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Author: birgit (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: The Godfather Part III - The Philosopher's Stone  Chapter: Chapter 3: Detention and Dunderheads
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Disclaimer: In this story I used quotes from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, but I don't mean any harm by it, nor do I wish to sell this. Anything un-canonly the characters do in this story is all my fault.

Author's Note: I would like to thank my beta readers Whimsy, CornedBee and Jo Wickaninnish!

Another author's note: For those of you who have read The Godfather Part II quite a while ago, remember that Harry was kidnapped by Lucius Malfoy when he was 8. And now he's meeting Draco Malfoy at school...

The Godfather Part III - The Philosopherís Stone

by Birgit

Chapter 3 – Detention and Dunderheads

Dear Paddy,

Iím in Gryffindor! It was a really close call, though. The Sorting Hat wanted to put me into Slytherin! I didnít want to be in Slytherin, of course, so I kept thinking Ďnot Slytherin, not Slytheriní and the Hat understood. It talked to me in my head, really weird, and it said I could be great in Slytherin, but eventually it gave in and chose Gryffindor instead. Great, isnít it? Iím very happy to be in your and Mum and Dadís old house.

I already have an enemy here, a boy called Draco Malfoy. Did you know Mr Malfoy had a son? Draco has the same hair and the same face and the same eyes. It was a bit of a shock to see him, in fact, and he kept glaring at me throughout the Sorting. I knew at once that I wouldnít want to be in whatever house he was Sorted into. That turned out to be Slytherin. So as well as what I knew from your stories, I had another good reason to not want to be Sorted into Slytherin, and fortunately the Sorting Hat listened. I donít know what I would do if I had to sleep in the same dormitory as Draco Malfoy.

Nevilleís also in Gryffindor. Do you remember Neville? We met him in the robe shop in Diagon Alley. Heís really funny, but I was glad to find out that he stops talking at night, so we can get some sleep, too. We have a really nice dormitory, by the way. It probably looks the same as when you were there. It fits the stories, in any case, but itís even nicer than I had expected. Red and gold everywhere and really soft beds with thick red curtains you can hide behind.

Iíve already made another friend, Ron Weasley. Heís a bit shyer than Neville, but heís really nice. Heís got loads of brothers, some who are at Hogwarts and some who have already left. One of his brothers works with dragons! How cool is that? Ron has most of his things second-hand, because of all those brothers, but heís also got a huge Chocolate Frog Card collection. Heís got more than I have! Could you send me an Agrippa with Hedwig? Ron doesnít have that one yet, so I want to swap it for Morgana.

Oh, I almost forgot. Something really odd happened during the feast yesterday evening. One of the teachers, Professor Snape, looked at me from the staff table and at that very moment, my scar hurt. My scar never hurts except when I have my old nightmare, but I havenít had it for ages. Why would it suddenly hurt? Professor Snape looked like he hated me already, even though I donít even know him yet, but I donít see how that could have anything to do with my scar.

Iíve got to go to my first lesson now. I hope I can find it!



Dear Harry,

Congratulations on being in Gryffindor! Good job on telling the Sorting Hat off. Iím very glad that it didnít put you in the same house as the Malfoy boy. I had no idea Mr Malfoy had a son your age. Donít let him get you down, Harry. He may glare at you, but he canít do you any harm within Hogwarts, and whatever he may think, the fact that his father is in Azkaban is no oneís fault but his fatherís.

Iím glad to hear that youíve already found two friends. Your Agrippa card is included in this letter. Are the other boys in your dormitory nice, too? I want to hear all about them and your lessons and the teachers.

Iím not sure about your scar. It might just have been the excitement, you being tired, or the magic all around you. As you know, your scar is very unusual, so we canít just look it up in a book or ask someone who has a similar scar. I hope that what happened Sunday night was an exception, but if it hurts more often, let me know and weíll try to find a pattern to it. For now, just donít worry about it.

Iím curious about this Professor you mentioned, though. There was no Professor Snape when I was at Hogwarts, but there was a student called Severus Snape in my year. Does this Professor Snape have greasy, black hair and a sallow complexion? In that case, we might be talking about the same Snape, and I also might know why he looked at you so hatefully. You see, Severus Snape didnít get along very well with me and your dad. In fact, Snape and your dad were arch-enemies at school. The moment Snape saw you on Sunday, he was probably reminded of your dad, since you look so much like him. Iím sure heíll get over that fairly soon and will treat you just like every other student.

I hope your lessons are going well, Harry, and that you have a lot of fun.

Much love from Paddy.



Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore
(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc, Chf Warlock,
Supreme Mugwump, International Confed of Wizards)

Dear Mr Black,

It is my unfortunate duty to inform you of a severe breach of the Hogwarts school rules by Harry Potter. This evening Mr Potter was found in the private office of a staff member of Hogwarts, searching the drawers. Breaking into an office and searching it is an offence that cannot go unpunished. Mr Potter has been given detention and sixty points have been taken from Gryffindor house.

This is an alarming incident, especially as it is only Mr Potterís first week of school. If this behaviour continues, Mr Potter could be facing expulsion from Hogwarts. His punishment should make him aware of the consequences of his actions, but I would like to ask you to impress upon him that such behaviour is unacceptable. I hope that together we can make sure that a more severe course of action will not be necessary.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall,
Head of Gryffindor house.


Hi Paddy,

I suppose youíve already got the letter. Professor McGonagall said she would write to you immediately.

So I was caught inside Filchís office. I was looking for the Marauderís Map, but I couldnít find it. You said it had been confiscated by Filch in your seventh year, but itís not in the cabinet labelled ĎConfiscated and Highly Dangerousí, nor in the ĎLost Propertyí or the ĎUnknowní one. You donít reckon Filch threw it away, do you?

Anyway, I was caught and brought to McGonagall. She was livid. She took sixty points and gave me detention, too! I think thatís a tad unfair. I mean, as soon as I had found out where Filchís office was, I just had to look for the Map! It would be incredibly useful to have it. At least I wouldnít ever get caught in an office again.

To make things worse, we had our first Potions lesson this morning. It was horrible. Whatever you say, Snape hates me, he really does. As for treating people fairly ... have you even met Snape? Heís got greasy, black hair, just like you described, and a yellowish, sickly-looking skin, and heís the right age, too, but you seem to have a very wrong impression of him. Heís Head of Slytherin house, and he favours Slytherins enormously. We have this class together with the Slytherins, you know, and itís awful. He made a long speech, calling us dunderheads, and then we had to brew a potion. Snape kept saying the Slytherins were doing so well and he threw insults at the Gryffindors all the time, scaring Neville so much that he melted his cauldron.

But thatís nothing compared to how he treated me. Every time he looked at me, his eyes turned all icy and he had this expression as if I was a particularly disgusting bit of slime (although judging by what heís got stored in glass jars all around the classroom, he actually likes disgusting bits of slime). He loathes me, Iím sure of it. He also asked me several impossible questions (like Iíve learnt the textbook by heart already) and took five points from Gryffindor for absolutely nothing. I suppose itís nothing compared to the sixty McGonagall took, but at least I had done something to deserve that.

My other lessons are going fine. All the teachers jump when they realise Iím in their class, but I hope thatíll be over soon. Transfiguration is really hard, and McGonagall is very strict (sheís Head of Gryffindor, but she doesnít favour us) but I think Iíll manage it with a bit of hard work. Charms is nice, and Astronomy is pretty cool, too, but Defence Against the Dark Arts seems a bit of a joke. Maybe Quirrell just took it easy in the first week, but he doesnít seem to be very capable. Heís always quivering and looking around nervously, as if heís afraid a vampire is going to attack him any moment. Well, he should be able to cope with a vampire attack, shouldnít he? Heís the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher after all.

Iíd better send this off with Hedwig now, or Iíll be late for my detention.



Dear Harry,

Have you gone mad? Breaking into Filchís office in the first week of term! I was quite shocked when I received the letter. I hadnít expected anything like this. Never mind the Marauderís Map, I donít know where it is, but itís not worth breaking into Filchís (or anyoneís) office. You keep out of other peopleís private things, Harry.

You know I want you to have fun, and I donít mind a nice joke on a student or teacher, although the same rule holds at school as at home: if you get caught, youíll be punished. At home that means by me, and at Hogwarts, by the staff. However, breaking into a staff memberís office and nosing in his private files is another matter altogether. Youíve crossed a line with that, Harry. Invading someoneís privacy is not acceptable, just like itís not acceptable to hit a teacher or student or put a lasting hex on them. Do it again, and you might get expelled.

Iíd love to hear about a well-executed prank, Harry, as long as it doesnít harm anyone, physically or mentally. But if I hear again about you breaking into an office, Iíll send you a Howler.

That said, I hope the Gryffindors arenít giving you a hard time because of this. I know from my own experience (my friends and I once lost two hundred points in one go) that other students can be rather harsh to someone responsible for depriving them of the House Cup. Thatís still a long time away, of course, but sixty points is a lot, especially in the first week, when not very many points have been collected yet.

Iím glad to hear your lessons are going well. Transfiguration always was my favourite subject, so if you have any problems with it, Iíll be happy to help. Otherwise, just do your best and Iím sure youíll be fine. Keep me updated!

Iím not happy with what you told me about Snape. I had hoped he might have changed, since Professor Dumbledore has offered him a teaching position, but apparently not. It seems he is just as mean as fifteen years ago, but has more confidence, terrorising the students like that. The only advice I can give you is: keep your head down in class, ignore him, work hard on your potions ... and play a funny joke on him every now and then. If you feel the need to complain, you know Iím always there for you.

Here at home everything is going well, although itís rather quiet without you. Two days ago it was the full moon, and I stayed the night with Uncle Remus. Youíll be pleased to hear that heís perfectly fine and already insisting that I mind my own business for a while.

Your friend Eric came by yesterday. I must pass on a message to you. He said: ĎTell Harry schoolís boring, old Mrs Tabby lost her dog, and Brandon almost lost a toe because one of his uncleís horses stood on his foot. Oh, and I smashed Harryís high score at Skull Searching II.í

Good luck with Snape, Harry, and have some fun (without the Marauderís Map!).

Much love from Paddy.


Dear Paddy,

All right, understood. Iím still a bit ticked off that I havenít found the Marauderís Map, but Iíll just have to figure out another way to find it. Maybe I could learn to do a Summoning Charm. Anyway, Iíd rather not get a Howler from you.

Iíve had my detention, and it wasnít as bad as it could have been. I suppose Professor McGonagall thought she had to assign me something really nasty, so she had me work with the keeper of the grounds, Hagrid, to clean out a paddock where all sorts of magical creatures have been rampaging all summer. I was really unhappy when I heard that, I thought I would certainly be busy till midnight.

But when I arrived, Hagrid took me to the paddock, talking all the while. He told me he knew you and he was glad I had found such a nice home after the attack and he wanted to know everything about you and me and my first week at school. And then we arrived at the (extremely dirty) paddock, and he looked carefully around and took out a pink umbrella. He told me he had been expelled from Hogwarts in his third year and wasnít allowed to use magic, so if I didnít tell anyone up at Hogwarts ... and then he waved with his pink umbrella and about half of the dirt disappeared!

While we did the rest, occasionally with some help from the umbrella, he told me everything about his job and the creatures he works with. He says there are plenty of magical creatures in the Forbidden Forest, but most of them arenít very dangerous, and he took me to the edge of the Forest to show me a young unicorn.

Hagrid was really nice. I think Iím going to visit him more often (hopefully without having to clear out paddocks too).

The Gryffindors arenít that hard on me because of losing the points. I think they were still too excited about actually getting to know Harry Potter, you know, so they werenít bothered too much by the points. Some are, like Hermione Granger, a very bossy girl in my year, but I donít care about that very much. Most people are being nice. I suppose Iím having a rather easy time of my punishment. No need to send a Howler after all, though! Iíd rather do without.

Did I tell you already that Quirrell is really incompetent? Well, he is. He wears this huge turban that smells of garlic, but I donít think he has ever even met a vampire. He would have been scared to death, Iím sure. A few days ago a Hufflepuff first-year walked up to him in class to ask him something, and Quirrell only heard the boy when he was very close behind him, and he turned around, screamed and fainted! Unbelievable. This man is supposed to teach us Defence, but he canít even defend himself against a first-year. Fortunately, our book is not too bad, but I suspect Quirrell is too scared to actually read our essays, so weíll never know whether we did it right or not.

Iíve been saving the best news till the end, so here it comes. After I got your letter yesterday, I got an idea for a prank on Snape. I asked Dean, a boy in my dormitory whoís good at drawing, to help me, and together we made a huge pink heart. It was a bit tricky walking up to the Owlery with it without being seen, but I managed. So I gave it to one of the school owls (Hedwig didnít like that at all; I hope sheís not still so angry that she doesnít want to carry this letter to you) so no one would know whom it came from. And then this morning in the middle of breakfast it arrived, knocking over Snapeís goblet of pumpkin juice and making a huge mess in front of him, so everyone noticed. Snape went even paler than usual and stormed from the Great Hall, and everyone was laughing (well, everyone except the teachers). Since Iím not yet in detention, I donít suppose Snape found out who did it. He looked very nastily at me when I met him in the corridor this afternoon, but I donít think it was any nastier than usual.

Iím really proud of myself. I got back at Snape without getting caught!


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