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Author: Alisha  Story: The Trials of Azkaban  Chapter: Default
The distribution of this story is for personal use only. Any other form of distribution is prohibited without the consent of the author.

The Trials of Azkaban

(a Harry Potter fanfiction by Alisha)


The distribution of this story is for personal use only. Any other form of distribution is prohibited without the consent of the author.



Thinking. That was something he didn't want to do. Being in Azkaban gave you two things, time and pain. Time to dwell on all of your awful memories, and pain from remembering them. The memories couldn't cause physical pain, but could leave behind emotional damage that was beyond repair.

He constantly remembered every single bad memory is his life and every time he tried to think of something happy, the Dementors gathered at his cell, sucking away the last few wisps of the joyful memory.

Lily and James. They had died because of him. No, not because of him, but because of the slimy git Peter. Peter had betrayed them. James and Lily died to protect Harry, who was now going to live with Lily's horrid sister and husband. If only I had never switched the Secret Keeper to Peter. Maybe they would be alive. He kept thinking of the what ifs and maybes. I should have never of switched, was all he could think of.

The rotting smell had returned; it smelt of cold seawater and vomit. "I just want to die, just to die, and tell Lily and James that I am sorry that they had to die, that Harry will grow up with his nasty relatives, that I failed them." Death was probable when you where in Azkaban, you even prayed for it.


"James, It must be Remus - he must be working for Voldemort," insisted a young Sirius Black.

"You're right, I suppose," sighed James heavily. "There's no way that Voldemort would think to use Peter, and I know you would rather die than betray us."

"You're right, I would."



"No!!! James!!! Lily!!! I swear I would never betray you!" A grown man cried softly as he continues to remember all of the painful memories in his life.


"Sirius, just in case Lily and I don't make it through this, will you be Harry's Godfather?" asked James Potter.

"Nothing is going to happen to you, I promise."


A promise said, a promise broken. "James, if there is one thing I would change, it would not be switching the Secret Keeper job, it would have been me not making all of those promises that I did."


Near the wreckage of a house blown apart, a howl of a dog is heard. A man of about twenty hunts through the remains.

"James! Lily! Harry!" the exasperated man yells.

Sorting through the wreckage, he notices a man lying on the ground, looking untouched. "James!" he cries, "No! Please, please, please wake up..." but the man remains still, never to wake again.

A soft cry of a child is heard, and the man remembers his godson.

He picked up a bundle of robes out of the dead mother's arms, and finds his godson, alive. He hears the oncoming footsteps of a giant.

"Sirius, I must take him, Dumbledore's orders," says the giant. The man reluctantly hands over his godson.

"Here- take my motorbike. I won't be needing it anymore."


"I am sorry James, Lily, Harry. I failed you. I will keep one promise; I promise Peter will get what's coming to him.

A couple of hours later the Minister of Magic walks by his cell.

"Sir, may I have your newspaper, I miss doing the crosswords." The minister looks at him, shocked that he still is sane after thirteen years. But he hands him the paper.

That night when he went to sleep, the guards heard Sirius Black muttering words in his sleep.

"He's at Hogwarts, He's at Hogwarts….."



Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, Azkaban, or the Dementors (thank god). And sadly, I also do not own, Sirius Black!

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