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Author: Alkari (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: Toffee  Chapter: Default
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Summary: A sticky little problem for Peter.

Author’s Note: This is a (slightly) expanded version of my ‘drabble’ at the Werewolf Registry. Done with laughing acknowledgment to Durayan of course!


* * *


"Dammit Peter – why’d you have to leave that bag of toffees in the Shack last week?" Sirius paced restlessly up and down their dormitory.

"I LIKE toffees – and so does Remus! Especially those sticky chocolate ones." Peter sat back and stared angrily at Sirius.

"Yes, I know REMUS likes toffees – but we’re talking about MOONY here!"

"I thought they were the same – Remus and Moony I mean."

"Not exactly."

"No?" Peter wondered whether he’d ever really understood the Animagus transformation. And there were certainly things about werewolves that he knew he didn’t really want to understand …


"But it’s all right – we’ll come with you. We’ll wait outside." James smiled at Peter and spoke encouragingly.

"Come where?"

"Next weekend. Hogsmeade veterinary clinic." Sirius grinned wickedly. "It’s really quite simple you know. Just go in there and ask nicely. ‘Please Miss Herriott – can you help me. Our werewolf has a broken tooth.’"





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