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Author: Doctor Aicha (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: Seeing Victoire, Seeing Teddy  Chapter: Big Head Boy
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Seeing Victoire, Seeing Teddy

Seeing Victoire, Seeing Teddy

By Doctor Aicha


Disclaimer: I do not own these characters or this world. It’s all J.K. Rowling’s, except the bits she’s sold to Warner Bros.


A/N: Special thanks to those who have reviewed the story and encouraged me. Even more special thanks go Zsenya for her mad beta skilz. Thanks ladies!




Chapter Two: Big Head Boy


Gran was bustling around in the kitchen with Granny Weasley, and both of them had ordered him out of their domain. Granddad Weasley was listening to the wireless in the sitting room, and Teddy thought he’d just go along and see what was on.


“There’s the Head Boy!” said Granddad Weasley as he entered. “Congratulations, by the way,” he added, with a big grin. I expect they’ve put you out of the kitchen, have they?”


“Yep, but I happen to know that roast beef and cream potatoes are on the menu,” Teddy said.


“Bill and Fleur will be along with the girls in a little bit.”


“Yeah, I expect Victoire’s more French than ever?” Teddy half-asked.


Arthur just laughed. “Maybe. I suppose you’d better get out from in front of the fireplace, or you’re likely to get bowled over.”


Arthur was right. As soon as Teddy was out of the way and ensconced in his Granddad’s favorite chair, a red-headed figure emerged from the fire. It wasn’t Bill, though; it was Freddie Weasley. He was followed by his sister, Glory, and their parents, George and Alicia Weasley. A knock at the door heralded the entrance of Charlie and his Romanian wife, Daciana. Teddy liked Daciana. She was really a stunner, and that didn’t hurt, but she was also a dragon handler and a werewolf. Durmstrang always started earlier than Hogwarts, and their three children, Madalina, Lenuta, and Nicolae were already at school.


“So, Teddy,” Freddie said. “Head Boy, eh?”


Teddy grinned. “Yep. Just wait, it’ll be you in your day.”


“Oh no, not me,” Freddie said. “Dad would never forgive me. And I won’t let you forget how you’ve let the whole family down.”


“Shut it, Freddie,” said his sister. “Fourth years,” she said, injecting the words with such disdain that Teddy burst out laughing. “You’ll be there next year, don’t forget,” he said, ruffling her brown hair. She shook his hand off, and raced into the hall. Teddy thought she was most likely heading to the kitchen to hug her Granny, and see whether she couldn’t nick some pasties. Glory was always hungry.


Charlie shook Teddy’s hand, while his lovely wife kissed both of Teddy’s cheeks. Teddy blushed just a bit, and George laughed.


The lot of them moved out into the garden, then, which was decorated all around with fairy lights. Teddy had conjured two tables and Gran had set them with scarlet and gold place settings. A faint pop told Teddy that someone else had arrived, and it turned out to be Percy, and his wife Penelope, who was so pregnant Teddy thought she might be hiding several Quaffles under her voluminous robes.


Harry, Aunt Ginny, and the children entered the garden while Teddy was awkwardly hugging Aunt Pen, and Lily ran to Teddy, who tossed her into the air like she was still three, despite her seven years. Her red hair flew and she shrieked with laughter. Ron and Hermione followed with Rose and Hugo, and Teddy half wished he could join in the impromptu game of chase occasioned by Charlie chasing the children around the back garden.


“We are so sorry we are late,” Aunt Fleur called as she entered the garden, bearing a covered casserole dish. Bill was more or less herding his two blonde daughters between Gran’s rose bushes. Victoire was the eldest, and a sixth year, and Giselle was in her second year. Bill and Fleur were the last of the guests to arrive.


Most of the family brought gifts, which they’d piled on a small garden table near the back door, and Victoire was carrying a large box decorated in red and gold. It wouldn’t fit on the table, so Victoire put it end-up on the ground nearby.


Teddy was accepting renewed congratulations from Harry when he caught site of Victoire turning away from the gift table. Teddy felt like a Bludger had hit him in his stomach, and simultaneously the Gryffindor lion seemed to be roaring from somewhere in his stomach. Teddy stood as if stunned, and Harry turned to look over his shoulder to see what had so caught his godson’s attention. When he noticed his niece coming in their direction, he turned quickly back to Teddy, catching sight of the boy giving his head a shake and making a sudden motion.


Teddy’s brain seemed to suddenly awaken. Victoire was trying to Veela him again! Only this time, why was it working? It never had before!


As she approached, Teddy squelched the thought, and she hugged him quickly before turning to her uncle. He hugged her, said, “Prettier than ever, Victoire,” and turned her loose. “I’m going to find your aunt Ginny,” he said, heading toward the house.


Teddy smiled at Victoire. “Glad to be back in England?”


“Of course!” she said. “I missed everyone so much, and Maman and Papa have been great since I got back. Giselle is still a pill, though. Maman says you’re Head Boy, then?”


“Yeah.” Teddy grinned. “So now you have to take orders from me.”


Victoire snorted and raised an eyebrow. “I hardly think so. I never have, and I won’t start now.”


“Then I’ll take points away from-”


“From your own house?” Victoire sniffed this time, looking her disapproval.


“Well, maybe not,” Teddy conceded. “I’ll just turn you in for detentions.”


“If you do, I’ll hex you into Hogsmeade next time you’re on the Quidditch pitch,” she warned, and Teddy suddenly remembered that maybe baiting Victoire wasn’t the smartest of ideas.


He retreated. “Okay, then. I was just kidding.”


Just then, Gran and Granny Weasley came through the open back door, followed by Harry and Aunt Ginny. All of them were floating dishes of gorgeous food through the garden. When the roast and side dishes reached the table, Bill waved a wand and dishes materialized. Laughing and jostling, everyone took a seat. The smaller children sat at one end, and Teddy and Victoire, as well as Glory, sat with the adults. Freddie sat with the smaller children, who begged him to set of Fizzing Whizbees and some of the latest Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes products during dinner.


For the most part, the meal was a loud, raucous affair, since there were so many people that after the first few minutes, someone was always talking while someone else was eating. Teddy’s Gran’s Yorkshire pudding was his favorite, and he was glad there was loads. When everyone was fairly sated, Granny Weasley floated a huge cake into the garden from the kitchen. It was shaped and colored like his Head Boy badge, and Teddy was the first to applaud the efforts. When he stood for the ovation, the cake suddenly changed. Instead of saying “Head Boy”, the words were moving themselves aside. More letters were forming until-


“Big Head Boy!” Percy yelped, his ears going faintly red. Aunt Pen winced, a hand moving to grip her stomach and staying there, rubbing small circles.


“George!” Granny Weasley said, and everyone laughed. Victoire was fairly rolling. Even Harry was grinning at Teddy.


Teddy didn’t laugh. He tried for a smile, though, and the cake’s letters changed themselves around. Soon, cake slices were zooming up and down the table, and as soon as Teddy was done with his, he excused himself to go up to the bathroom.


He came downstairs and turned to go down the hall. When he was nearly to the kitchen, he stopped. Someone had said his name.


“I’m just saying that I think Teddy’s got the point. That’s all,” Harry’s voice carried into the hall.


Teddy heard Hermione’s laugh, and a protesting noise from Ron, who added, “Hey, I got the point before I was seventeen!”


Teddy felt his ears go red, wondering exactly what they were talking about. Ginny said, “I have to admit, she’s a gorgeous girl. She’s only had a crush on him since she was about 11,” Ginny added.


Harry’s rumbling laugh reached Teddy’s ears, Harry added, “Victoire, at least, has never let Teddy catch her snogging someone else.”


Teddy didn’t know how he made himself shut the hall bathroom door behind him, but he did. His ears burned. He didn’t fancy Victoire, he didn’t. She’d laughed at him! They were wrong, they didn’t know-


A vision came unbidden to his mind. The Quidditch changing rooms were deserted; Victoire, her blond hair free of its braid, her robes falling off her shoulders, her eyes locked with his, not laughing now. She was walking toward him. She-


Teddy turned on the water in the sink and splashed it across his face. Angrily, he slammed closed the drawer that contained the hand towels and jerked open the door. When he came into the kitchen, Harry and Ron were floating plates in from the outside and Ginny was washing dishes. Hermione was magicking the leftover food into plastic containers. None of them spoke to Teddy, and he was glad.

Teddy vaguely registered Freddie’s request to show off his Patronus, and he declined on the basis that he was too tired. The party was going on around him. In the darkness, Teddy noted a bit of a sour look on Aunt Pen’s face. “Aunt Pen, are you alright?” Teddy asked.


“I think so, Teddy. I’m just having a bit of indigestion,” she said, smiling up at him and rubbing her stomach.


Just then, Victoire disengaged herself from Glory and cornered Teddy. At least, he felt cornered. “Have you heard from Wolf or Paul lately?”


“Er, no, not very lately. You?”


“Not really. France is so far for owls that I really didn’t send many this summer. At least, not to non-family, and, well Bets.”


She paused. He didn’t really know what to say, and cast around for something, anything. “Er, so, the robes you got in, what is it, Ruefully? Are they nice?”


“Rue Foulit,” Victoire corrected. “Yeah. Teddy, are you ok? You’re acting really strangely.”


“Strangely? Me? No, I’m not,” he asserted. He also decided that now was not the time to tell her everyone had gone mental.


“Yes, you are. You’ve been acting weird all evening. You’re just not acting normally.”


“Yes, I am. You just haven’t seen me all summer. What do you know?”


“I’ve only known you my whole life, Teddy,” she said, her lips getting tight and a dangerous glint in her eye. “If you don’t want to tell me what’s going on, then don’t. But don’t lie to me. I won’t have it.”


She turned and stalked off, leaving Teddy to run a hand through his now brown hair, blow a long breath, and wonder what in the world was going on. He felt really angry. He wasn’t sure why.


But he didn’t fancy Victoire.


“Mum!” Percy’s voice broke his reverie. “Mum! Penelope’s in pain! Mum!”


Granny Weasley rushed past Teddy toward her daughter-in-law, who was still seated on the garden settee. She was breathing hard, and after a whispered conversation with Aunt Pen, turned to everyone.


They were all looking expectantly at her, as her faces broke into a grin. “The baby’s coming a little early, Percy,” she said, as much to the whole group as to her son.


Concerned murmurs, happy squeaks and squeals, and the sound of children being ushered out dominated the moment. Harry grasped Teddy’s hand and told him he’d see him on the platform, and then he Floo’d home with the children so Ginny could go to the hospital with her brother. Bill called out that he’d meet everyone at the hospital with Pen’s bag, and he was gone - Apparated to Percy’s house, Teddy thought.


Most of the family went to the hospital with Pen and Percy, excepting the smaller children, Harry, and Hermione. Everyone else was there, even Freddie and Glory. Teddy sat near Victoire, but not too near, but she’d got up to get coffee for her Mum. When she returned she sat in another area altogether, and Teddy couldn’t think of any reason to move, so he kept his seat.


Teddy had never seen Percy looking so nervous. He’d brought Pen to St. Mungo’s by side-along Apparation, although many of the family had arrived via the Floo network. In a comparatively short time, Teddy was assured (though it had seemed a very long time to him), Percy was back with them in the waiting area, taking his mother’s hand and called excitedly to everyone, “It’s a boy! I’ve got a son!”


Congratulations were passed around. Teddy caught Victoire’s eye and smiled, but she turned away with a narrowed look. Still angry, then.


“What’s the little tyke’s name, Perce?” asked Granddad Weasley.


“Er, well,” Percy began, rubbing a hand across the back of his neck. “Penny thinks William, after Bill, since we’d never have got together again if it weren’t for him,” he said, with a slightly embarrassed look on his reddened face. “William Sebastian Weasley. After Bill and Penny’s dad.”


Bill was grinning in approval at Percy, who smiled widely and asked, “You’ll be godfather, right? Penny wants her cousin for godmother.”


Bill slapped Percy on the back, and agreed. Teddy smiled at Gran, who nodded, and they made their excuses to the family. Victoire was hustling her sister towards the Floo point, and seemed to purposefully not look in Teddy’s direction.


Should’ve apologized, he thought later, though he wasn’t really sure what he would have been apologizing for. At any rate, the school train left in three days, and he could make it up with Victoire then.



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