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Author: Poppy P (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: For Harry, Dumbledore and George Weasley's Ear  Chapter: Chapter 2
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Chapter 2

For Harry, Dumbledore and George Weasley’s Ear

By Poppy P


A/N:  Thank you for the reviews on Ch 1.  Each and every one of them was appreciated.  I have revised Ch 1 and the new version should be up now.  There were quite a few mistakes that Zsenya so helpfully caught so I corrected them.  A big thanks to Zsenya for the beta and Hallie for the Brit pick.  Again, this story is inspired by “The Breakfast Club”.  Apologies if you find some of the characters a little OoC.  Maybe I should’ve called it a Harry Potter parody of “The Breakfast Club”.  There will be one more chapter.  Anyway, here it is.  Hope you enjoy it and please review.



Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or “The Breakfast Club”. 


Chapter 2


Ginny was the last one to walk into the dungeon on Saturday.  Even though Snape no longer taught there, the rooms still retained something of his personality; they were freezing and gloomy. 

            “Miss Weasley,” said Snape the moment she walked in, “it is precisely one minute after eight.  I thought I made myself perfectly clear when I told you to be here in a punctual manner.”

            “Sorry, Professor,” said Ginny, “I was so sure I would be here ear-ly.”

            “Sit down,” commanded Snape, his face impassive, although it looked a bit more sallow than usual.  He chose to ignore Ginny’s smirk as she sat down at a table behind Seamus and Neville.  “You will be writing an essay on what wizarding pride means to you.  It will be two rolls of parchment long and it is due at five o’clock this evening.”  His dark, glittering eyes looked around at them, “Any questions?”

            Nobody made a sound although Ernie shook his head.

            Snape gestured towards the door.  “I will be right outside this door in Professor Carrow’s office, sorting through some documents.”  He pointed at the front of the room where the door was propped open.  “If I hear any noise coming from this room, I will be here immediately and the consequences will be dire.”  He turned to go, his robes whipping behind him. 

            Suddenly, Ginny put her hand up in the air.  “Professor Snape?”

            Snape turned around very slowly.  “Yes, Weasley?” he said through gritted teeth. 

            “You seem a little ear-ritable.  Have you ever thought of adding colour to your wardrobe?  It might help.”

            A large vein on Snape’s temple began to throb.  “Miss Weasley, I will let you contemplate my wardrobe again next Saturday when you serve a second detention.”  He spared Ginny one last disdainful look before he spun on his heel and left the room. 

            There was a collective sigh of relief.

            “Ginny,” said Neville in a low voice, “maybe you shouldn’t antagonize him like that.”

            “Oh really,” snorted Ginny, “What’s he going to do?  Expel me?  I doubt it.  Don’t you know magical education is compulsory for all witches and wizards in Britain now?”

            “Not all wizards,” said Seamus quietly.  “They sent an owl to Dean telling him that he couldn’t come back to Hogwarts unless he could prove his ancestry was pure.”

            “What is he going to do?” asked Luna.

            “I got the impression he was going to make a run for it,” said Seamus, his voice quieter still.

            All five of them were silent for a few minutes, letting Seamus’ news sink in.  The silence was finally broken by Ernie.  “Do you think we should get started on our essays?”

            “I’m not writing his stupid essay,” said Ginny defiantly. 

            “I think we should try and knock something together,” said Neville.  “I’ve a Herbology club meeting next Saturday and I don’t want to miss it.”

            “Herbology club?” said Ginny derisively.  “Who cares about Herbology when our school is being run by Death Eaters?”

            Neville was stung.  Ginny had always been kind to him in the past.  “Herbology is very important,” he said weakly. 

            “Ooh, what are you going to do?  Stun a Death Eater by throwing a daisy at them?” said Ginny with a sneer.

            “Forget about her, Neville,” said Seamus.  “She’s just cranky because lover boy Potter’s not here.”

            “Shut up!” screeched Ginny, spots of colour bright on her cheeks.

            “Shush!” warned Luna, as they heard quick steps outside the door.

            Snape ran in, long, greasy hair askew.  “I heard noise!” he shouted.

            “What noise?” asked Ginny, all wide-eyed innocence. 

            “Can you describe the noise, Sir?” asked Seamus, following Ginny’s lead.

            “No, I cannot describe the noise,” said Snape, angrily.  “It was just a noise!”

            “Was it a noise like this?” asked Luna, tilting back her head and uttering a long, undulating cry.  “Because if it was, you just might have heard the mating call of the Blibbering Humdinger.”

            “No,” said Snape coldly, “that wasn’t the noise, you idiot girl.  It was a noise like talking, which I specifically forbade you to do!”  He glared at each one of them in turn.  “If I hear another sound from this room, I’m going to gag each and every one of you.”

            “Professor,” said Ginny promptly, “I don’t think gagging children is a good idea.  What if we were in danger and had to call out to you?  Gagging children seems a bit ear-responsible to me.” 

            The vein in Snape’s temple was throbbing harder than ever.  “That, Miss Weasley is another detention,” he said in a soft, but deadly voice. 

            “So?” said Ginny, rebelliously. 

            “Would you like another one?” asked Snape, flecks of spit flying out of his mouth. 

            “Yes,” said Ginny, resolutely.

            “Good,” countered Snape, “that’s another one.”

            “Brilliant,” said Ginny brightly.  “I’m ear-ger for it.” 

            “Are you done?” asked Snape, shaking with suppressed rage.

            “Not.  Even.  Close.”

            “That’s another Saturday, Miss Weasley.”

            “Do you really think I give a rat’s ear?”

            “Another one!” shouted Snape, all decorum forgotten.

            “How many is that?” asked Ginny, a smirk on her freckled face.

            “That’s six!” said Snape with vindictive triumph.

            “Excuse me, Sir,” said Ernie, “But that’s only five.”

            Snape turned his dark gaze on Ernie, who paled, but persisted.  “You just gave her four, plus the one where she said that your wardrobe makes ear-I mean irritable.  That makes five.”

            “Shut up, Macmillan!” said Snape, his voice returning to its normal, measured tone.  He turned back to Ginny.  “You’re mine, Weasley, for the next six Saturdays, so don’t even think about Quidditch.”

            “I look forward to it,” said Ginny, barely containing her mirth.  “Quidditch is ear-relevant in the current political climate.”

            “Cut it out!” said Seamus, alarmed as he took in Snape’s furious visage. 

            Snape clinched and unclenched his fists.  He finally tore his gaze away from Ginny and turned to address the whole group.  “I expect your essay at 5 p.m. exactly.”  With that he swept off, his black robes trailing behind him. 

            Ginny barely waited for him to leave before she burst into giggles.  “What an arse!”

            The others exchanged worried glances.  “Ginny,” said Seamus, tentatively, “you really need to tone it down.  I thought he was going to throttle you.”

            “You’re such a wimp, Finnegan,” said Ginny nastily.  “No wonder Lavender dumped you for my brother last year.”

            Seamus blushed.  “Do you know how popular I am at this school?  Witches are queuing up to go out with me.”

            This broke the tension and set everyone chuckling, much to Seamus’ chagrin.  Then Luna whispered, “Ginny, has a Wrackspurt affected your mind?  What other reason could you have for teasing Snape?”

            “You mean besides the obvious?” asked Neville, “That he’s a murderer?”

            Ginny glanced at the door, then back at the others who had clustered around her.  “George was on a…a…mission for the Order,” she began in a whisper.  “It was really dangerous.”

            “Did it have something to do with Harry?” asked Luna, showing her usual uncanny perceptiveness.

            Ginny nodded slowly.  “Anyway, they were ambushed by Death Eaters.  Snape was one of them.  He cursed my brother’s ear off with Dark Magic.”  Ernie gasped.  “Mum couldn’t grow it back,” said Ginny dejectedly. 

            “Are you serious?” asked Seamus incredulously.

            “Did I stutter?” asked Ginny coldly.

            “That’s just sick,” said Neville, shaking his head.

            “Poor George,” said Luna sadly.

            “At least people can tell them apart now, right?” said Ernie brightly.

            “Oh that’s very sensitive, Macmillan.” said Ginny sarcastically.  She threw a stealthy glance the door again.  “Look, do you lot agree with what’s going on at this school?  With our world?”

            “Of course not,” said Neville promptly.  “Why do you think we’re in here?”

            “When Snape had you hauled off at the welcoming feast, we all protested,” said Ernie.

            “My best mate,” said Seamus quietly, “is out there somewhere, being denied an education because of his heritage.  That’s not right.”

            “Don’t forget, we’ve always supported Harry,” said Luna simply.  “We were all members of the D.A.”

            “That’s it!” exclaimed Ginny, “We need to revive the D.A.”

            “Ssshhh!” said Neville, indicating the door.

            “Let’s do something about that then,” said Ginny doggedly, taking aim at the door with her wand.

            “What are you doing?” hissed Ernie as the screws from the hinges flew off the door and into Ginny’s outstretched hand.  The thunderous slam of the door was immediately followed by the sound of Snape approaching the room.  Ginny panicked, grabbed Ernie’s trousers and shoved her wand down the front of them.  They barely had time to return to their seats before Snape burst in the door panting with rage.

            “Who closed that door?” he demanded, looking around at all of them. 

            “It closed by itself, Sir,” said Seamus promptly.

            “Doors don’t close by themselves,” said Snape, eyes narrowed.

            “I think the screws must have fallen out, Professor,” said Ernie helpfully. 

            “That’s impossible,” said Snape.

            “It’s an imperfect world, Sir,” said Luna practically.  “Screws fall out all the time.”

            “Not at Hogwarts they don’t.”

            “Don’t you think you’re being a little bit ear-rational, Professor?” asked Ginny, unable to keep an impish grin off her face.

            Snape spun around and pointed his wand at the door.  He muttered an incantation to keep it propped open.  However, without the screws, the door just slammed shut again.  Undeterred, Snape walked out of the room and attempted the incantation from the other side only to have the door slam shut once again.  The last thing they saw before it closed was Snape’s face livid with rage.

            “Damn it!”

            All of the students laughed out loud at Snape’s predicament.  However, the moment he stomped back into the room they fell silent immediately. 

            “You!” said Snape, pointing an accusing finger at Ginny.  “You had something to do with this, Weasley.  Give me your wand.”

            “I can’t, Sir,” said Ginny, deadpanned, “it’s in Macmillan’s pants.”  Ernie uttered an incoherent squeak.  Neville snorted.  Seamus quickly turned his burst of laughter into a hacking cough.  Luna was shaking with suppressed mirth.

            “Come with me,” said Snape coldly, crooking his finger at Ginny. 

            For the first time, Ginny felt a stab of fear.  Reluctantly she made to stand up, but before she could get to her feet, Professor McGonagall walked in. 

            Snape rounded on her.  “Why are you here?” he asked abruptly. 

            “It’s lunch time, Severus.”  She indicated a platter in her hands.  “I assume you don’t want these students in the Great Hall, so I brought lunch to them.”

            “These students are being punished,” said Snape, resuming his normal, frosty tone.

            “I understand that, Headmaster,” said Professor McGonagall doggedly.  “However, that is no reason for you to starve them.  Albus never advocated cruelty to the students.”

            At the mention of Dumbledore’s name Snape’s left eye began twitching.  “Fine,” he said grudgingly.  “You may leave the tray and go.”

            Professor McGonagall did so slowly, her gaze lingering on the students as though searching for any signs of mistreatment. 

            When she finally left, Snape turned back to the students.  “You will eat and return to your essay.”  Apparently he had decided to leave Ginny with them because he turned to go.

            “Excuse me, Sir,” said Neville, raising his hand.  “Will pumpkin juice be made available to us?”

            “We’re extremely thirsty,” said Luna quickly.

            “I have a low tolerance for dehydration,” said Seamus with a grave expression.

            “I’ve seen him dehydrate, Sir,” said Neville shaking his head sadly.  “It’s pretty disgusting.”

            “It’s very important to keep our bodies ear-rigated,” added Ginny.

            “Fine!  Fine!” spat Snape pointing his wand next to the desk where Professor McGonagall had set down her platter.  An old, dirty looking flagon materialized, surrounded by five rusty looking cups.  “Finish your meal and return to the task of your essay.”  He turned to go, but looked back at them one last time.  “Any more funny business from you lot and I will turn you over to the Professors Carrow for further punishment.  You have been warned.”

            When he’d left, the group looked at each other gravely.  Having already spent a week of lessons with them, nobody wanted to be at the tender mercies of the Carrows.  Luna was the first to reach for a sandwich from McGonagall’s tray.  “I guess we’d better take a look at this essay then,” she said thickly, mouth full of food.

            “Fine,” said Ginny, “but what about the D.A.?”

            Ernie chewed quickly.  “What can we do about the D.A. with Harry gone?”

            “Where is Harry anyway?” asked Seamus. 

            “Well he couldn’t very well come back to school with a thousand galleon price on his head, could he?” said Neville thoughtfully.

            “He never really told me,” said Ginny, “but I think Dumbledore left him a mission.”

            “Obviously something to do with You-Know-Who,” said Ernie wisely.  “I mean, there must be something to all of that ‘Chosen One’ business.”

            Ginny, looking miserable, agreed.  “You’re probably right Ernie, but again, he never told me.”

            Luna patted her hand consolingly.  “I’m sure he didn’t mean to leave you in the dark.  Harry was probably just trying to protect you.”

            Ginny nodded despondently, her half eaten sandwich dangling from her hand.

            “Wherever Harry is,” said Neville bracingly, “we can still support him while we’re here.”

            “How?” asked Seamus, curious.

            “We can keep up Dumbledore’s Army,” said Neville, eyes alight with fervour. 

            “And,” added Luna, “We can make things as difficult as possible on the new Headmaster.”

            Ginny beamed at them.  “You’d really do that?”

            “Of course,” said Neville.  “Besides, we have to be ready for when they come back.”

            “Who?” asked Seamus.

            “Harry, Ron and Hermione, of course,” said Neville.

            “How do you know they’ll be back?” asked Ernie.

            “They know what Snape is,” said Neville.  “They wouldn’t leave Hogwarts in his hands.” 

            Seamus nodded slowly, a grin spreading across his face.  “They’ll be back,” he said with a new confidence. 

            “In the mean time, we’ll prepare ourselves for a fight,” said Luna serenely. 

            Ernie nodded, eyes grave, but determined.  “For Dumbledore.”

            “And Harry,” added Neville.

            “And Dean,” said Seamus.

            “And George’s ear,” said Ginny, smiling around at them.  Suddenly she gasped.  “Oh!  I’ve thought of something; Snape’s essay.”

            “I thought you weren’t going to do it,” said Seamus, bemused.

            “I think we should write one collective essay,” said Ginny pensively.  “And I think we should write it in a way that will show Snape that we’re not going to take his regime lying down.”

            “Let’s get started then,” said Ernie, unrolling a sheet of parchment and taking up his quill.  “Er, Ginny,” he added as an afterthought, “would you like your wand back now?”




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