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Author: Genesse (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: A Gentle Bossa Nova  Chapter: Part II: Concerning Ron and Ginny
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A Gentle Bossa Nova
A Friendly Twin Advice Wedding Story

Part II: Concerning Ron and Ginny

…Funny how quickly the hours passed
And how much closer I felt to you
Maybe more often
We should sit down together
And had a good, long “Silence”
--Javan, Something to Someone

It was only a Chocolate Frog.

Ron had pressed it into Ginny’s hand as she had sat on the bank of the frog pond, her back toward the Burrow, wallowing in her disappointment.

It had been the first of September and Bill’s last year at Hogwarts. Ginny had had her heart set on accompanying Arthur, Bill, Charlie and Percy to the train station; she had thought it would be the last time she would have to say goodbye to Bill.

But the twins had been confined in bed, recovering after breaking their wrists falling off their toy broomsticks. Molly was to stay with them at the Burrow and, at the last minute, it had been decided that Ron and Ginny would stay at home as well so that Arthur could go to the Ministry immediately afterwards.

Ginny had been heartbroken and too furious at Molly and the twins to remain indoors and play quietly as her mother had wanted. She had sat beside the pond refusing to acknowledge anyone but Ron. Molly had occasionally sent him outside with a bun or a glass of pumpkin juice for her, but she had refused it all.

Ron had been disappointed as well – any type of trip had been considered a treat – but he hadn’t blamed anyone. Disappointment was something he unfortunately had always known, being the youngest boy. And after Molly had all but admitted defeat and had left a tray of ham sandwiches and scones on the kitchen table, Ron had sat down next to Ginny and had slipped a Chocolate Frog in her hand.

The tears that Ginny had kept to herself finally fell. Bill had made it a tradition to bring Ginny a Chocolate Frog from the Hogwarts Express every June. While it hadn’t been exactly the same, that thoughtful present from Ron had meant so much to her.

She had thrown her arms around Ron and sniffled a little on his shoulder. He had patted her on the head – as he had seen Molly do – and said, a little helplessly, “It’s just a Chocolate Frog.”

* * *

Two days before Bill and Fleur were to be married, Ron woke up with a bang – courtesy of Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes. From his bedroom window, he could see several Wildfire Whiz-bangs floating downward outside Ginny’s room. He watched the sparkling embers form into a golden lion with a wide red mouth that swallowed a green-and-silver snake and smiled. An intense rivalry always put Ginny in a good mood, and Ron hoped that this day of weeding would go much quicker than the last few very quiet days.

But that was not to be the case: Ginny came to the breakfast table in a simmering temper. The twins returned to their flat as hastily as they had arrived at the Burrow. Molly puttered around the kitchen, cooking and chatting as if there was nothing the matter, but no-one else helped to brighten the dark mood.

Arthur soon left for the Ministry and Molly clapped her hands jovially. ‘Well, we have a long day ahead of us, right? Let’s get started now and hopefully we’ll have all this work done by the time Charlie’s to arrive and we can spend a lovely evening with him.’

Bill and Ron nodded their heads enthusiastically.

‘Bill, you and Ron get started outside and Ginny and I will clean up in here.’

Ron stood up to go outside. Bill, however, stayed seated. He had seen the flashing of Ginny’s eyes at the suggestion that she stay indoors with Molly by herself – which could only mean a stern talk about her attitude the last few days and putting on a good face for Charlie and Fleur and her family – and decided to step in.

‘Mum, I’ll help you in here. I’m sure that Ginny wants to finish with those weeds herself. Seeing a job through and all that.’

Ginny fled outdoors before her mother could voice an opinion. She made a silent promise that she would be excessively cheerful and friendly at the wedding so Bill would know how much she appreciated it.

She knelt down on the ground where she had stopped the day before. Her sun hat and gloves were still in a small pile beside the trowel. The pile of dead weeds had been Banished by Ron the night before.

She could hear Ron softly swearing – he refused to wear gloves – at the prickly weeds on the other side of the garden. She knew he didn’t mean it: he was a great pile of nerves because Hermione would be arriving that night then after the wedding, they – he, Hermione and Harry – would be leaving on their great adventure to find the last of the Horcruxes. He was scared and excited and nervous to go but he never talked about it, although Ginny had been keen to.

After a while, Bill came outside to do his share of the weeding. He whistled tunelessly between short speeches enumerating Fleur’s many good qualities and how beautiful she would be in her wedding gown. Ginny ignored his poetic effusions and let her mind wander. But after dwelling on the fact that three of the people she loved the best were about to leave on what would necessarily be a very dangerous journey, she did not feel up to any more gardening.

The sooner the wedding took place, the sooner they would leave. And she would be as alone as she was her first year at Hogwarts.

* * *

By lunchtime, Ron was a great sweaty mess. He had made a lot of progress and had the blisters on his hands, the aching knees, and a sun burnt neck to prove it.

He looked around the garden for Ginny and Bill, but didn’t see them. In fact, all he found was small piles of weeds where they had been working when they had first started that morning. He had stopped listening to Bill after his first speech about Fleur, and hadn’t heard him leave. Ginny either. It was only the rumbling in his stomach that made him stop pulling the weeds.

He Banished all of their piles and wiped his hands on the legs of his trousers before wiping his forehead with the back of his hand. He waited a few moments for Bill or Ginny or his mother to come back outside. Maybe they all had to visit the loo at the same time or went in to get a glass of water.

Maybe they didn’t mean to just leave him all alone.

He was staring at the front door when the back of his neck started to tingle.

‘Oi, Ron, day dreaming on the job?’

‘What would Mum say?’ Fred asked.

‘I wasn’t day dreaming,’ Ron said.

‘Or Hermione?’

‘I wouldn’t want Hermione catching me day dreaming.’

‘Yeah. Scary.’

‘I wasn’t day dreaming,’ Ron insisted.

‘That’s what it looked like,’ George said pointedly.

‘I – I was thinking.’

Fred and George gasped.

Ron ignored them. ‘Do you two know what’s the matter with Ginny lately?’

They paused. They had been remarkably observant of Ginny since Ron had announced his and Harry’s and Hermione’s plans following the wedding. She had made for an interesting, if not complicated, examination and they had a good idea of what was bothering her. While Molly worried about immediate things such as safety and Death Eaters and You-Know-Who (as they all were), Ginny was more bothered about the repercussions of them leaving.

‘Ron,’ Fred began, ‘we are going to tell you this because we’re very concerned about Ginny.’

‘Very concerned?’ Ron asked, surprised.

‘Well, you saw how she responded to our firecrackers this morning,’ George pointed out as he shared a nod with Fred.

‘She’s not right and there’s nothing that any of us can do for her.’

‘Except you.’


‘Yes, you, you prat. She’s worried about the three of you, but it’s you that has to make this separation as painless for her as possible’.

‘And how would I do that?’

‘Well, you have to do her a favor and treat her like you would treat us.’

‘Treat her like you would treat us if you weren’t afraid of us taking the mickey out of you.’

‘Yes, she’s just like us, except not.’

‘What’s that supposed to mean?’

Fred took a handful of sweets from a pocket in his robes and pressed them into Ron’s hands. ‘Give her these, from me and George, and find out.’

And before Ron could ask any more questions, they walked swiftly to the designated Apparition point and disappeared.

* * *

Ginny was not at the kitchen table for lunch and no one seemed to know where she might be.

Ron looked high and low for her: through the trees and the reeds along the frog pond, in the broomstick shed, in her bedroom. The garden being weed-less and his mother insisting that he rest up for the company that would be arriving that night, he trudged up the stairs to his room for a bath and a nap.

He was surprised to find Ginny sitting on his bed, staring out the window.

‘Hi,’ she said softly, without turning around, when he closed the door.

‘There you are,’ he said evenly, watching the back of her head.

‘Yeah, I needed to be alone for a bit.’

‘To think?’

‘Thinking had a great deal to do with it.’

‘More like you wanted to get out of having to work in the garden.’

As she threw a pillow at him, Ron caught a glance at her face. Her eyes were swollen and red-rimmed. ‘What’s the matter?’ he asked.

Ginny looked down at her knees and shook her head.

“She’s just like us, except not” ran through his mind. I wouldn’t want to talk about why I was crying, he thought, if I ever cried.

Not knowing really what to do, he awkwardly sat down beside her. He jiggled his knees nervously and wiped the palms of his hands on the legs of his worn jeans. His hand brushed a Chocolate Frog he had placed in his pocket. It reminded him of an old memory of Bill and Ginny and Chocolate Frogs.

He slipped it out of his pocket and placed it in her hand, without checking if the Famous Wizard card was one of the very few he was missing.

She looked at it quietly for some time, remembering with pleasure that afternoon by the frog pond and rejoicing in the fact that it was for her, a gift she had not known for some time. She realised that she would miss her friends and her brothers and Harry but she had to let them go: she wouldn’t want them to stop her from doing something that wanted or needed to do.

She would always have those memories.

She looked around at him and smiled. Laughingly, she whispered, ‘It’s a chocolate frog.’


A/N: I have to apologize for the tardiness of (finally) getting this chapter posted. I really did not mean to let five months go between updates. When I first planned the story, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with five of the seven chapters. This chapter and the 6th were the ones I was struggling over. Being what is essentially a string of one-shots, I haven’t been writing it in order. The last chapter was the first one I wrote. I have the next chapter almost ready to send to my beta reader and outlines for the two after that.

That being said, I have to thank my alpha reader redlightspecial and my beta reader Chary for their contributions. This chapter was partly inspired by my favorite Ron-and-Ginny fic, Pictures by alphabet. I forgot to mention that the first chapter was partly inspired by Before the Weasleys by Norwegian Blue. And thanks to magicaljules for the phone conversation about the similarities between boys and girls.
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