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Author: Eir de Scania  Story: Slytherin Musing  Chapter: Default
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Summary: Sometimes, Selena Hopkirk wants to be alone with her thoughts. Unfortunately, they are not always the good company she wishes for.

Sequel to Slytherin Dreaming


Disclaimer:  I don’t own Potterverse. I just claim a Fanficcers right of way everywhere I like to go.


Authors Note:  I am greatly indebted to Alkari for unerringly finding not only the weak points I was aware of, but some I wasn’t as well. She also had some good advice and suggestions. My beta Beth patiently checked my grammar. Remaining weak points are entirely my own fault.

A note on Isobel MacFusty’s dog: I know the Hogwarts letter says students can bring “an owl OR a cat OR a toad.” MacFustys have always brought a terrier. It’s traditional.










It was raining, the kind of thin drizzle you hardly saw but still had you drenched to the bones if you ventured out in it. Not to mention flying, which a bunch of loonies actually were doing over the Quidditch pitch. Probably Gryffindors, Selena Hopkirk thought. She climbed into the deep windowsill to get a better view. Yes, that had to be James Potter, soaring high over the other fliers. Hogwarts had its share of exellent fliers, but Potter was something special, that was something even a Slytherin like Selena could admit.


Not that he was the most daring of fliers, though. That title had to go to his former fellow Gryffindor Dan Dunglass, who last year flew up to the girls’ dorm to impress Isobel MacFusty into going to Hogsmeade with him. Naturally he got thoroughly hexed by some irate seventh-year, but MacFusty had been going out with him for most of last year.


So, at least that was something Potter wouldn’t try in his never-ending mission of impressing Lily Evans. Maybe, one day, he’d find that not showing off would be a much better strategy.


Quite a crowd of them out there, flying. Not team practice, then, just out flying for fun. If one could call it that, in this weather. Selena had heard from Marion McKinnon that Potter thought that was a good idea, some leisure flying that gave him a chance to check up on the younger students, without the stress of a proper trial. And gave himself a chance to impress those younger kids, Selena had thought to herself.


Of course, if anyone would take Dunglass’ place as Gryffindor Daredevil, now he’d left school, it wouldn’t be James Potter, but Sirius Black.


Selena mentally shook herself. She’d promised herself either to pick up the nerve and actually speak to Sirius, or get over her crush. Somehow. Thinking about something else would be a good start.


Like Sluggys party last night. As usual, Sluggy had invited some interesting guests, like Madam Titmuss from the International Magical Office of Law, a stern grey-haired lady who had just come back from a lengthy tour in Australia and New Zealand. Selena had travelled with her parents, but only within Europe, and she dreamed about seeing more of the world. She had met old and new friends from other houses, both her fellow Prefects and others. Then she had successfully rescued Regulus Black from Sluggy -who, as usual, told him what a shame it was Regulus couldn’t convince his brother to come to these meetings more often- oh damn – she was thinking about Sirius again!


Selena had been last of the Slytherins to leave, and found she smiled to herself as she hurried through the dark corridors, keeping eyes and ears open for any signs of Peeves. But all was quiet, even the portraits were sleeping.


The common room was almost empty as well, except for a few night owls, Severus Snape among them. He had been to Sluggys party too, of course, but had left early. Selena had been relieved when he did; she had felt his glare whenever she talked to one of her Muggle-born friends. Last year he even had told her off for being a “Mudblood lover” a couple of times... But she didn’t think he would say anything in the common room.


She was wrong. Severus actually waved her over –with an imperious gesture he surely had learned from Lucius Malfoy- and told her she was “an idiot for running around with Lily Evans and other of that ilk.” And that she shouldn’t listen to Sluggy and Dumbledore, they were both living in the past. There were others one should listen to, people that belonged to the future. Not Mudbloods and Mudblood-lovers. Selena had retorted he should make friends with Isobel MacFustys terrier; it probably had the best pedigree at Hogwarts, before storming off to her dorm. 


Selena wasn’t surprised that the story was all over school the next day. Or that the Duff twins were giggling their silly heads off, claiming that Severus had a crush on Selena.


The rain was really pouring down now. Were the mad Gryffindors still flying? It was raining so hard, Selena couldn’t see, but she wouldn’t put it past them. Oh, Quidditch matches didn’t stop for rain, but this wasn’t team practice, after all. Perhaps Potter wanted to see how tough his future team members were?


But no, they were walking back to the castle, soaking wet but very cheerful. Potter was his usual obnoxious self, now he was back on the ground. He had a small crowd of younger students hanging on his every word, as he was demonstrating something while making big sweeping movement with his broom. Peter Pettigrew, as usual scurrying at Potters heels, had to jump aside several times not to be hit. He was surprisingly agile for his girth. Or perhaps he just bounced.


Where was Sirius? Selena leaned closer to the window. Oh, there, with Remus Lupin. Not chatting up MacFusty, for once. She was walking just behind them, holding her dog in a steady grip. Selena wondered idly what it had done this time. Tried to bite someone or chewed Potters prized broomstick?  The school was divided on wether that dog was a transformed Hebridean Black or if the MacFustys just had bred some dragon blood into the local terriers. Anyway, according to Lily Evans, dragon ancestry or not, they were bred to kill vermin. Which explained why it had bitten Filch at least three times?


 In this weather, Aberdeen would seem dull and drab and grey, Selena knew. Perfect weather for checking out Muggle shops, with their fascinating mix of the familiar and the unknown. Then, when the sun came back the town was shining like silver, and there were flowers everywhere, so many things to see, so many places to go – and that was just one town.


When, this summer, Aunt Mabel had invited Selena over during holidays, to visit her in Aberdeen and to explore the Muggle town as well. Selena had been thrilled. She felt embarrassed now, but her first thought had been she might find something to talk to Sirius about. He was interested in some Muggle things, like those motorcycle machines. Selena didn’t know much about the Muggle world, but she knew motorcycles were noisy and smelly. And unsafe. But there were other things, Muggle music perhaps?


Selena had always known the Muggle world was much bigger than the real one. Bigger, and… not exactly inferior, but ... Duller? Blander? Noisier, at least, with all that machinery they had to use instead of magic.


She had been right about the noise. She had underestimated the sheer size of the Muggle world. And she had been totally unprepared for its diversity. Music, clothes, magazines, radio channels... there seemed to be an endless amount of choices.


Not least in music. . Many of the Muggle-born students and even some wizard-born –Sirius among them- spoke highly of Muggle rock music, claiming it was much better that the wizarding kind. Of course they couldn’t listen to it at Hogwarts, with all the magic interfering with their radios and cassette recorders, but they talked about it and read magazines.


 Selena heard more music than she had imagined existed. She really liked a lot of it, but not the bands Sirius and MacFusty liked. They were about as noisy as motorcycles, and from the look of them, the band members were smelly as well. Probably unsafe too.


There was a commotion somewhere downstairs... obviously Filch had a thing or five to say about Quidditch players dripping mud on his floor... He would probably like one of those hovering things the Muggles had.... funny name, for something you cleaned floors with, she thought idly. Perhaps because the dirt somehow hovered into it?


Selena had never really given the Muggle world much thought. It was better for the Wizarding world to keep apart from it, she had learned from an early age. She had heard various reasons for it, from the Muggles wanting magic help with just about every thing to them killing off anyone magic. She had leaned towards the former, mostly because…. Well, how did the Muggles manage without magic?


Very well, she had realised. They had their machinery instead. Of course, it was cumbersome in a way magic wasn’t, but on the other hand once it was done, it stayed that way. Anyone could buy and use it; too, it didn’t need special talent. Selena seriously doubted Tina Greatrakes, not to mention one or two other, ever would learn to Apparate, but to take a Muggle car or bus or train you just needed some money. And there certainly wasn’t any lack of that, judging by the many shops the Muggle world had.


Another thing she had accepted without any further thought was that the only problem Voldemort and his followers would have in conquering the Muggle world was that there were so many of them. Otherwise they were helpless, lacking magic. But now she had a nagging feeling that Voldemorts supporters were totally off their brooms if they thought they could conquer the Muggle world. Muggles were ingenious; they were used to change, to adapting. They didn’t believe things just because the morning paper said so.


Conquering the Wizarding world – now that was something they actually could do do. All that talking about the supremacy of pure blood was ridiculous; there wasn’t one Wizarding family without Muggle blood, if you cared to look. Selena herself had one Muggle-born grandmother and one born a Malfoy. Both of them highly competent witches. You couldn’t “purge the magical society from unclean blood” as snobs like Regulus Black, no doubt echoing dear cousin Bellatrix, liked to proclaim.


But you could rid it from Muggle-born, Selenas Slytherin brain told her. All magical children were registered, after all. . Voldemorts followers didn’t shy away from killing, they had already proved that. It would be easy for them to kill Muggle children born with magic. It would probably be grudgingly approved by many respectable witches and wizards as well. Then, on to the next step, whatever that would be. People with Muggle-born parents? People opposing Voldemort were already targets, but how about people who had insulted a Death Eater? 


Selena suddenly wanted company. She decided to go to the library, there had to be someone she could talk with, about nice everyday things like school work and Quidditch. She could even talk about boys with Tina! Or, rather, listen while Tina gushed about Julian Wong. Anyway, if Selena didn’t show up Tina would certainly tell anyone who wanted to listen that Selena had been nursing a hangover all morning, and that just wasn’t on.


Boys… she wondered if Severus had heard the Duffers “boyfriend” talk and if he had, whether he would poison them, hex them or simply ignore them.


Selena grinned to herself. That could be interesting!






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