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Author: Poppy P (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: Meet Virginia  Chapter: Default
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A/N: Silly song parody of Train’s Meet Virginia. Standard disclaimer: JK owns the characters, Train owns the song. I own nothing, except of course for a huge assortment of HP merchandise ;)


Meet Virginia (Weasley)

She doesn’t own a dress, red hair’s always a mess

Stealin’ diaries, she won’t confess

She’s beautiful

Freed an elf one day

Wait that’s me but anyway

She don’t care a thing about my scar

She thinks I’m beautiful

She never compromises,

Loves her brothers and surprises

Wears her robes when she exercises

Ain’t that beautiful?

Meet Virginia

Well she wants to be with me

Infiltrate our friendship three

Pulls her hair back as she screams:

When will Harry ever notice me?

Mama wrestles twin rule breakers

Daddy enchants carburetors

Brother is a fine mediator for the Ministry

Well here she is sending owls

Just like me hates to be alone

Like to visit at her home

Best summers I ever spent

Meet Virginia,

Well she wants to live her life

Standing here right by my side

Holds her hair back as she screams:

Why won’t Harry ever notice me?

She only drinks pumpkin juice at midnight

When the moment is not right

Her family is quite unusual

You see her confidence is tragic

Even though she’s good at magic

Shade of her hair—unusual

Meet Virginia

I can’t wait to Meet Virginia, yeah

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