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A/N: This is my first fanfic and I hope everyone likes it! Thanks to Drez for nagging me to send this in and all my friend for reading it- you know who you are. A special thanks to my beta-reader Zsenya for the wonderful advice and corrections.

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters, they all belong to the wonderful JK J . I am not making a profit off this story.


"A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"

"I GOT IT!" Yelled James one day in the back of the History of Magic classroom, making Sirius and Peter jump a foot in the air. The Marauders had all been asleep, with the exception of Remus, who had been taking his usual notes. James had obviously come across a stroke of brilliance in his sleep. The other three Marauders turned their heads and looked at James with equal looks of puzzlement.

"What bout of rule breaking have you come across that is so important as to awaken me from my usual two oíclock nap?" asked Sirius menacingly as he cracked his knuckles.

"Weíre going to do something no Gryffindor has done before, and come to think of it, no person in their right mind would do!" exclaimed James happily, as his eyes misted over and he sank into a daydream of whatever he was planning.

"And what may that be, James?" asked Sirius, breaking the silence and not bothering to keep his voice down because Professor Binns would drone on no matter what. Even his own death had not gotten in the way of his teaching.

"Breaking into the Slytherin common room and get revenge on that git, Snape, for replacing my bicorn blood with pumpkin juice, causing my Shrinking Potion to explode and melt my cauldron during Potions last Friday. Of course." replied James very quickly, full of excitement. He and Sirius broke into matching devilish grins.

Remus, on the other hand, launched into the usual "All-the things-that-could-go-wrong-that-James-and Sirius-never-seem-to-think-of-until-it-is-too-late-and-we-wind-up-getting-detention-with-McGonagall" lecture. "Well, you have to cut me some slack, how could I think of all the bloody things that could go wrong when Iím the only one who thinks of all the good pranks?" said James conceitedly. Sirius let out a sputter of indignation.

"Snape did what at last Fridayís Potions?" asked Peter. He had always been a bit slow on the uptake. That was not helped by the fact that the Intelligence Charm James attempted on him last month had backfired.

Remus filled Peter in as both Sirius and James contented themselves with rolling their eyes behind Peterís back before they sank back into a deep sleep, both trying to dream up the perfect way to torture Snape and all of his Slytherin friends as much as possible. Long term jinxing had always been a specialty of Jamesí, and he smiled as he tried to decide on the best jinx.


That night during dinner, James was about to inform the rest of the Marauders about his plan to get revenge on Severus Snape, which he had planned perfectly during Transfiguration class. He gave a meaningful glance towards the enchanted ceiling of Hogwarts. In exchange for this, he received three dumbfound faces. The ceiling was overcast, as though it could foretell the rule breaking that was going to happen tonight.

"What do you get when you combine Snape and a magical ceiling?" asked James.

Sirius responded, "An extremely bad joke."

James closed his eyes and made a face as though he was mortally offended. "No, no, no. You get the best plan that I have come up with." By this time, Sirius looked very interested, along with Remus and Peter. James lowered his voice. "Did you ever read Hogwarts, A History?"

Remus had, of course, being the studious student he was. Sirius couldnít see what James was getting at, and by the look on Peterís face, he couldnít either.

"Well, remember the chapter about the enchanted ceiling in the Great Hall?"

"Of course, Godric Gryffindor enchanted it with an Illuminociclus Charm so it would mimic the night sky." responded Remus almost immediatly

"And what if we could perform a charm that would mimic a certain picture of Snapeís bed with a pink bunny rabbit on it that we are going to take tonight?"

"Brilliant, just brilliant James! This is almost as good as the time we bewitched a suit of armor to follow Snape around for a week after the Amazing Wet-Start No Heat Filibuster Fireworks incident at the last Quidditch game," exclaimed Sirius as he accidentally knocked over his pumpkin juice onto his Arithmancy book. He did not even notice.


Before going back to the Gryffindor common room, James stopped by the library to check out The Extremely Difficult and Nastily Complicated Charms Book. Madam Pince eyed James suspiciously because he never visited the library, and until now, she had doubted that he even knew where it was in Hogwarts. When James arrived back to the common room, he presented the book to the Marauders. The charm was not very advanced, but it would be difficult to perform it on such a large area. While the Marauders were deciding who should do the charm work, Peter exclaimed, " Hogwarts has a library?" James, Sirius, and Remus quickly turned their snickering into hacking coughs.


All four of the boys snuck out of the common room under Jamesí invisibility cloak, which he had inherited from his father. It was a tight squeeze trying to fit all of them under it with out having any hands appearing to float in mid-air, but they succeeded.

They entered the Slytherin common room through a secret passage they had learned about the year before. This was not quite as simple as it sounded, you first had to perform an extreamly complicated Alohomora spell on the statue of snake.The trip to the Slytherin common room had been was quite uneventful, with the exception of Peterís foot getting trapped in the trick step on the stairs and having to be pulled out by the other three. When they came to Snapeís bed and removed the invisibility cloak, they received a nasty shock. Snape wasnít there.

"We can just take a picture with the pink bunny in the bed. I mean, everyone will still know it is Snapeís bed, with those foul black and orange sheets." While still muttering about Snapeís bad taste in colors, James placed the bunny on the bed. Now this pink bunny had been given to Sirius the past Christmas from his crazy Aunt Lola, but Sirius was in denial, and a heated argument broke out over the ownership of this particular stuffed animal.

"I do believe this is yours, Sirius, I saw you sleeping with it just last week-"

"Poppycock," interrupted Sirius. "Itís yours, I donít even have an Aunt Lola!"

"Oh give up, or Iíll tell Snape about that time your tried to get a house elf to pass as your girlfriend to win that betÖ" That shut Sirius up pretty quick, but not before waking the entire Slytherin dormitory.

The Slytherins had heard enough to guess who the intruders were, and by the time they sat up, James had bolted, followed by Sirius, Remus, and Peter at the tail end after they quickly took the picture. They rushed down the stairs, out of the common room, and down the hall. They hid behind a particularly large suit of armor and pulled the invisibility cloak over their panting selves.

"This is going well- isnít it James? At least weíre not about to be caught by Filch this time. I really do prefer this scenario of being chased by a bunch of sleep deprived Slytherins- donít you?" hissed Sirius into Jamesí ear quietly, but still sounding threatening.

James ignored the sarcasm in Siriusís voice and replied scathingly, "You better keep quiet, you git, or Iíll tell Remus, Peter, and the Slytherin seventh years about you modeling Muggle womenís clothes for Muggle Studies last year." James had always been much smaller than Sirius, but he made up for it in his "own unique ways," as he put it.

"Excuse me Sirius, but what did you do?" asked Remus, positively beaming with interest (he didnít take Muggle Studies with Sirius and James).

"Oh stuff a sock down your throat!"

Remus looked taken aback by Siriusís remark but swiftly recovered with a fit of coughing that had a suspicious and uncanny resemblance to "I, Sirius, love Snape."

Sirius shot Remus a look that was quite reminiscent to Professor McGonagall after they transformed her shoes into grindylows last week. Quietly, they tiptoed to the Great Hall to perform the Illuminociclus Charm and Peter walked slowly after them.


None of the Marauders slept well that night; they were all to busy trying to imagine Snapeís face at breakfast. As they were entering the Great Hall the next morning, they found out that the reason Snape wasnít in his bed, he had tried to break into their dormitory to jinx them, but thankfully, he had been unsuccessful, heightening the Marauderís good mood even more.

The look on Snapeís face as it dawned on him that it was his bed pictured on the ceiling of the Great Hall was priceless, and as Sirius had put it, a picture would be worth way more than a thousand words.





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