The Sugar Quill
Author: Hermione L. Black  Story: Dark Magic  Chapter: Part 1
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Fifth year Draco Malfoy looked up surprised, when Professor Snape head of Slytherin house walked in, in the beginning of a transfiguration lesson, closely followed by a girl with dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes.

She wore the normal black Hogwarts robes.

But with white gloves and he could just see under her robes was a sword at her waist. Her dark hair was pulled back in a braid that reached the middle of her back.

"Sorry to interrupt," Snape said with a sneer "this is Lena Ddiler. Her family has just moved here from Little Hangleton and she has been sorted into Slytherin. Lena sit next to Draco over there." He pointed to Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle.

"Hello Lena. Iím Professor McGonagall. Severus, I think you can leave now. Iím sure you have youíre class to prepare for."

She had a bit of impatience in her voice. Snape sneered again and swept out, his black robes billowing behind him.

Lena went over to where Malfoy was sitting. Sat down and said "Iím Lena."

"So I noticed." Malfoys voice was sarcastic "Iím Malfoy. Draco Malfoy. This is Crabbe and Goyle."

Lenaís eyes narrowed when she heard the name ĎMalfoyí but she said nothing.

"All right class, today weíre going to change quills into birds." Said Professor McGonagall. Then she proceeded to tell them what they should do.

Then they had to take notes. Finally, she handed out the quills.

Lena changed her quill into a bird quite easily.

Professor McGonagall smiled at her.

As she left Malfoy came up behind her and said, "next is Potions. Thatís taught by Professor Snape."

"I know. I do have a schedule you know."

"Whatís that sword for anyway? This is a wizard school. Not some fencing school for Muggles."

Crabbe and Goyle guffawed. Lena spun. Her blue eyes were flashing.

"Iím not a Muggle Malfoy. You had better watch what you say, or youíll regret it," She hissed.

Turned on her heel and followed everyone else.

Malfoy glared at her back. Lena kept walking.


They went into the dungeons and went into what looked like a classroom but Lena suspected it had been one of the dungeons.

There were a lot of empty seats, even once every one was seated.

Then another group came in, each wearing a scarlet and gold badge with a lion on it.

Professor Snape had a look of great dislike on his face when they walked in.

Two boys and a girl had sat down at the table right next to hers.

One of the boys had flaming red hair and blue eyes, the other had messy black hair, very green eyes and a lightning bolt shaped scar on his for head.

That must be Harry Potter. she had heard that he went to Hogwarts but didnít know that much about him.

The girl had bushy brown hair and brown eyes.

Lena glanced over at Harry.

He suddenly looked up and saw her looking at him.

He smiled and went back to unpacking his ingredients.

"Settle down," said Professor Snape although the class was silent. "we have a new student. Lena Ddiler."

"Professor, Are you going to announce that to every class Iím in?"

Lena asked. "No - but the Gryffindors -" He said the word ĎGryffindorí like it was poison - "donít know that."

The class finished without much trouble, unless you counted Snape yelling at Harry Potter about ten times. "Class dismissed."

Everyone filed out. Someone tapped Lena on the shoulder and she turned, expecting to find Malfoy there.

It wasnít.

It was Harry Potter and the other two people she had seen him with.

"Yes?" Lena was a tiny bit annoyed that she was being bothered.

"You left youíre book," Harry said, handing it over.

"Thanks. Now I have to go. You know. Dinner? Food?"

She turned and started walking away when she heard the redheaded headed boy say, "sheís worse then Malfoy."


She spun. Her eyes flashing dangerously. "Donít ever compare me to that-that bloody moron."

And she stomped off to the Great Hall.

"She swears worse then you do Ron." Hermione was astounded.

"Who cares Hermione? She hates Malfoy. Thatís the first Slytherin Iíve heard of who does."

Ron had an awestruck look on his face.

"Oh shut up Ron. Why so quiet Harry?"

"I donít know. That does seem strange that she hates him though. And Ddiler seems familiar. I canít quite place it."

Lena had missed the first few days because her family had been moving into their house.

ĎI wonder how Allen and Emily are doingí Allen was her older brother and Emily her older sister. They were both Death Eaters and worked for there cousin, Tom Riddle better kowen as Lord Voldemort. The odd thing was that if you unscrambled her last name it spelled Riddle.

(undecided) Her mother ĖSara Riddle- Is Eleanor Riddles sister, Who is Tomís Mom.


And Lena is heading in the same direction as the rest of her family.

One thing she had inherited that nobody in her family had was that she is a Parslemouth.

"Boy, this looks good," she said to no one in particular as she sat down.

To her surprise, someone answered. "Yep. It tastes even better then it looks."

Lena slowly turned her head. Sitting next to her was a girl with pale blond hair. She looked a lot like Malfoy.

"You are?" "Crystal Malfoy. You?"

"Lena Ddiler. You arenít related to Draco are you?"

"Yep, heís my cousin. He told me about you."

"What year are you in?" Lena asked.

"Fifth year" Crystal said through a mouthful of potatoes.

"But, then why werenít you in class today?"

Crystal blushed and mumbled something Lena couldnít hear. "What?"

"This morning we had Herbology and we were doing Mandrakes" she explained.

"My ear muffs came off. Luckily they were just a couple of days old or Iíd be gone. I missed lunch and every thing up till dinner."

Lena nodded in understanding. "Something like that happened to me to. Only my brother put the full body bind on me. Just as my parents were going to a meting and wouldnít be back for four hours."

Crystal looked shocked. "What did your parents do?"

"Well, he was grounded for about the rest of the summer." Lena said.

"You know what? I donít think Draco liked you very much. But, then again he doesnít like very many people." Crystal commented.


"I noticed" Lena said darkly. Then added quickly "no offence."

"Thatís ok. He can be rather unpleasant."

"What do you know about Harry Potter?" Lena asked.

"Well, Draco really doesnít like Harry. In fact, nobody in my family except me likes him the tinniest bit. I donít mind him. But, Iíve never really talked to him ether."

"I just met him after potions. I was rather rude to him. I didnít mean to be. I was just hungry and he was holding me up."

She was almost done with dinner by now and Crystal was done already.

"So. What do we do after this?"

"Usually we do homework. But tonight is different. Tonight is Quidditch try outs. Do you play Quidditch?"

"Every now and then. Do you play? Whatís your position? Iím usually the Seeker but itís not because Iím good, itís because Iím small and donít whey very much. Iíve definitely gotten better. But I doubt Iíll be picked."

"Seeker. Woah Iíve only gotten to play chaser."

"Itís actually not that fun," Lena said as she got up. "Your eyes start hurting after about half an hour. So, which way to the Quidditch field?"

"Come on, Iíll show you. But first we have to get our broomsticks."

As they passed the Gryffindor table, someone grabbed her elbow. It was the red headed boy sheíd seen with Potter.

"Nice going" he said and turned back to his food.

"What was that about?" Crystal wanted to know. "I have no clue. So, what are the houses called?"

"Well, in order it goes Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin." Crystal explained.

"Why is Slytherin last?"

"In colors of the rainbow itís like that, and there also in alphabetical order that way."

"I see. I think." Crystal laughed then turned serous. "Now, whatís the password again?"

"Crystal, youíre scaring me, youíre talking to a brick wall."

"Actually itís the entrance to Slytherin common room. Oh yeah. Dragonsbane."

To Lenaís amazement, the wall opened and Crystal went inside with Lena close behind.

They found them selfís inside a comfortably furnished room with two doors that headed off in different directions. Comfortable arm chairs sat by the fire, a couple couches and a few big wooden tables. People were sitting in some of the chairs.

"Come on. This is the way to the girls dorm." Crystal said, dragging Lena by the arm.

They went down some stairs and came to a stop in front of the fifth door with a sign saying Ďfifth yearsí on it. Crystal opened the door.

"See? They already put your trunk by your bed." The beds were four posters with Emerald green hangings.

"Impressive, at this other school I would have had much smaller dormitories." Lena said opening her trunk and getting out her broom.

"Woah what kind of broom is that?"

"Huh? Oh, itís a ĎStar Sweeperí. The same brand as the ĎFireboltí, only it just came out last week. Got yours?" Lena went over to the door.

"Yep. Draco was really mad when I got a ĎFireboltí and his wouldnít buy one for him. He just got a new broom a couple of years ago. And if he really wants it he has enough money to buy it."

Crystal answered as she closed her trunk.

They went back out of the common room, down a lot of corridors, past the great hall, out the huge double doors and on to the Quidditch field.

There were tons of people. "Every one, into groupís according to your houses." Hollered a woman with graying hair, a clipboard and a whistle.

"Gryffindor, over here, Hufflepuff, over there by the goal posts, Ravenclaw, go to the other goalposts and Slyhterin, go where ever. Now, sort your selves in to groupís within your houses Chasers, Keepers, etc. I will be doing the beaters first. And Iíll be doing Gryffindor."

It took a wile to get through Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. When Madam Hooch got to Slytherin, she had to go through the Beaters, Keepers, and Chasers (which Crystal tryíd out for).

By the time she got to the Seekers it was around 11:07. Lena stifled a yawn.

Every one else who had already finished had been allowed to go back to there common rooms.

Crystal how ever wanted to wait for Lena, so she was still there.

"All right. Letís see what the rest of you can do" there were only five people left Lena, Malfoy, Mark, Brian and Susan.

"Madam Hooch? What do you want us to do exactly?" Susan sounded a little nervous.

Madam Hooch held out her hands. In them were five small black colored balls.

"Iím going to keep the lights on low. Then each of you will have to find one of these balls." Madam Hooch threw the balls up into the air and they speed off in different directions.

Draco Malfoy had a smug look on his face like he was going to be picked as Seeker and he knew it so everyone else should just stop wasting there time. "All right everyone. Up."

Lena pushed off. It had been three weeks since she had been on her broom. She just hadnít found the time what with packing and looking at houses.

Gosh this it going to be hard with so little light she thought looking around.

She circled the goal posts looking around, didnít see anything and went closer to the ground. There was a spot that was darker then the rest, she went closer and grabbed for it. Her hand closed around a small ball.

Lena speed off towards the ground. That was much easier then I thought it would be she thought.

She got off her broom and walked over to where Madam Hooch was waiting for everyone.

"That was good Miss," she looked down at her clipboard "Ddiler. It only took you ten minutes. Do you play Quidditch a lot?"

ten minutes? It seemed a lot shorter then that. Out loud she said "No, not really. Itís been about a month since Iíve even ridden my broom. Iíve played on a couple neighbor hood teams but thatís it."

Malfoy landed and showed the ball to Madam Hooch. "Iím first. Again" Malfoy added.

He didnít notice me Lena realized. "Actually Malfoy, I did." Malfoy saw her and glared.

Then one by one every one else came back down. First was Susan, Mark then Brian.

"Youíve all done pretty good. The results will be posted in your common rooms tomorrow around eleven o-clock. Every one left.

"You were great Lena" Crystal said joining Lena as she walked out.

"Crystal." Malfoy yelled coming over. "Your Dadís going to be really mad when he finds out youíve been talking with Mudbloods."

Lenaís hand went to her sword. "Oh really Malfoy? Whoís going to tell him? You wont if you want your head to stay where it is." Lenas voice was perfectly calm but her hands shook.

"Sheís right." Said a voice behind them. Every one but Lena jumped. It was Dumbledore. "That does not however mean that I encourage fighting among the students."

"Professor, what are you doing here?" Lena asked.

"I came down to see when Madam Hooch would be done. Itís getting rather late." Dumbledores eyes twinkled behind his half moon spectacles.

Malfoy glared at Dumbledore. "Sheís done now Professor. We were the last ones," said Lena taking her hand off her sword hilt.

"All right. Now I must be going" and Dumbledore left.

"That was odd. Is he always like that?" Asked Lena.

"Yep. You should have heard him the night we were sorted. He said something like ĎNitwit, Blubber, Oddment, Tweakí"

"Are you finished?" Malfoy demanded.

"No Malfoy, we plan to spend the entire night out here" Lenas voice dripped with sarcasm "of course weíre going inside now."

"Will you to stop?! This is getting ridiculous!" Crystals cried."

"Fine." Said Lena. Malfoy didnít say anything. "Good." Crystals voice was calmer.

They made their way back to the castle in silence. There foot steps echoed in the empty entrance hall.

The castle was silent as they made their way to the Slytherin common room.

"Dragonsbane." Someone said sleepily.

Before Lena climbed into bed, she leaned her sword against the wall and Flopped into bed. The last thought that crossed her mind was not so bad for the first day and she slept.


The next day dawned bright and early. To early for Lena well at least I donít have to go to lessons to day since itís Saturday Lena thought glancing at her watch.

"Itís 10:30?! Why didnít anyone wake me up?" she cried as she struggled to pull open the emerald colored hangings.

"What?" Came a sleepy voice. Crystal had woken up.

"Itís 10:30! 10:33" she corrected herself. "Iím normally up at 7:30 at the latest."

"Yes but you looked tired so we didnít want to wake you." Said a girl with a pug face. "Iím Pansy Parkinson. And you?" "Lena Ddiler." Lena didnít like this girl. She gave her a feeling a lot like Malfoy had.

"Hi Pansy." Crystal said cheerfully. Lena closed her curtains and got dressed.

When she was done she pushed back the curtains and grabbed her sword. She carefully pulled it out of itís sheath, sat down on her bed and inspected it.

Her sword had been given to her as a birthday present when she turned twelve. It had two snakes with emerald colored eyes twining around the hilt where her hand griped it. And along the blade was righting in a foreign language Lena couldnít read it, though she often wondered what it said.

She pulled out her polishing cloth and rubbed it up and down the blade until it shone. Then put it back into itís sheath, stood up and strapped it to her waist.

When she looked up three other people had come into the room and every one was watching her closely.

"What?" she demanded.

"Itís just weíve never seen anyone with a sword before." Said a girl with blond hair. "Lena this is Kelly Romono, Ashley Logan, and Millicent Bilstrode." Said Crystal.

"Hi." "Hello." Ashley had blond hair and blue eyes and Kelly had different colored stripes in her hair (Pink, Blue, Green, Purple.) and gray eyes.

"Iím Lena Ddiler" Lena was rather cautious. If Kelly had shown up at her old school, she would have been given detention if she were lucky. Where did you used to live Lena?" Asked Kelly. "Little Hangleton."

"Why did you have to move here? Did you have a boyfriend?" Ashley asked eagerly. "My dad got an offer to work at your ministry. And I did not have a boyfriend."


Pansy, who had been glaring at Lena, got a look of triumph at these last words. Sheís used to being the center of attention all the time Lena thought sheíd better put up her guard because weather I like I or not I attract attention.

Pansy seemed to be the ring leader of the fifth year girls. "Iím really hungry so Iím going to go down to breakfast."

And Lena started off. "Wait up Lena. Iíll come with you" Crystal called running after her.

"Madam Hooch should be posting the Quidditch results in about" she glanced down at her watch "30 minutes. I hope I got on."

"Me to." Said Crystal as they turned into the Great Hall. Breakfast was good. Lena had a bit of everything.

On the way out Lena said, "you go on, Iíll be right there. Iíve got to do something." "All right." And Crystal walked away.

Lena watched until she was sure Crystal had gone. I canít believe Iím doing this Lena thought as she walked bask to the Gryffindor table Mum and Dad would kill me if they found out. My cousin would kill me!

She drew a deep breath and taped Harry Potter on the shoulder. He looked around. "Yeah?" He asked when he saw her. "I just wanted to say sorry for how rude I was yesterday."

It was a lot easier to keep going once she got started. "I was just hungry and I was still fuming because of Malfoy."

"Thatís ok. Why donít you like Mal-" but he was unable to keep going because Crystal had just come up with Pansy, Kelly, Ashley and Millicent close behind.

Lena sighed. "Here comes the Dream Team" she muttered. "What?" Harry asked although he knew what she had said.

"Nothing." "There you are." Said Crystal.

They had reached the table by then. "What are you doing talking to him?" Pansy said snifflely.

"Iím talking." Hermione and Ron looked over. Pansy saw Hermione and sneered. "So, Granger, Howís Krum?" All the Slytherin fifth year girls except Lena and Crystal laughed.

Hermiones cheeks went pink. "I donít find that funny Parkinson." Lena said softly. Even though she hadnít gone to Hogwarts then she had been getting the Daily Prophet.

"You donít have to." Pansy replied reaching for her wand. And for the second time since she had gotten there, Lenas hand went to her sword.

Then Snape showed up. "What it going on?" Snapes voice was soft.

"We were just laughing at something that Pansy said and Lena got all mad." Ashley explained.

Snape looked at Pansy. "I just asked if Hermione had heard from her boyfriend." "Professor. I donít think Pansy shouldíve asked." Snape shifted his gaze to Lena, who stared into his black eyes unflinchingly.

After about ten minutes of this Snape broke eye contact and left. "Like I said Harry, sorry." And Lena left to, with the ĎDream Teamí close behind.

"That was nice of her to say that to Snape." Hermione said thoughtfully.

"I canít believe that she just looked him in the face like that." Ron said.

"And sheís pretty to." Shamus added leaning over. Ron snorted. However, Harry wasnít paying attention,

"Ddiler." He kept muttering. What name do I know of that has two Dís in it? He asked himself. Well, thereís- "Riddle." He whispered.

"What?" said Ron. "Come on, we need to go somewhere quiet." Harry said urgently. "Well, thereís the library-" Hermione started. "Fine, now come on!" Harry said as he dragged them off to the library.

"Wow Hermione, Iíve never seen him this excited to get to the library before."

Once there they hurried to a table near the back. "You know Lena Ddiler, Well, if you unscramble her last name it spells Riddle."

Ron and Hermione looked at Harry in shock. "But you canít Ė you canít mean sheísÖ" Hermione trailed of and Ron had gone pale. "We should go tell Dumbledore." Harry said firmly.


"I canít believe youíd sink so low as to say something like that. Even if you donít like her." Lena was saying to Pansy as they walked to the Slytherin common room.

"You canít talk Ddiler. Youíve only been here since yesterday." Pansyís mood hadnít gotten better since they had left the Great the Hall.

"Does that really matter that I got here yesterday? Why would you treat someone like that?" Pansy had stopped to (with everyone following suit).

"Donít tell me what to do. And itís nothing to do with you anyway Mudblood."

"Oh no, now sheís done it." Crystal moaned. "I wouldnít talk like that if I were you Parkinson. My family has a lot of power."

"Are you threatening me?" Pansy demanded. "Give this girl a medal, she actually has some brains in there." Lena said then added softly to herself "I have to get away from here or talk to Allen or Mom."

And she ran off. She almost ran into Harry Potter and his friends as they were coming out of the library.

"Sorry!" She called back as she speed off. "Dragonsbane." She panted as she got to the Slytherin common room.

Once inside she made sure that no one was in the common room with her, pulled some flue powder out of her pocket and flung it onto the fire which turned emerald green and roared higher then it had been a moment ago and stepped into the fire and said "Riddle Manor."

The last glimpse she had was of Pansy and the rest of the girls coming in then she was gone.

Moments later she stepped out of her cousins fireplace. Her brother and three other men were sitting at a table.

"Hi Allen. Howís it going?" Lena said brushing herself off. "Lena, will you please be quiet?" Allen asked irritability.

Lena sighed and tapped her foot impatiently until there were done. "All right, Lena what do you want? Oh, first of all, this is Mr. Malfoy, Mr. Lestrange and Mr. Macnair. Guyís this is my little sister Lena."

Lena shook everyoneís hand. When she got to Mr. Malfoy her blue eyes hardened. "I came for a break from Hogwarts. Iíve met Pansy Parkinson and you couldnít find a bigger idiot anywhere. Well, except for Longbottom."

"I see." A smile played across Allenís mouth. "I mostly came to talk to mum. Iím getting rusty on my combat skills."

Allen smiled outright "Lena, you never get rusty. Mumís up stairs."

Lena took the stairs two at a time. Finally! To be away from Hogwarts! Even if it is only for an hour. She thought, then knocked on her mumís door. "Mum, itís me." She called though the door.

The door opened and her mum was standing in the doorway. "Itís nice to see you, but you should be at school." Mrs. Ddiler said after she had given her daughter a hug.

Mrs. Ddiler was tall and thin, had short black hair and brown eyes. "I know but I wanted to get away and I wanted another gymnastics lesson."

Lena had taken gymnastics since she was four, lessons from her Mum since she was ten and last year they had introduced her sword last year. "All right. The dinning room should do it, They cleared out every thing last week."

When they got to the dinning room, Lena carefully took off her sword and gently leaned it against the wall.

"All right, letís start with the basics." Mrs. Ddiler commanded.

So, Lena stretched, when she was finished she did a couple summersaults.

"Ok. Well, weíre going to need the grand staircase for this." The Grand staircase was the largest in the house and it was 150 steps exactly, Lena had counted as soon as they had moved in.

It curved in a kind of half circle so whatever her mum wanted her to do was going to be difficult, unless it had something to do with sliding down the banister, Lena had done that a million times even though she knew she wasnít supposed to.

It did.

"Lena now I want you to slide down the banister, then summersault off and roll when you hit the ground. Got it?"

"I think so." Lena licked suddenly dry lips.

"Good. Iíll get the extra mattress from upstairs. Acio!" And the mattress zoomed towards them. Mrs. Ddiler positioned it so that if Lena messed up at the end, she wouldnít kill herself.

Lena climbed up to the top of the stairs, it took a long time.

When she reached the top she positioned herself so that when she let go she wouldnít fall to either side.

"Ready mum!" Lena called and let go.

You always felt like you were on a slide that ended to quickly.

She sprang, somersaulted and rolled, but slipped and landed on her back, luckily she was on the mattress.

"That was good, but youíve done better." Mrs. Ddiler said giving her daughter a hand.

Lena took it wincing. "You know mum, that mattress isnít very soft."

"Well, itís better then the marble floor. Come on, youíre going to have to do it a lot more to get it perfect." Lena moaned and started up the stairs.


By the time Lenaís lesson was over, she felt as though every part of her was bruised, and it was lunchtime.

"Whatís for lunch mum?" Lenaís stomach felt empty.

"Thatís a good question. Allenís making lunch."

"What?" Lena was shocked. "Allen canít even make toast!" "Heís gotten better." Mrs. Ddiler had a grim look on her face as she said this.

"How did you do it?" Lena asked laughing. "Letís just say heís a fast learner." Mrs. Ddiler started chuckling to.

"Whatís so funny?" Allen asked as Lena and Mrs. Ddiler came into the kitchen. "Nothing. So, whatís for lunch?" Lena asked casually.

Allen shot her a nasty look and said "Say anything and youíre dead. Mum and I are having Broccoli and cheese soup. You on the other hand are having dog food."

"Ha, ha, ha." Lena said dryly.

"Stop it you two." Their mother broke up the argument.

Allen got the soup and put it into the three bowls that were already on the table.

Every one had just sat down when Lena jumped up. "Oh my gosh! I have to get back to Hogwarts!"

"All right. Iíll see you next week then dear?" Mrs. Ddiler said.

"Sure mum. Bye!" Lena grabbed some Floo powder, flung it into the fire and said "Slytherin common room." The last thing Lena herd her mum say was "Allen, this is a bit to saltyÖ"

When she appeared in the fireplace of the Slytherin common room the first thing she saw was Crystal bouncing around excitedly.

"Oh Lena!" She squealed. "You made the team!" "What?" She was confused. "The Quidditch team silly. Youíre the first girl player to be on the Slytherin team in fifteen years!"

Crystal said hugging Lena and then she went back to bouncing around the room.

"Did you get on?" Lena asked. "Me? No." She sighed "Not this year. But" Crystal perked up "Madam Hooch said maybe next year."

"Thatís good. Iím sorry Crystal but I really donít like Pansy." Crystal turned serous. "I know. You just donít seem like the kind of person who would go along with people like her where you have to be a follower and listen to her and do what she says all the time. I donít like her much myself, but there wasnít any other girl who didnít like her who was in fifth year. So I had to put up with her. Sorry, I normally donít ramble on like that."

"Thatís fine. Pansy just doesnít seem like a very, um, shall we say pleasant? Person. And certainly not someone who I want to spend the next three years of my life hanging out with." Lena said walking out of the common room.

"Lena, where are you going?" Crystal called after her.

"Oh, Iím going to see the nurse. Iím aching all over." Lena called over her shoulder as she went down the hall.

"Wait up, Iíll come with you." Lena heard running footsteps behind her and a second later Crystal had caught up. "So, which way to the ward Crystal?"


When they got there Madam Pomfrey was able to fix Lena up at fast as blinking, but she gave her a talking to.

"So, how did you get all those bruises?" Crystal asked. As they left the hospital wing "Well, my mum teaches me gymnastics and I fell a little during todayís lesson. A lot." Lena corrected herself.

"What were you doing?"

"I was learning how to slide down a banister, push off at the end, do a summersault in the air then roll when I hit the ground." Lena said wincing. "Iím definitely not going to forget how to do that any time soon."

"Do you think you could show me?" Crystal asked eagerly. "Sure. Do you know where a big staircase is? Preferably somewhere where not many people go?"

"Well, thereís the one thatís by East tower but the biggest one that I know of is the one in the Entrance Hall."

"East tower will have to do. Only one problem, whereís East tower?" Lena said stopping.

"Itís this way. Come on." It didnít take very long to find East towers corridor.

"My" Crystal panted "Iíd forgotten how many stairs you have to go up before you get to the right staircase. There it is." She said coming out on top of the landing with Lena close behind.

"All right" Lena said as she began climbing the next staircase "you wait here and Iíll be right down."

When Lena got to the top, she was panting even harder then Crystal had been on the staircase before. "Iím coming down Crystal." And Lena let go.

It took all of fifteen seconds to get to the bottom. Lena pushed off at the end and held onto her legs as she somersaulted and rolled when she hit the ground.

"That was a lot easier then at my house." Crystal was speechless "How did you do that?" Crystal asked when she finally found her voice.

"Not easily thatís for sure. Now, whenís lunch? Iím starving." "I think if we hurry we can still get some. Lunch was just ending when I went to tell you that you had made the team. And if lunch is over I know where the kitchens are."

"Well then, what are we waiting for?" And Lena and Crystal sprinted off. As it turned out lunch was over so they had to go to the kitchens.

"Come on. Itís right this way." Said Crystal and she stopped in front of a painting of a bowl of fruit. "Now, I havenít been here for about two years so it may not be the same as it was before."

She warned as she tickled the pair, which giggled and turned into a handle. Crystal grabbed it and pulled.

The painting swung outward and Crystal and Lena went inside. Immediately they were surrounded by elves that were asking if they wanted anything to eat.

"Um," said Lena.

"Well, you see, my friend hasnít eaten lunch yet and she was wondering if you still had anything left." Crystal explained for her.

"And," Lena said giving Crystal a look. "We immediately thought of you because you always make extra food."

"Miss. Malfoy?" asked a hesitant voice. "What?" Crystal said looking around. A elf who was wearing soccer shorts and mustard yellow socks came forward. "Dobby?"

Said Crystal surprised. "Yes Miss." Said Dobby happily. "I thought you worked for my cousin."

"I did miss. Got freed miss." "I see. Now, can you get my friend something to eat." Crystal asked.

The elves rushed around getting things and two minutes later ten of them rushed up to Lena and Crystal bearing a huge tray with everything a person could want for lunch, plus a ton more then Lena could eat in a day.

"Itís to bad I couldnít eat it all. They seemed really disappointed that I wasnít going to finish all of it." Lena said when they were walking along the corridors right after they had left the kitchens.

"But I was to full to eat another bite. They heard running footsteps behind them and turned to look. Fred and George Weasley were running towards them.

"Um, just a suggestion but, uh, run!" Crystal shouted the last word as she broke into a run Lena right behind her.

"Wait!" Fred called. "We only want to give you a tart!" George added.

"That means they want to turn us into canaryís. Now, we'll split up at the transfiguration corridor. You go left and Iíll go right. Ok?" Crystal asked panting.

"Sure. Iíll see you back at the common room." Crystal and Lena picked up the pace.

Lena was faster then Crystal. But Crystal had the advantage of knowing the corridors.

Lena went left and Crystal went right. George went after Lena. Lena had been running along the hallway for some time when she saw a door with a plait on it. She knocked loudly and dove into the nearest room hoping it was one of the teachers office doors.

It wasnít.

Just as George Weasley was passing it the door was flung open and Argus Filch came out. He grabbed Georges arm.

"What are you doing, running in the halls, boy?" He said.

"Exercising." George replied promptly.

"Well youíre not allowed to. Detention." Lena couldnít hear the rest because Filch had dragged George into his office and shut the door behind them.

Lena then took her time getting back to the common room. When she got there Crystal was already inside.

"What took you so long?" She asked getting up from one of the armchairs.

"I donít think theyíll be trying that again." Lena said and explained what had happened. By the time she was done Crystal had to sit down she was laughing so hard.

"Serves them right." She said when sheíd gotten her breath back. "So, howíd you lose the other one?" Lena asked.

"Fred? Oh, we ran into Professor Snape, literally! I ran into him wile he was coming out of his office, I told him why I was running and he took fifteen points from Gryffindor and two from Slytherin. Then I came back here and was waiting about ten minutes when you came in."

"Whyíd he only take two points from Slytherin and Fifteen from Gryffindor? Thatís not really fair is it." Lena said thoughtfully.

"I donít know. Hey! Want to play chess?"

"Sure, we can use mine." Lena said as she got out her chess set.


The next month passed without much difference until late October when, a black owl landed besides Lenaís plate a letter in itís beak.

Lena took the letter from the owl and told it to wait while she read the letter. It said:


Thereís a Death Eater meeting tonight at10:00

and we want everyone to be there. Even you.

It will be an opportunity for you to meet some

of the others and their children. Plus, Mum

Thinks it would be a great opportunity to show

them what you can do. ĖAllen

"Crystal, can I barrow your quill?" Lena asked. "Sure." Crystal said handing it over absentmindedly; she was busy with her own mail. Lena flipped the letter over and wrote:


Tonight would be fine. I find it odd that

Youíre having this meeting the day before

Hallows eve. I take it Iím to bring Phoenix,

Mithrander and Mindelan? ĖLena

She wrote. She referred to her sword Griffin and her two catís Mithrander who is black and Mindelan who is white.

The rest of the day passed in a blur.

By the time 10:00 came Lena had managed to find Mithrander and Mindelan and had found her way to one of the less traveled hallways.

She pulled out her wand and muttered something tapping herself, Mithrander and Mindelan.

She immediately found herself in a large room.

Allen was sitting in a chair waiting for her. "Well it certainly took you long enough." He said getting up.

"Ha, ha, very funny. Where are we?" Lena asked trying to straiten her robes, which wasnít easy considering she was still holding her catís. "Weíre at the Malfoys manor. Why?"

Lena groaned "do you know if Draco will be here?" "I think so, yes. And his cousin too."

Just then, a servant poked her head into the room. "Did you get her sir?"

"Yes, thank you." Allen beckoned to Lena, who put Mithrander and Mindelan down and followed him.

They walked down quite a few hallways and into a huge room, which had to be the ballroom.

"Impressive." Lena muttered to Allen. "Is Dad going to be here?"

"Yep. Emilyís coming to." Lena then heard a shout and someone ran up to her. "Lena! What are you doing here?" Crystal asked stunned.

Lena wasnít as surprised as Crystal was. She had known that Crystal was Dracos cousin. "The same thing you are Crystal."

"But-" "Crystal." Someone called and a tall, thin woman came over.

"Hello Narcissa." Allen said warily. "Hello Allen." Narcissa answered then turned to Crystal.

"Yes Aunt Narcissa?" Crystal asked. "Come over here. You shouldnít be associating with this family." And she practically dragged Crystal away.

Crystal shot an apologetic look over her shoulder at Lena. "Who was that?" Lena asked confused.

"That," Allen said, "is Lucius Malfoys wife. And she doesnít like us. She never has. She seems to think that we have the favor of the dark lord."

"Hello Lena!" Emily, Lenas older sister came up to them and gave Lena a hug. "Hi Emily." Lena replied hugging her just as fierce.

"So, what have you two been up to?" As Lena was talking to Emily, Allen went off and came back with Mr. Ddiler right behind him. So Lena had to start over.

When Lena finished talking she looked around and noticed a lot more people had arrived since sheíd started.

Then a board drawling voice sounded behind her "so, itís the Mudblood again." "Hello Draco." Lena said without turning around. Once heís put you on his bad list you stay on. She thought grimly.

"What are you doing here Mudblood?" Malfoy said. Lena sighed "goodbye Draco." And she turned and walked away. I wonder when theyíre going to start the meeting. Lena thought. This is boring.

"Lena. I finally got away from my aunt." Crystal said coming up.

"I understand, Allen told me about it."

"Why didnít you tell me your family wasÖ you knowÖ?" Crystal asked.

"Why didnít you? And how was I to know that your family is part of this nonsense?" Lena demanded.

"Good point." Crystal said looking around "I think there starting now."

"Yeah they are. Iíve got to go then." Lena said and went back to her family with Mithrander and Mindelan trailing her.

"Good you made it." Allen said as Lena came up. "You stand here." He said pointing to an empty spot between Emily and himself.

Lena looked around. There were faces she recognized and faces she didnít.

"Professor Snape?" Lena whispered to Emily. "Yes. Heís been doing this for a long time. Now be quiet and listen."

Professor Snape? I didnít know that. The way he was talking to the headmaster this morningÖBut Lena had to focus on what was going on and didnít have anymore time for thinking.


Disclaimer. The only characters that are mine are: Lena Ddiler, Mr. & Mrs. Ddiler, Allen, Emily, Crystal Malfoy, Kelly Romono, Ashley Logan Susan, Mark and Brian. Everyone else is J.K. Rowling. I also took Mithrander from one of the Professors at HOL.

A/N, I hope you liked it. I plan on more chapters. But it might take me a while.

Lena is modeled from two of Tamora Pierces characters, Keladry of Mindelan and Alanna of Trebond.

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