and he wished desperately that Paddy would find him soon.

The door opened, creaking loudly, and a tall wizard wearing glossy robes entered. He had a pointed face with cold grey eyes, and Harry shivered as the wizard’s gaze travelled over him. The man turned around slowly to the ugly witch, who had entered behind him. It was the second time the witch had come to Harry after she had locked him in this room. The first time, maybe an hour ago (Harry wasn’t too sure about the time) she had searched his pockets and left the room without saying a word, taking the few Sickles Harry had been carrying.

The witch now had an odd gleam in her eyes, and her cheeks didn’t seem as pale as before. Harry couldn’t determine what that meant. Was she excited about the wizard, or was she angry at him? Could the wizard be there to rescue Harry? That thought disappeared from Harry’s mind as soon as the wizard turned around to him again and his cold eyes travelled over him once more. The witch was looking up at the tall wizard, but he ignored it.

“So this is Harry Potter,” he said slowly. “The famous Harry Potter.”

His voice was just as cold as his eyes, and Harry decided that he didn’t like the wizard. He froze in fear as the wizard moved a few steps nearer and stretched out a sleek hand towards him.

“Don’t touch him!” The ugly witch definitely looked angry now and grasped a handful of robes, pulling the wizard back. “He’s mine!”

The wizard turned around with an annoyed expression on his face, and as the witch let him go, he brushed off his robes as if there was dirt on them. Throwing a disgusted look at the witch, he quickly and haughtily walked out of the room. The witch looked confused for a moment, but then her confusion turned into anger and she scrambled to the door.

“Mr Malfoy!” she called.

Just outside the door, she stopped and started talking, but not loud enough for Harry to make out the words. He saw a bit of expensive robe, so he supposed that Mr Malfoy was standing just outside his view, talking to the witch.

Harry started wondering about what this man had come to do. He was not nice, which ruled out the possibility that he was trying to rescue Harry. The man had hardly said a word to Harry, and what he had said had not been friendly. Besides, the man wasn’t anyone Harry knew, so Harry wasn’t even allowed to meet him. He doubted that Paddy would break that rule now by sending a stranger instead of coming to get Harry himself.

So Mr Malfoy must be bad. But if he was bad, like the witch, why weren’t they nice to each other? The witch had said Mr Malfoy wasn’t allowed to touch Harry, but surely if he was bad like the witch, he would be allowed to. It didn’t make any sense. Maybe Mr Malfoy wasn’t good and wasn’t bad either? But what would he be then? Nothing?

It sounded like the two adults were now arguing. As the voices grew louder, Harry could make out his own name, and the words “deceiving” and “waste of time”. He could make neither head nor tail of that, but the fact they were arguing seemed to prove that Mr Malfoy was a good man after all. Maybe he hadn’t been sent by Paddy, but was still good.

However, Harry couldn’t shake off the cold feeling he had had when Mr Malfoy had looked at him. How could good people be so unfriendly? Good people were supposed to be nice, while bad people were supposed to be scary and unfriendly, like the ugly witch.

Except Bad Peter. Harry’s eyes widened as he remembered the story of Bad Peter. Paddy had told him that story a lot of times. Peter had been one of Paddy’s best friends at Hogwarts. They had both also been friends with Harry’s parents. They had all liked each other a lot. According to Paddy, Peter had been a good friend and a nice boy.

After Hogwarts, they had still stayed friends. But at some point, that had changed. Bad Peter had gone over to Voldemort, the evil wizard that had killed Harry’s parents and had tried to kill Harry as well. Voldemort had been the most cruel and bad wizard in the world, but when he had disappeared after attacking Harry, most of his followers had been thrown into prison. Bad Peter had been one of them.

Harry had heard the story a thousand times, and now he remembered. Nice people were sometimes bad, too, like Bad Peter. So maybe unfriendly people, like Mr Malfoy, were sometimes good. It was strange, but the story about Bad Peter was strange as well, and that was true.

Mr Malfoy and the ugly witch finally finished arguing and came back into the room, both looking angry. Harry felt his hope disappear as soon as he saw Mr Malfoy staring at him with those cold grey eyes. He blinked frantically, trying not to cry, as he wished that the scary, tall wizard would go away.

“Show me his scar,” Mr Malfoy commanded icily.

The witch walked towards Harry, who didn’t have time to crawl away. She pinched his arm and lifted his fringe. Harry struggled and tried to get away from her, but he couldn’t prevent Mr Malfoy from seeing his scar. Harry felt even more miserable now as he realised how unhappy Paddy would be with that.

Mr Malfoy’s eyes were suddenly glistening, and he knelt down in front of Harry. “Harry Potter. I have finally found you.” Harry tried to back away, but he was stuck in the corner, as the man’s face came nearer. His voice dropped to a whisper. “I have great plans for you. Your sacrifice will finally bring back my Lord.”

Mr Malfoy straightened up and sent Harry a smile that made him shiver. The adults started to argue again, but the words didn’t make it into Harry’s brain, which was occupied with something else. The words of Mr Malfoy had made something click in Harry’s mind, and he was finally sure about the intents of the wizard. Harry wasn’t sure what a sacrifice was, but he doubted it was anything good. In any case, the Lord that Mr Malfoy had mentioned could only be Lord Voldemort. Harry definitely didn’t want him to be back, since he was a very bad wizard; any wizard who wanted Voldemort to be back had to be bad as well.

Feeling very scared now, tears flowing down his face again, Harry watched as Mr Malfoy pulled a lot of Galleons out of his robes. Harry had never seen so much gold together in his life and the ugly witch probably hadn’t either. She eagerly held up her hands as Mr Malfoy slowly counted out the coins.

Then Mr Malfoy turned to Harry, beckoning him with his hand. Harry quickly looked to the witch – would she tell Mr Malfoy off again? But the witch was busy looking at the gleaming coins in her hands. Harry understood that he had been sold, for the second time in one day. Rubbing his wet face, he slowly got to his feet, but he stayed in his corner, not wanting to go with Mr Malfoy.

“You are mine now,” Mr Malfoy said, smiling at Harry before he pulled out his wand. “Entirely mine. I thought that Dumbledore had removed you from the wizarding world, but here you are, wandering around in Knockturn Alley on your own. Your guardians must be very stupid. Perhaps they are related to your parents? After all, they were stupid enough to get themselves killed by their best friend.”

Mr Malfoy pointed his wand at Harry and opened his mouth to cast a spell, but Harry barely noticed. He was shaking with anger, and he screwed up his face as a painful wave of heat flowed through his body. Mr Malfoy was knocked off his feet as if a sudden gust wind had blown him away, and he landed hard against the wall. With satisfaction, Harry saw that he wasn’t moving.

Harry’s parents had not been stupid and neither was Paddy.

As the anger ebbed away, Harry sank down onto the floor, feeling very tired and very miserable. He wanted to go home. He only looked up when something jingled. The witch was emptying Mr Malfoy’s pockets, her face flushed. When she noticed that Harry was watching, her expression turned fearful. She got to her feet, grabbed Mr Malfoy by one arm and dragged him out of the room, locking the door behind her.

Harry stared at the closed door. The image of the still form of that evil man seemed to be printed in his mind, and he rubbed his eyes to make it go away, but now the voice of the man was echoing in his head as well. He buried his head in his hands and waited for Paddy.

Author's Note: I hope you like the chapter. Chapter 4 is being betaed and will arrive soon. Thanks for reading!

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