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Author: Nayela  Story: Jealousy  Chapter: default
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“Shut. Up. Giggling!!“

Aquaine giggled even harder. “Why should I?”

“Because it´s annoying! I can hear your silly noises even up in my bathroom!”

“And why should that bother me? I can giggle any time I want, so I ask you again: Why should I stop?”

“Because you’ve got no reason to! What are you laughing about, what is so funny about just hanging on the wall?”

“Being a portrait in a bathroom can be very interesting, be assured!” Aquaine flashed her fins and smiled sweetly—well aware that the other girl was about to explode. “Well, I suppose you´re only jealous.”

Myrtle scowled. “Jealous? About you?” The shadowy girl zoomed out of her favourite water tap and hovered above the basin with her arms folded. “Why should I be jealous about you?”

At this point Aquaine ran her white fingers through her golden hair. “Well, the artist who painted me paid great attention to my beauty…” She paused meaningfully. “…Perhaps your—er—parents  might have decided not to have children. I mean, if they knew the result would look like that.”

At this point, Myrtle was bound to burst into tears—and launch into a longish tirade about her own misery. Aquaine leaned forward on her rock. She, as a mermaid (and a painting) was not able to cry, and her fascination for other people’s tears sometimes astonished even herself. She briefly wondered whether to feel guilty about that. Then she assured herself that it was not necessary.

Myrtle, however, unexpectedly kept her waiting. She glided over, the candlelight flashing on her pearly glasses. In a voice like frozen stone, she hissed: “You would be better off if your creator had paid only the slightest attention to your character.

Aquaine sat up, stunned. Had she heard correctly? Myrtle, defending herself? “H—How do you mean that?” she asked shakily. Myrtle narrowed her small, dark eyes.

“I meant it just as I said it, you heartless, brainless half-fish! If you would bother to think at all, you would know that there are other things to do than showing off your beauty and insulting me!! How unoriginal can you get??”

“Un—unoriginal?” Aquaine stuttered. Unoriginal? She, who was so proud of the little, enchanting songs she used to make up? She, who always found a new insult to throw at this clumsy ghost called Myrtle?

“Yes, unoriginal!!” Myrtle shrieked. “Always picking at me, everybody does that!!” She threw back her lank hair violently, and a misty tear was shaken off her face and evaporated in mid-air.

Hopefully, Aquaine slid off her rock and looked at Myrtle more closely. Her dearest wish was to reach out of the frame and catch one of these shiny tears… but it seemed that, to her vast surprise, she would be disappointed again. 

Myrtle squeezed her eyes shut. “I have something to tell you!” she declared with teeth clenched. “You have no chance!”

Aquaine scratched her head. What was the girl talking about? No chance? Ridiculous!

“I warn you, Aquaine. I know things about merpeople you would not even dream of. And,” she opened her eyes with a jerk, “I will tell you if you promise me something.”

“What do you know?!” Aquaine had completely forgotten about trying to make Myrtle cry. The only thing she was more eager about than tears was being told about herself—or about any of her kind…it made her feel real, and that was new for her. It was exciting.

“Promise first!”

Aquaine hesitated for a fraction of a second. “Anything.”

“Speak after me.”

Aquaine gulped. “Okay.”

“I, Aquaine the mermaid,… do solemnly swear… that I will do nothing…to interfere… with Moaning Myrtle´s plans tonight.”

Aquaine furrowed her pretty white brow. What was that little hag up to? She tried to think of a possible solution as she absent—mindedly repeated the oath; however, she found herself completely at sea.

Myrtle folded her arms again, looking as satisfied as Aquaine had never seen her before. “Fine.” Slowly she floated back towards the water tap.

“But you can´t leave now! What about the things you wanted to tell me?”

She didn´t even bother to turn around. “Tomorrow. If you keep your oath.” Aquaine clenched her fists in vain.

“What are you up to, then?” she called. “What is so oh—so—important?”

Myrtle threw her a suspicious glare. “ Ooh,  I won´t tell you. You´ll only try to spoil it!”

“No, I won´t!” To her utter astonishment, Aquaine found that this was true.

Myrtle could not keep a secret for long. “Harry Potter will be here tonight!!”

This was interesting. Aquaine had overheard many a conversation about the famous boy, and she was quite curious now…without any doubt he would appreciate her help—more than that cute, ignorant Cedric had done, anyway…

Then she remembered her oath. She cringed inwardly. It really looked like—and she still couldn´t believe it—Myrtle had won.  

Getting accustomed to the thought would take a while.

Myrtle had left, and Aquaine climbed her rock again (much less gracefully than she would have liked to). The weather on the canvas shore was stormy as always, and thoughtfully she looked down to watch the waves breaking into white spray on the cliffs. Absent—mindedly she  wiped a few droplets of saltwater off her cheek.


A/N: Only to make this clear: I do not  think Cedric is ignorant. It´s just Aquaine who thinks that, and she doesn’t know better. 

Besides, I´ve got a little “Thank You—speech” for you all. ;-) Thank You to all those kind people who reviewed my first story, Thank You to our wonderful headmistresses (who are outdoing themselves day after day—yes, I mean it! ;-) ) and last but not least Thank You to Doctor Cornelius, my beta—reader.

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