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Author: Badkats (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: Charlie's Witches  Chapter: Chapter 2
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Chapter Two

SCENE: The interior of CharlieÕs office. ItÕs filled with unusual objects and photos of the ladies in various outfits from various assignments. There are two couches placed across from each other in the middle of the room, with a large desk at the end of the room. The desk is empty except for a large leather bound book placed in the center. Ginny is fixing herself something vegetarian to eat as Jane and Alphie wait on opposite sofas.

Alphie: HeÕs just going to have to accept the fact that you have a busy life, Ginny.

Jane: Exactly. Sirius and I have an agreement. I donÕt ask himÉhe doesnÕt ask me.

Alphie: ThatÕs because he doesnÕt want to here your sordid sex tales.

Jane: Oh, but he does. Though he'd rather I just show him.

Ginny: Please guys, can we focus here? IÕm afraid IÕm going to lose him.

Ginny takes a seat next to Jane who notices, for the first time, the fang belly button piercing.

Jane: Looks to me like heÕs left his mark on you, babe.

Alphie sits up, stunned at the sight.

Alphie: Oh my gosh! Did that hurt?

Ginny: NoÉit was actually very arousing.

Jane: And you say I have the dirty mind.

Alphie: It matches his earring perfectly. Did he pierce it for you?

Before Ginny can answer, the doors fly open and a tall man in full wizard apparel enters the room making grand swooping gestures. The ladies are not impressed.

Jane, Ginny, and Alphie (dully): Good morning, Seamus.

Seamus: How come you three never recognize my greatness?

Alphie: Great at what? Getting us into trouble?

Ginny: Or just acting like a total moron?

Seamus appears dumbfounded. Jane stands up and walks to him. She puts her arms around him flirtatiously.

Jane: Oh, Seamus, you know we adore you.

Seamus: Really?

Jane: NoÉbut I thought it would make you feel better.

The book on the desk flutters open and white light shines from it. A voice is heard coming from the book.

Charlie: I trust IÕm not interrupting anything?

Seamus: Actually, Charlie, Jane here was just about to show me all her secrets.

Ginny: Oh that should take Õbout two seconds.

Charlie: I hope I didnÕt disturb you all this morning, but something very important has come to my attention.

Jane takes a seat again and the four listen intently to their boss.

Charlie: As you may have noticed, dark activity hasnÕt yet subsided as much as weÕd hoped it would. VoldemortÕs death seems to have encouraged certain Death Eaters to come out into the open to avenge his loss. One in particular caught my attention. A rather tricky little man has been toying with the Muggles. But last night he went too far. A witch was killed in a Muggle bar; the ministry worked all night to cover it up. The Death Eater got away, but not cleanly. The bartender had heard him give his name to the girl he killed. He said he would never forget a strange name like that. Vapid.

The three witches exchange uneasy glances. Ginny especially looks put out by the mention of his name

Seamus: Do you recognize the name?

Jane: WeÕveÉerÉmet.

Charlie: You know the Death Eater in question?

Alphie: Not personally. But he was at Hogwarts when we were.

Jane: He was in the same year as Ginny.

Ginny: Yes, he was suspected in the murder of a Ravenclaw Prefect my fourth year. Gompers was her name. She had been dating him for a while.

Seamus: What happened?

Ginny: Rumor had it that he was rather, er, orally fixatedÉif you know what I mean. His mouth was literally the death of her.

A look of utter horror crossed SeamusÕs face.

Jane: The seventh years had a rumor his jaw was made of some kind of metal.

Alphie: The second years believed his mouth to work as some sort of vacuum.

Ginny: Whatever it was, it wasnÕt nice. They never found enough evidence to charge him, though, and he went free. He left Hogwarts after that.

Charlie: Well, it seems heÕs up to his old tricks again. I need you to find out what his plans are. If heÕs intending to take VoldemortÕs place as the leader of the Death EaterÕs, then we need to stop him.

Seamus: WhatÕs the plan?

Charlie: ThereÕs a function being held tonight at PotterÕs Lodge. ItÕs a formal event and Vapid wouldnÕt miss the chance to make his presence known in front of Harry Potter. I want you four to attend that party and locate him. Ginny, you work your magic on him and get him to reveal the location of his hide out. Jane and Alphie, you help as needed, but once the information is secured, I want Ginny and Alphie to leave for the hide out and see what is there. Jane, you will stay behind and distract him. Do not let him leave the party before you get word from Ginny and Alphie that they are safe. Seamus will be there with you in case something goes wrong.

Jane: I think I can handle this one myself.

Charlie: I donÕt want to take any chances. I donÕt like the way this guy works and I donÕt want one of my witches injured by the likes of Vapid.

Alphie: Understood.

Ginny: WhatÕs the "all clear" signal?

Charlie: I think an owl post delivering a fang would be a nice touch.

GinnyÕs mouth hung open and Jane and Alphie laughed.

Jane: Got it. WeÕre on the case.

Alphie: Time to play dress up!

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