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Author: Alisha  Story: Last Lullaby  Chapter: Default
The distribution of this story is for personal use only. Any other form of distribution is prohibited without the consent of the author.

Last Lullaby

(a Harry Potter fanfiction by Alisha)


The distribution of this story is for personal use only. Any other form of distribution is prohibited without the consent of the author.


Lily Potter was holding her son, Harry. He was just over a year old, and for that entire year, Voldemort had been hunting them down. Lily, James, and Harry finally went into hiding in Godric's Hollow. Their friend Peter was their Secret-Keeper and if he were trustworthy, they would be safe.

It was not that Lily did not trust Peter. It was that he wasn't well...brave. She held Harry and began to sing the lullaby, the last one.

Baby please cry not your sorrow,

I'll swear I'll be here tomorrow.

Should you wake to find me gone,

Know not what deeds have been done.

Lily was worried for her son's safety. Voldemort was getting closer, she could feel it. Her maternal second sense told her that something bad was going to happen and soon. She feared the worst, but kept singing to a sleeping Harry.

Know I'll die to make you free,

Know how much you mean to me.

See the light of a brand new day,

Know that love will find a way.

Lily was hoping that she would not have to live up to the lullaby, but she would give her life for Harry's in an instant. Harry was everything to her, more important than James. The feeling was undeniable now. It was going to happen; she felt it in her very bones. She quietly sang the last lines of the lullaby.

Evil cloaks the world in shadow,

Killing the light of a candle tallow.

Only faith will see you through,

Trust me, Harry, I have faith in you.

As she finished the last line of the lullaby, the living room door was broken open. He was here. While James held off Voldemort for a few seconds while Lily ran. She ran upstairs and into the bedroom, she stayed there with Harry, knowing what lay ahead. As Voldemort said the deadly curse, Lily said her last words to Harry; "I have faith in you Harry."



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