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Author: Arya (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: A Chance Encounter  Chapter: Default
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Who: Remus

Thanks to Mrs. Moony for the original idea, and to Starsea for the title and summary help. 


Remus Lupin sighed and dropped his bag on the ground.  He sat down on the damp grass by the lake, leaning against the beech tree that stood near the edge of the water.  He was all alone today, his friends busy with their own things.  James had a last minute Quidditch practice before the big match on Saturday against Slytherin, Sirius was serving his weekly Thursday detention with Professor McGonagall, and Peter was most likely watching James practice.


It was one of those rare times when he didn’t mind not being with the other three.  Sometimes James’s constant Quidditch talk, or Sirius’s ravings about his current girlfriend bored Remus.  Sometimes it was nice to just be-


“Do you mind if I sit here?”


Remus turned his head to see who had spoken.  He recognized the girl, a Gryffindor a year below him, but he didn’t remember her name. 


“I’m Helena,” she said, smiling and adjusting her books.  “You helped me with my Arithmancy homework last year, remember?”


“Oh, yes!” Remus replied.  He remembered her now, though she had changed quite a bit.  Last year she had been a sad-looking fourth year with lanky blonde hair, but she had apparently cut her hair and actually looked happy to see him.  “I remember.  Yes, of course, take a seat if you like.”


She tossed her books onto the grass and sat down a few feet away from Remus.  “Where are your friends?” she asked.  “Potter and Black and the other one?”


“Peter,” Remus said instantly, used to having to provide the name.  “James is at Quidditch practice, Sirius has detention, and I think Peter’s probably with James.  I thought I had an essay to write, but I guess I already did it.”


Helena laughed.  “I’ve done that before,” she said.  “So you don’t have anything to do?”


“Not until dinner,” Remus said with a sigh.  “I apologize in advance if I’m not good company.  It’s usually James or Sirius who does the talking.”


“Yes, they talk a lot, don’t they?” Helena remarked, as though admiring their ability to speak.  “Black dated my friend Liliana last year for about a week…she still claims it was the best week of her life.”


Remus nodded.  “That would be Sirius.  Let me see…Liliana…red hair…no, that’s Lily Evans…”


“Did Black date Evans?” Helena asked.  She seemed rather interested in his friends.  Remus didn’t mind; it was a comfortable subject for him, one that didn’t require much thought. 


“No, it’s James who wants to date her.”  He grinned, remembering James’s latest attempt to get the stubborn redhead to date him.  It had taken nearly a week for his eyebrows to return to their natural color, and Sirius had teased him mercilessly about letting a girl get to him. 


“I don’t suppose he’ll ever give up on her,” he said, shaking his head.  “He hasn’t dated anyone since the beginning of last year, and he keeps trying to get Lily to go to Hogsmeade with him.”


Helena nodded.  “I hear her talking about him sometimes in the girls’ toilet,” she said.  “I think she enjoys watching him suffer.”


“I wouldn’t be surprised,” Remus remarked with a laugh. 


They sat in silence for a few moments, watching the lake.  A splash made Helena jump, while Remus laughed. 


“Just the Giant Squid,” he told her reassuringly. 


Helena shook her head, her eyes now on the lake.  “I should probably go back to the castle and study,” she said with a sigh.  “O.W.L.s and all that.  But it was nice talking to you.”


“Of course,” Remus said politely.  Sirius would be back soon, if he managed to escape McGonagall early.  “If you ever need help with your Arithmancy or anything, I’d be glad to.”


“Thanks,” Helena said, standing.  “I’ll see you around, then?”


Smiling, she gathered her books and began walking towards the castle.  Remus watched her go, a smile on his face.  It was rare that girls came up to talk with him, but when they did, he enjoyed it.  Usually the girls went straight to Sirius or James.  But this Helena girl…maybe he’d talk to her again, with the excuse of helping her with her homework.  That would be nice.  Remus sighed and closed his eyes.  Perhaps he’d be able to get a bit of sleep before his friends came back. 

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