The Sugar Quill
Author: Helen Vader  Story: Trapped  Chapter: Default
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I think I've heard it in a dream:
The wind that sounded like a scream
The thundering waves of woe that sped
Towards the shapeless shore of dread

A gloomy fortress there would rise
Encircled by a sea of sighs
A slope of steps, a wall of hate
A hell behind a heavy gate

A tangled web of corridors
Embroidered by a thousand doors
A thousand locks without a key
A thousand shrieks of agony

The ghastly guardians of the place
Would clasp you in their cold embrace
To feed upon your deepest fears
And drink the torrent of your tears

My soul was smashed to smithereens
Inside this swirl of sordid scenes
I felt a foul, decaying breath
And heard the rattling voice of death

No will to wake was left in me
I knew too well I couldn't flee
For there's no way you ever can
Escape the grip of Azkaban

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