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Author: Arya and BeatriceEagle  Story: A Different Kind of Weasley  Chapter: Chapter 1 -- Seers and Sights
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A Different Kind of Weasley

Disclaimer:† All characters and places belong to J.K. Rowling except for Margot, the Hideaway, Harryís children, Bartleby, and Lierin Holly.


Aryaís Note:† Thanks to the real-life Lierin, who let me put her in this fanfiction.† Also, thanks to Whimsy for his wonderful beta job and never-ending lessons on British words.† Itís a shop, not a store.†


Beaís Note:† Many thanks as always to our beta-reader, Whimsy.† One day, maybe Iíll have thanked you enough, but today isnít that day.† Iíd also like to thank J.K. Rowling for making Harry way too likeable for his own good.† On behalf of both Arya and myself, Iíd like to thank Margot, for allowing us another look into her life.



Chapter One


"We'll be back before you know it!"


"Yeah, and we'll even bring you something cool back.  Just stop growing, okay?  We can't buy you clothes if you keep growing."


"You'll have loads of fun with Harry and Ginny and all of those kids of theirs.  We'll be back in time to go to Diagon Alley with you, after all."


"And we'll send you letters, too, we promise.  You won't even realize we're gone."


Margot sighed and rolled over in her bed, clutching the one letter she'd gotten that summer, just a week after they'd left.  She had it memorized; she'd certainly read it enough.  "Dear Margot," the letter said, "We've just arrived in the States.  Thought we'd send you this owl so you'd know we're alive and everything.  Hope you're having fun with all those cousins!  Fred's decided we need to visit some Muggle place he's heard of.  Will write later.  Love, George."


††††††††††† She closed her eyes and remembered how excited she'd been at the beginning of the summer.  Spending the entire summer with Molly, Lily, Julia, Sirius, Evan, and Andrea, with occasional visits to Leona's house, had been such a thrilling idea.  When Fred and George had explained their latest business plan to expand the shop to an entire chain, she had smiled, and had honestly been excited for them.  They had so many dreams for that shop.  Last year they'd been looking into buying out Zonko and this year they were traveling to the States and possibly eastern Europe to check out their competition and possibly buy out a few of the smaller joke shops.  They'd hired three new assistants to cover the shop while they were gone.  Margot had offered to help out with the shop, informing them that she knew as much or more about how to open and close the shop than anyone they'd hired, but Fred and George had smiled and shook their heads.  They didn't think she was old enough to look after an entire shop, it seemed.  Well, it was time for them to realize that she was thirteen years old now, not six.  She was just as capable as they were.  More, even.


The summer had been fun at first, until Molly, Lily, Julia, and Sirius had left for their summer camp for Aurors' children, while Leona had yet again gone to France to visit her relatives.  Now Margot was stuck at The Hideaway with little Evan and Andrea who still threw tantrums when they didn't get a toy at Diagon Alley.  Aunt Ginny was too busy caring for the two of them to worry about Margot, and Uncle Harry was at work most days.  The few times he'd been at the Hideaway while Margot was awake, he'd been wonderful, asking for suggestions on how to make the DA more interesting, and helping her with her summer schoolwork.  But other than those two or three times, Margot had hardly seen him.  He left for the Ministry early in the morning and came back late at night.  Though it had been over a decade since Voldemort's defeat, many of his followers remained uncaptured and just as dangerous as before Voldemort's death.


Over the past year, the newspapers had been full of reports of Death Eaters running all over London, Hogsmeade, even as far as Paris.  They were gathering followers, the papers said.  They spoke of a new leader, whose name no one really knew.  Some suspected that it was Bellatrix Lestrange who was trying to gather the Death Eaters together in yet another attempt to do what her master had wanted, while others insisted that Peter Pettigrew had yet again come to life.  Margot knew the later wasn't true; she'd heard the story of his death from Uncle Harry.


    †††††† While this latest explosion of attacks hadn't brought about as much fear as before, people seemed wary of travel.  Aunt Ginny had only been to Diagon Alley twice over the summer, and was constantly worrying about her children, wondering if the camp was a safe place for them.


    †††††† "Margot?"


†††††††††† At the sound of her name, Margot opened her eyes and looked over at the door.  Uncle Harry stood in the doorway, his figure dimly lit by morning light.  He was wearing his work robes, a smart set of emerald green robes that Aunt Ginny always said brought out the color of his eyes.


    †††††† "Morning, Uncle Harry," Margot yawned.  She shoved George's letter under her pillow and sat up.  "Aren't you late for work?"


    †††††† Uncle Harry shook his head.  "I got in later than usual last night, so I don't have to go in for another half hour.  I thought I'd ask you if you wanted to come and spend a day with me at work."


    †††††† Margot's heart beat rapidly.  Finally, something to do!  Spending the day with her uncle at the Auror office sounded fantastic.  Much more exciting than rereading Hogwarts, A History like she had planned.  She loved the book, but three times was enough for one summer. 


    †††††† "You don't have to come if you don't want to," Uncle Harry said.  "If you want to sleep, I understand.  But I just thought I'd-"


    †††††† "No, I want to go!" Margot exclaimed, swinging herself out of bed and hurrying over to the wardrobe.  "What should I wear?  Do I need to wear nice robes or can I just wear casual robes?  Do I need my wand?"


    †††††† Uncle Harry laughed.  "Casual robes should be fine," he said.  "Didn't you get new ones with Aunt Ginny at the beginning of the summer?  Those would probably work.  And you won't need your wand, but you can bring it.  Lierin was the one who suggested you come, and she mentioned teaching you a few spells.  Apparently she thinks I don't teach the right stuff at the DA meetings..."


    †††††† Margot grinned and began shuffling through the wardrobe for the new set of robes.  "I'll be ready in just a minute," she said.  She was fully awake and excited now.  Uncle Harry gave a smile before shutting her door to allow her to dress.  She changed into the robes as quickly as possible, and gathered her wand and a book just in case there was nothing exciting happening.  She was glad for the large pockets in the robes that allowed her to carry two, sometimes even three books without really showing it.  It was a decent set of robes, and she'd been happy when Aunt Ginny had bought them for her.  Fred and George were terrible at keeping up with her clothes.  George was right, though.  She had grown a lot lately.


    †††††† She supposed it had something to do with being thirteen.  Now that she was a teenager, lots of weird things were happening.  The second time she'd gone to Diagon Alley, she'd noticed a few boys her age hanging out by Quality Quidditch Supplies, and had been startled to feel her heart pound rapidly in her chest.  Why was she nervous at being around boys?  In the past year, she'd started to have that strange heart-pounding thing whenever she talked to Ophi.  It was unsettling, and she didn't like it one bit.  She hated sounding like a twit.


    †††††† Messing with her hair to make it stay up, Margot glanced in the mirror on the back of the door.  She looked halfway decent, she decided. 


    †††††† "Margot, are you ready?"  Uncle Harry tapped on the door quietly, and Margot glanced around the room one more time before opening the door and stepping out into the hallway. 


    †††††† "How are we getting there?" she asked her uncle. 


    †††††† Uncle Harry began walking toward the kitchen.  "Normally I Apparate, but since you're coming, we'll Floo."  He grinned at her as they entered the kitchen.  "How did you think we'd get there?"


    †††††† Margot shrugged.  "Sometimes Fred and George fly," she explained.


    †††††† "Well, the Ministry's underground," Harry reminded her.  He picked up the pot of Floo Powder from the top of the mantle and held it out to her.  "Go ahead."


    †††††† Taking a pinch of the powder, Margot stepped toward the large fireplace and tossed the powder in.  "Ministry of Magic!" she shouted as she stepped into the flames.  She closed her eyes as she felt herself being whisked away from The Hideaway.  She concentrated on keeping all her limbs together, hating long Floo voyages.  Within a moment, though, she stopped spinning as she fell onto the cold, wooden floor of the Atrium in the Ministry of Magic.  A moment later Uncle Harry appeared beside her.  He helped her up and out of the way just as a rather large wizard appeared behind them, wheezing and holding a grey handkerchief over his nose and mouth.


    †††††† "Ah, mornin' Potter," the wizard said, wiping his mouth and stowing the handkerchief in the pocket of his dust-colored robes.  "This one of your little ones?"


    †††††† Uncle Harry glanced at Margot.  "No, this is Margot Weasley, my niece.  She's spending the summer with us, and I thought I'd bring her in to show her around."


    †††††† The wheezing wizard squinted down at Margot.  "Ah, one of the Weasleys...she'll be one of Charlie's little ones, right?"


    †††††† Margot tried to hold back a laugh, while Uncle Harry grinned.  "No, she's Fred and George's.  Excuse me, Bartleby, but I have to get up to the office..."


    ††††††† Bartleby nodded and stepped aside.  "Of course, of course.  See you 'round, then, Potter."  He smiled at Margot before trotting off toward a large set of golden gates at the end of the hall.


    †††††† "You've been here before, haven't you?" Uncle Harry asked Margot as they headed toward the gates as well. 


    †††††† Margot nodded.  "Fred and George brought me here last summer.  They had to get some sort of permit to trade international goods...they left me with Grandpa."


    †††††† "I think I remember hearing about that," Uncle Harry said.  "Well, normally you'd need to get your wand scanned, but since you're with me it should be fine."  They passed the Security desk and Uncle Harry waved at a bored-looking young man who was busy tossing his wand in the air and watching the small fireworks explode from the end.


    †††††† "Dennis Creevey," Uncle Harry explained.  "I went to Hogwarts with him for a few years.  He was a first year when I was a fourth year." 


    †††††† They continued through the gates, following the morning crowd of wizards and witches, some of whom were carrying copies of the Daily Prophet or the Scroll under their arms, others with large mugs of coffee.  Several waved to Uncle Harry or made remarks, and he smiled and nodded back.  Soon they came to a small hall where a crowd was waiting in front of a number of lifts.  Margot and Uncle Harry joined the back of the line.  Margot glanced around, surprised that she recognized a few of the wizards and witches around them.  There was the short woman who always came to the shop on Monday afternoons to buy a joke for her son, and over there was the strange man who always laughed at the Muggle tricks. 


    †††††† "Come on, Margot," Uncle Harry said.  They had reached the front of the line, and Uncle Harry hurried forward to get into one of the lifts.  Margot followed him, and found herself squished in between a man with an oversized briefcase and a rather large woman.  Uncle Harry was barely visible in the corner, talking quietly with a squat woman with bright yellow hair.  Margot frowned and moved her head so she could see. 


"Wotcher, Margot," Tonks said, grinning and waving.  "Come to visit the Aurors?"


    †††††† Margot grinned and waved back.  "Hi, Tonks," she said.  "Why're you here?"  The large woman turned and frowned down at her, but didn't say anything.  Tonks laughed and rolled her eyes. 


    †††††† "Part time Auror," Tonks explained loudly.  "I couldn't stand just being at home all summer, so I begged Kingsley to let me back in for summers."


    †††††† "Level Seven," a female voice said above them.  Several people in front of Margot hurried off the lift before the doors clanged shut and the lift began to move once more.  Margot sighed and looked back at Tonks and Harry, wishing she weren't squished.


    †††††† "Level Six," the voice said once more.  The man with the oversized briefcase rushed off the lift and out of sight.  Thankful to be able to move, Margot squeezed past a wizard with a rather long grey beard to where Tonks and Harry stood.


    †††††† "What level do we get off at?" Margot asked Uncle Harry. 


"Two," Tonks told her with a sigh.  "Damn lifts won't go any faster.  Harry, you said you'd ask about Apparating up to the floor, didn't you?  What'd they say?"


    †††††† Uncle Harry sighed and shook his head.  "They said it'd be too much Apparating and Disapparating, that the building wouldn't be able to handle it."


    †††††† "Load of rubbish if you ask me," Tonks snorted.  "They just donít want all the popping noises.† So why're you coming in so late today?  I thought Kingsley let you off early last night after the whole thing with Slovish."


    †††††† "I let Dawlish handle Slovish," Uncle Harry told her.  "Kingsley had me go and do something else."  He raised his eyebrows as if to suggest they shouldn't talk about it there, and Tonks nodded in understanding.  Margot watched the two of them with interest. 


    †††††† "Level two," the female voice said.  Margot looked around and realized they were the only ones left on the lift. 


    †††††† "This is us," Uncle Harry told Margot.  The three walked out of the lift and into a long corridor with many doors on either side.  Harry and Tonks continued talking in low voices, and Margot followed them as they turned the corner. 


    †††††† Margot had never visited the Auror Headquarters, but she had heard several stories about it from Uncle Harry and Tonks.  Perhaps this was why she wasn't terribly surprised to find that the Auror Headquarters were not as strict and organized as the rest of the Ministry, but rather full of laughter and liveliness.  Margot giggled as a paper airplane zoomed toward Uncle Harry's face.  He reached up and grabbed the thing out of the air, while Tonks joined Margot in laughing. 


    †††††† "Damnit.  I knew I shouldn't have gone against him with Krum," Uncle Harry muttered, crumpling the paper up and shoving it into the pocket of his robes.  "Come on, Margot.  Tonks, I'll see you around later, I'm sure."


    †††††† Tonks nodded, and walked away, grinning and whistling loudly.  Margot frowned at Uncle Harry.


    †††††† "What did the note say?" she asked.  But he shook his head and didn't reply as they walked through the cubicles.  Many of the wizards and witches called out to Uncle Harry.  Margot recognized a few, but couldn't remember their names. 


    †††††† "There you are!"  A young woman with blonde hair hurried over to Uncle Harry, brandishing a stack of papers.  "I've been looking for you all over, Potter.  You said you'd be in an hour ago!  I've been working on the Lestrange case all by myself."  She frowned down at Margot.  "Who's this?"


Uncle Harry smiled at the young woman.  "Margot, this is Lierin Holly.  I've told you about her befeore, I think.  Lierin, this is my niece, Margot."


    †††††† Margot looked at the short woman with interest.  Rather than wearing the typical work robes that her aunts chose to wear, Lierin was dressed in a lovely flowing set of crimson robes.  At first glance, they seemed like they would be quite impractical for an Auror, but when Margot looked at the robes carefully, she noticed several pockets carefully sewn into bits of the robes.  The sleeves, it seemed, could be pinned back and out of the way, while the bottom of the robes just hit the floor, so that when she moved, Margot could see her feet. 


    †††††† Lierin grinned at Margot.  "So you decided to come and see how the Aurors work?" she asked.  "You chose a hectic day..." Her eyes shifted over Margot's head and up at Uncle Harry.  "Dawlish's been in and out of here with orders all day, Potter.  We've had at least a dozen sightings of Death Eaters in the past three hours, two near-deaths where the victim Apparated just in time, and one actual death."


    ††† Uncle Harry pulled a notebook from his pocket and began scribbling.  "Who's been sighted?" he asked.


    ††† "I've got it all here," Lierin said, shoving the stack of papers into Uncle Harry's arms.  "Dawlish said he wants you in his office as soon as you get here...he said something about Bellatrix.  I'd go if I were you, he's in a bit of a mood today, if you know what I mean."


    ††† Uncle Harry began hurrying away, balancing the stack of papers in his two hands, while Margot looked after him, wondering what she was supposed to do.  Next to her, Lierin was fishing in her robes for something.  Margot watched, curious, as she finally pulled out a small black bag. 


    ††† "Aha!" she exclaimed loudly.  "Found it!" 


A passing Auror laughed, and she looked up at him and glared.


    ††† "Quiet, you," she said.  "Come on, Margot.  I need to do a reading, and it looks like you're stuck here for a while.  I don't think you want to be in Dawlish's office with your uncle."  She laughed, then picked up her skirts and began walking away.  Margot hurried to catch up with her, curious.


    ††† "A reading?" Margot asked.  "What sort of reading?"  She vaguely remembered Uncle Harry mentioning that his partner was a Seer, but she didn't remember him saying what sort of Seer.  After hearing her uncles' stories of Divination lessons, she'd opted not to take the subject this year.  Pepita, Lex, and Ophi had decided to take it, though.  The three refused to be swayed, no matter how many times Margot had insisted that it was a worthless subject.  Well, it was their own wasted period, Margot thought as she followed Lierin through the maze of cubicles.  She would rather spend the time in Arithmancy or Care of Magical Creatures. 


    ††† In front of her, Lierin came to a stop at one of the cubicles.  The makeshift office was split into two parts.  The side which was obviously Uncle Harry's was covered with smiling, waving pictures of Weasleys, as well as a large poster of two Quidditch teams in the middle of a rather fascinating match.  Margot watched for a minute as one of the Beaters hit a Bludger toward the other team's Keeper, allowing their Chaser to score.  She finally tore her eyes away at the sound of books falling to the ground.


    ††† Lierin cursed loudly and stooped to pick up the stack of books that were now scattered around the cramped cubicle.  "I thought I told Potter to put these away," she muttered.  Margot kneeled to help her pile the books in the corner. 


    ††† "Thanks," Lierin said.  She stood and smoothed her skirts.  "Now...the reading."  She frowned and turned toward her desk.  "Where'd I put that teacup?"


    ††† "Is that it?" Margot asked, pointing to a dark blue teacup with a dark stain in the bottom and a small crack in the handle that was sitting on the yet another stack of books. 


    ††† "There it is, the silly thing," Lierin remarked, swooping down and picking the teacup up.  "You can sit down if you want..."  She motioned toward the chair on Uncle Harry's side of the cubicle, while pulling out her own chair, which was draped in various fabrics.  As Margot sat, she noticed that most of Lierin's side of the cubicle was draped in fabrics, from rich velvets to plain white cottons.  A few pieces of lace were strung here and there, while several needles were shoved into a mouse-shaped pincushion that sat near the teacup. 


    ††† "Do you sew?" Margot asked, though it seemed like a silly question. 


    ††† Lierin pushed some of the fabrics off out of the way and set the teacup in front of her.  "I make all my robes," she explained as she tipped a small portion of the contents of the black bag into the teacup.  "I worked for Madam Malkin in Diagon Alley for three summers, and then a year after Hogwarts before deciding to be an Auror."  She pulled her wand out of the sash around her waist and pointed it the cup.  She muttered something inaudible, and steaming water poured from her wand into the cup. 


    ††† "Are you interested in being an Auror?" she asked, swilling the cup several times.


    ††† Margot shrugged.  "I'm just a third year," she replied.  She watched as Lierin turned the teacup upside down on its saucer. 


    ††† "Your uncle mentioned that," Lierin said.  "What subjects are you planning to take?"


    ††† Margot frowned, trying to remember.  "All the old ones," she began, "plus Care of Magical Creatures, Arithmancy, and Muggle Studies."


    ††† "Not Divination?" Lierin said, a small smile on her face.  She lifted the cup off the saucer and leaned over to peer at the dregs that had gathered there.  Margot was silent, watching curiously.  She'd thought that all Seers were as strange as Uncle Harry's Professor Trelawney, but this Lierin seemed almost normal. 


    ††† "Damn."  Lierin reached up and grabbed a rather thick book from her bookshelf and began riffling through it frantically.  "Damn if that means what I think it does..."  She was silent as she flipped pages.  Finally stopping at one, she leaned down and began cursing once more.


    ††† "Holly, we've got a loose Lestrange," a familiar voice said.  Both Margot and Lierin looked up as Uncle Harry walked into the cubicle.  "We've got to go, now."


    ††††† Lierin pursed her lips and looked down at the dregs, then the teacup.  Margot watched her face, wondering what was in the teacup that was so bad. 


    ††† "I knew it," Lierin whispered.  She set the book on her desk and grabbed her wand.  "I'm assuming we're Appararing, Potter?"  Her voice was brisk, but Margot could hear a bit of fear in it.  Looking at her wand hand, Margot saw that it trembled slightly. 


    ††† Uncle Harry looked over at Margot.  "You stay here, Margot," he said.  "We shouldn't be long, if Dawlish sends for the Obliviators like he promised." 


    ††† Margot nodded.  "I'll stay here, Uncle Harry," she said.  She wanted to go with them, but knew she wouldn't be allowed.  She'd already had one meeting with Bellatrix Lestrange, and it wasn't an experience she cared to repeat. 


    ††† The two hurried away, leaving Margot sitting in her uncle's chair.  She sighed, wondering what she was supposed to do until they got back.  She glanced over at the dregs, wondering what they said.  She had no idea how to read tea leaves, though she and her cousins had played at it when they were younger, yelling "Grim!" every three seconds until they all fell giggling to the ground.  But the book was there, and it was wide open to the page Lierin had been looking at...


    ††† She leaned over in her chair and looked at the page.  It seemed to be a rune dictionary, like the one she'd seen the older students using for class.  She recognized a few of the runes; Aunt Hermione had the one for hope engraved over the door of her office.  Most of the others on the page were unfamiliar.  Still curious, she looked down at the meanings of the various runes: madness, family, and love...but none of those seemed to fit with Lierin's reaction.  She shook her head and moved to put the book aside when a word caught her eyes. 


    ††† Danger.




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