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"Sugar quills." Penny looked up from the box in her hands. "Sugar quills."

"Yes...?" Percy, standing on her doorstop replied.


"What about..."

"SUGAR QUILLS!!!!!" Penny was starting to go red in the face.

"What about Sugar quills, Penny?" Percy looked a bit perplexed. Mixed in with his somewhat hopeful look, it was an interesting combination.


"Pen...?" Percy was still standing on the doorstep, taken aback.

"Arrrrgh!" Penny clenched her fists. "One, two, three, four..."

"Pen, what are you doing...?" Percy looked nervous.

"Shut up Perce, six, seven, eight, nine, ten! Percy!" She pushed him off the doorstep. "You, (push) abandoned (push) me (push) for the sole (push) reason (push) of that (getting hysterical) BEING SEEN WITH A HOGWARTS STUDENT WOULD JEOPARDISE YOUR CAREER!!!!" (extra large and vicious push). Percy was pressed in between a pointy gate and an incredibly angry Penelope Clearwater. The only solution was obvious. "GET OUT OF MY SODDING SIGHT YOU PRAT!!! GO ON, SHOO!!!". Percy disapparated.

Penny stormed back up the path into the house, slamming the door behind her. "Sugar quills." She muttered to herself. "SUGAR QUILLS!!!!" She yelled at the door before kicking it several times. "THAT STUPID YET LOVABLE PRAT! BASTARD!" The last word was roared. Penny slumped down onto the ground. Oh well, lollies are lollies, she thought to herself. She opened the box and started nibbling on the first quill.


"So Fred, is that new strain ready yet?" George called to the back of the shop where his brother was working.

"Just about." Fred came into the shop from the back, putting a box of lollies onto the counter. "Who do you reckon to test these on?" Fred added.

"Who else, my dear Fred, but dearest Percy!" Both cracked evil grins which were rapidly interrupted by the jangling heralding a customer. They looked around to see Ginny towing Harry into the shop. The grins were instantly replaced by innocent charm.

"Ginny! Who's this young man you have here?" George commented over the bench.

"Oh, shut up you." Ginny replied easily. "Leave poor ol' Hazza alone." Harry grinned in a manner not unlike how the twins had grinned a few seconds before. "What did you want me for, George?"

"Dearest Ginny..." George whipped out a bouquet of flowers from behind his back, which rapidly turned back into the trick wand it was.

"What do you want?" Ginny looked questioning.

"So cynical, my dear little sister! All we want is for you, whom our charming brother Percy trusts so much, to plant these so he'll eat them, OK?"

"And when he bites off my head, what's in it for me...?"

"Lifetime membership? Discounts?" Fred swindled.

"It'll do. I don't think I can get him to eat them, but I may be able to get him to give them to someone else... Alright?"

"Deal." George and Ginny shook.

"Oh, by the way Fred, George. What do they do?" Ginny added.

"Do? Why would they do anything?" George looked shocked.

"We just want our brother to be happy, that's all." Fred grinned.

"Come to think of it, I don't want to know. Let's go Harry. Heaven knows what's so special about a box of Sugar Quills."

Percy sighed. He didn't think Penny would take his appearance well. Not even the sugar quills Ginny had given him had helped. All of which was incredibly annoying because he really had seen all he'd been mistaken in during the past year. He had turned spy for Dumbledore, picking out the most important documents in international discussions from his office at the ministry. He had wanted to make a clean start with Penny. Not gone well. He surreptitiously rubbed his bottom where a picket had made a diamond shaped bruise. Oh well, he'd just have to explain to Penny about his change of heart and leave it with her therein.

Penny nibbled on her seventh quill. Unknown to her, contained in the quill was a sneezing agent. The victim not only went into a sneezing fit of around a minute an hour after eating, but they also sneezed in different colours and changed your skin into the same colour, in Penny's case, red, blue, green, purple, light blue, yellow, orange and silver according to the quill eaten. One of these was potent. Seven of these was... Umm... In-ter-est-ing...

Percy walked up the garden path to Penny's door. He was going to get this over and done with, explain, then leave, easy. He knocked. Penny opened the door.

"Oh, come in Perce." Percy walked in and they sat on opposite sofas in the lounge.

"Penny, I just came to say..."

"ACHOOO!!!!!" Penny sneezed and a cloud of blue puffed out from her nose. Percy didn't look up.

"Bless you, Pen. Anyway what I was going to say was..."

"ACHOOO!!! ACHOOO!!! ACHOOO!!!" Orange, yellow then green smoke quickly followed the blue floating at the ceiling.

"Penny, are you OK?"

"AAAAAAACHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" A huge ball of multicoloured smoke when shooting up to the ceiling. Penny sighed in relief.

"Good grief, Pen. What was that about?"

" ." Penny replied. Percy whipped a notebook and pen out of his robes.

"Here, write it down, Pen." He waited.

*I've lost my voice Perce,* was written on the paper.

"Nah, Pen, you haven't. What caused you to loose your voice?"

*Probably those dratted sugar quills you gave me.*

"Ginny gave me them to give to you... Oh dear, I smell the twins' work here."


At this stage, Percy noticed a before unnoticed effect.

"Ah, Pen... Now probably isn't a one hundred percent great time to say this, but your face has gone a murky brown with blue streaks in it."


"Probably from the sugar quills. Everyone knows when you mix all the colours together you get get murky brown with blue steaks in it. Maybe it affected your skin too?"

*Arrrrgggggggg. You realize this is all your fault, Percival Weasley, and I am never, ever, ever going to forgive you?*

"Hang on, I should be able to brew up a pepper-up potion. It works with most sneezes."

Percy walked in to the kitchen. Penny followed.

*This better work, bonzo.* She scribbled viciously and shoved the notebook into his face. Percy pushed it away and set up the cauldron...

*Percy! Now I can't hear either!* An angry eyebrow war was taking place on Penny's face.

^Whoops. Let me try again.^ Percy looked apologetic. A furious pencil conversation was quickly carried out.


^What was that? I can't hear you.^

*Go on, you've made your stupid point.*

^Least your skin is back to normal.^

*Except for the fingernails...*

^We'll try a faculties potion.^ Percy grinned. Penny didn't feel a jot better.

"Well that worked, didn't it Pen?"

"After ten tries! And my hair is blue as well as my fingernails." Penny looked fed up. Percy pushed his luck.

"Leave it in, it looks pretty cute." He gave a Weasley grin, Penny felt her resolve floating away. Best not to let him think he's getting away with this, she thought. She pulled her wits together.

"CUTE?! HOW CAN IT BE... You reckon?" Penny pulled a piece of hair out from her ponytail and reviewed it.

"Yeah. But anything you do is cute, Pen."

"You want us to get back together, don't you Perce?" He nodded. "Why should I go back to you?"

"Well, you're right, I was a prat."

"I know I'm right. You are a prat."

"At the end of last year I was thinking about where I had gone in my life. As you do. Anyway to get to the point, I discovered the only reason I was at the Ministry was because I ... Gee, this sounds so sappy and brave. Let's cut the heroics, shall we? I was at the Ministry because I wanted to be rich. Realized my family are more important than self important, pompous, senile git called Fudge. Spying on Ministry for Dumbledore. Realized my stupid, stupid, stupid mistake in leaving you." Penny sat on the couch. Percy saw that she had rather watery eyes.

"And this is supposed to make me go out with you again?" Penny raised a shaky eyebrow.

"Well, yes. Alright... Penny," He bent down on his knees in front of her, "you are the best person in the world, you were right, I was wrong. You deserve so much better than me... The fire of a thousand suns shines out of your..."

"Enough Percy. Alright." Penny grinned. "Tell me, is Fudge really senile?"

"He asked me one day, when he was visiting our department, to go and get him muggle toilet paper with reindeers printed on it. Something clicked I was working for an idiot around then..."

Penny snorted.

"Come here, you great git." She held out her arms. Percy sat next to her expecting a kiss or at least a hug. "I'm tired, must be all the potions you made me down. Night." She jostled round until she was in the right position and fell asleep with her head on his chest. Percy was about to protest when he thought about it and decided to let her sleep. He couldn't believe his luck. He stroked her hair, then kissed it, blue was his favourite colour.

The End.

A/N; Awww... Innat sweet? There is not enough Percy/Penny around in my humble opinion. JKR owns it all... Most of it. I own Fred and George's quill-ian idea. Using the nearest guy for a pillow actually happened to my friend on the way home from an excursion the other day. She said, 'you look comfortable...' and fell asleep on him. We all had a good laugh and threatened to use it for blackmail. The dunny roll belongs to a shop in the town that I live in. Very odd. $10 a roll. Oh well, I think that's all I own... Seeya!

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