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Author: DragonFire  Story: Making Up is the Best Part of Fighting  Chapter: Default
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"You stupid know-it-all!" Ron’s voice boomed through the common room. "I can’t help it that you don’t seem to have any friends. So what, you don’t get along with the other girls in the dorm; that’s no reason to take it out on me!"

It wasn’t the first time that Harry would walk to the quiet, dark corner of the Gryffindor common room and get out of the way so that Ron and Hermione could fight. For six years now, they seemed to have found some sort of sport in their bickering almost to the point of being amusing. This time, though, it seemed different because Ron had never yelled like this. This was going to be a big one.

"First of all," Hermione retorted. "You can’t be a Stupid Know-it-all. That’s an Oxymoron. But then again, that sounds like you… Moron! Second, Just because you can’t figure out how to do your homework doesn’t mean you can mooch off of me. I’ve been your friend for this long and I’m getting tired of being used! Finally, do you honestly think I’d want to be friends with those petty little aristocratic troglodytes? I thought I found better people in you and Harry. I guess I was wrong!"

Harry sat in the shadows shaking his head sarcastically. This was not the first fight they had had, and he was sure it wouldn’t be the last.

Ron looked affronted. "See, that’s the reason you’ve got no friends. You have to point out everybody’s faults. It’s not my fault your parents are Muggles. So don’t take it out on me."

Hermione’s eyes became misty. "That’s better than being in YOUR family, at least I get my own things."

Hermione had hit a nerve that even Harry had felt. True, Ron had very few things that were originally his. Most of the things he owned were hand-me-downs from his older brothers. And this had always been a sensitive spot with him. Ron’s face went slack as if searching for something to say.

Without the slightest sign of any change in heart, Ron reached out and seized her face in his and firmly placed his lips to hers. ‘HA! He thought. She’ll never be able to top this.’ He thought. Hermione screamed against his mouth and Harry’s eyes bulged, shocked at what he beheld.

Ron held the kiss as if trying to hold a tornado and hold it as long as he could. Her screams subsided and he let her go. Quickly she scrambled back a few paces and began swiping at her mouth with her sleeves. Seeing the expression on her face, Ron assumed a stance prepared for any physical attack she might throw.

"How dare you…" She muttered. "Why did you…" She tried to step in and slap him, but had obviously misjudged the distance between the two. Her hand swung wildly in the air as she over extended her step and spun around off balance. He caught her deftly before she could fall and came to rest with her eyes locked firmly on his. ‘What the Hell?’ he thought and he took her again in a long, slow kiss.

The minutes passed by and Ron felt something changing in her body. He had never really taken the time to notice her except for their fourth year when she had a date with Viktor Krum for the Yule Ball. Harry cleared his throat, now standing a few feet away from them. Ron pulled away. Hermione looked up with a dazed expression on her face.


Both Ginny and Hermione rushed into the girls’ dorm and Hermione fell heavily onto her bed. There was a starry look in her eyes that was clear to even Ginny. Ginny flopped down next to her and began to giggle loudly.

"What’s that all about?" Hermione looked at Ginny.

"Someone’s in love!" Ginny sang in a childishly mocking tune.

"I am not!" Hermione sprang to her own defense.

"So why did your toes curl?" She smiled evilly.

Hermione looked down. She had forgotten that she wasn’t wearing her shoes. "I have no idea why he did that, but it just goes to show that Ron is … is…" Her voice failed her as his image entered her mind.

"… Is the first boy who has ever kissed you?" Ginny finished.

Hermione immediately jumped into a barrage of lies about the various guys that she had kissed. "I went to see Viktor, he’s kissed me loads of times."

"Yeah… Sure…" Ginny said sarcastically. "So tell me, miss kissing queen. How many times did dear old Vik burst out with the spontaneity that we all just saw and render the high and mighty prefect, Miss Hermione Granger, a simpering pile of limp dough?"

Hermione couldn’t answer and her face lit up with an embarrassed color that rivaled the Weasley hair.

"That’s what I thought," Ginny sighed.


"What the hell were you thinking?" Harry pushed Ron into the boys’ dormitory and down onto his bed. "What made you do that?"

Ron seemed to have a lost expression on his face. "I dunno." He stammered.

There was a brief instant of silence as Harry sat on the edge of his own four-poster bed.

"She really hit a nerve with me," Ron muttered with a glare of disappointment. "I never thought she would question our friendship."

"Well, it didn’t help with you attacking her family like that. For a minute I thought you were Draco Malfoy with Polyjuice Potion and you were about to call her ‘mudblood’." Harry looked truly concerned.

"Then she judged me. She actually judged me for being poor." Ron’s face fell in true depression. "I never would have thought that she would do that."

"So… You…" Harry began.

"I tried to do the one thing that I felt would hurt her the most. You’ve seen the other girls in the common room; how they giggle and talk about ‘who’s kissing who’. I figured she’s probably feeling left out by now…" Ron’s voice faded. "I hate her for what she said."

"You don’t hate her." Harry sighed. "You know damn well that she is your friend and that we wouldn’t have made it this far if it hadn’t been for her." Ron nodded in agreement. "So" Harry continued, "what was it like."

Ron’s face split in a half smile. "Actually… It wasn’t all that bad…" Harry looked up shocked.


Harry and Ron returned to the common room after an early supper in order to get to their homework. Without Hermione to help, they figured it would be more work than they were used to. They had been there about 45 minutes when the portrait hole opened up and Hermione and Ginny stepped in. Ron looked up and their eyes met.

Ginny stepped forward and addressed Ron "I think you two need to talk. Harry, would you mind coming with me?" Harry stood and walked out the door with Ginny.

A deafening silence fell on the room as Ron stood up and walked to face Hermione. The awkwardness of the situation caused each one to stutter in a lack of words to say.

"Listen!" They both started at once. A brief pause.

"I’m ss…" again their voices rang out in unison.

"You first." Ron muttered. Hermione smiled.

"I’m sorry for what I said about your brothers." Hermione started. "I know that’s a sore spot with you and I didn’t mean it. You have a good family."

"I didn’t mean to be a Draco head." Ron half-heatedly laughed. "I didn’t mean that about your parents."

The awkward silence returned.

Hermione’s face split in a half smile. "A Draco head?"

Ron let out a snort. "Maybe, I’ve had my head up my Malfoy."

They both laughed and fell together in a friendly hug.

‘What is this that’s taking hold of me’ Hermione thought

‘Why have I not paid more attention to her’ Ron wondered.

They stood together for a few minutes, neither one taking the initiative to separate. One of them must have noticed something as they quickly broke apart. His eyes caught hers. Her eyes melted into his. Their hands were still clasped together as they looked at each other.

Ron took in the way her bushy brown hair framed her beautiful young face. She couldn’t help but sense something hidden behind those eyes of his that needed to be expressed.

"I’m sorry I haven’t been paying attention to you." The words escaped Ron before he had a chance to realize what he had said, but they felt somewhat liberating.

Hermione looked shocked and exhilarated by his words. "Don’t be silly. You’ve noticed me plenty."

Ron’s face fell into an air of seriousness. "No, I haven’t. You’ve been there for me in more ways than you will ever know. Even when Harry and I were fighting, you were there for me."

She thought back to their fourth year when Harry had been entered into the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

"I owe you a lot." Ron whispered. "It’s a debt that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to truly repay." He took on an air of shame. "I kissed you today because I wanted to hurt you… I wound up hurting myself instead."

She sighed in a bewildered laugh. "How could you have hurt yourself?" These words passed from her lips as her brain screamed ‘Please, say what I think you’re trying to say.’

"Because…" his voice broke. "Because I … I hoped that … that I could… do it for real."

She looked shocked as a spark inside her ignited a flame that began burning her heart and mind.

Ron bowed his head, ashamed of what he had said. ‘She hates me’ he thought. "I should go." He said. "I shouldn’t have said…" He started to turn but Hermione took hold of his arms and held him there.

"If you want to do something…" She whispered. "Then have the strength to do it. I won’t hold it against you."

Ron nervously looked back into her eyes. Her round, full eyes that seemed to have filled with the very sensation that he was feeling. She guided his hand to her cheek. It was all the push that he needed.

Both his hands took her face and held it lightly in his grasp. The softness of her skin, the sparkle in her eyes, the fullness of her lips that she was biting anxiously. Even the pearly white teeth that had been magically shrunk seemed to have found a new beauty in his eyes.

She rose to his touch, now standing on tiptoes, as he was so much taller than she. Her lips parted as she mouthed the word "please".

He could resist no longer. He leaned forward and took her lips with his, savoring the taste, touch, smell, and sight of her. Their eyes closed as they both surrendered to the moment. Her arms closed around his neck as his fell to hold her body close.

His tongue savored the sweet taste of her mouth as they melted together in one entity. The feeling of ‘self’ had completely been destroyed by the unified combination of ‘we’. Her mind was swimming with pleasure at his touch. Long had she wanted to be held like this, forever, had she wanted to be loved this way.

"Oh, Great… Now they’re going to be worse than before." Ginny’s voice rang out with apparent laughter.

Ron and Hermione made no attempt to break what they held, but Ron’s hand drifted up with two fingers extended vertically vulgar gesture.

Harry laughed and took his seat. He had homework to do.



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