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Lily's Letter to Harry

Lily's Letter to Harry

Dearest Harry, my only son

My life is over, yours just begun.

Dad and I wish you only the best

And leave for you these requests.

May you never give up, whatever the fight

May you never stray from the path that's right.

Our love for you will help guide your way

And help each dark night dawn into day.

Whenever you feel lost, alone or scared

Look to your heart and we'll be there.

We, together, our lives now gladly give

In hopes, in our passing, that you will live.

Dad in your Patronus you will see,

In your heart there are reflections of me.

We'll look down on you from Heaven above,

I'll protect you with the gift of my love.

Remember, dear Harry, through all of your life

Wars are not always won with fighting and strife

Instead of your wand, reach out with your heart

For that is where healing always will start.

Sharon Hendricks


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