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Author: Emeraldd Star  Story: The Sweetest Surprise  Chapter: Default
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One might think that a plant called a boneblossom would be skeletal, or have something to do with death, but this is in fact wrong. The wizard who discovered this plant actually meant tromboneblossom, and the name was later shortened. The plant has a large, golden, bell shaped blossom, which emits a brassy tune when in need water, or food. Unfortunately many wizards enjoy the sound of this so much they often forget, or even purposely do not take care of the plant’s needs. Though Nature often has ways of fending for it’s self, and if not feed for a long time the boneblossom’s music grows steadily louder. The music continues until the offending wizard is either deaf or insane. Then the boneblossom gains ultimate revenge by devouring its victim. It’s M.O.M classification of four is well earned. The boneblossom’s rating was actually moved from three to four in 1427, when Hugh the Horrible tried to create a boneblossom symphony for a garden party.’ 


Hermione Granger-Weasley was at her wits end. All morning, she had been researching the boneblossom for her new book, ‘101 Musical Plants- the Sounds of Magical Nature,’ and what a horrible morning it had been. 

First off Hermione had woken late, courtesy of her husband, Ron. He had obviously woken before she had and thrown the alarm clock (which was spewing large and dangerous purple sparks at a fantastic rate) out the window. This had made Hermione late for a meeting with Iris Bragnurt, the head of the all the Herbology related divisions at the Ministry. Iris, a middle aged witch, knew just how important she was to Hermione’s research, was not impressed and refused to see her.

As Hermione trudged out of the Ministry building, and began to the official Ministry library, it began to rain. Because of the strict no apparateing policy she had to walk next door (which was roughly three miles by the time she passed all of the Ministry offices) through freezing mud, wind, rain, and eventually hail. Upon reaching the building she found it closed, and realized that it was a holiday in France, where Mr. Duval, the librarian, was from. 

To top it all off, just as Hermione took out her wand to disparate, an owl relieved itself on her shoulder.  Wanting greatly to stun the bird Hermione took a sharp breath and quickly disaparated.


Once in the kitchen a doubled-over Ron startled Hermione out of her rage. He was laughing so hard, at the sight of her, that he was nearly crying Hermione’s eyes narrowed dangerously, that was the last straw.

But, just as she pulled out her wand to hex Ron into a smoldering pile of ash, he blew her a kiss and danced out of the room.

“ARRRGH” Hermione screamed, and stalked up the stairs to take a nice hot bath.

A half hour among her favorite bubbles cheered Hermione up, significantly, and soon she was willing to attack her research again. By then, it was nearly ten o’clock and she was ready to start reading up on Boneblossoms again. So she retreated to her study, where she spent the next two hours.

Massaging her temples, Hermione glanced up and noticed something different about her desk. On it sat a chocolate frog. Curious as to how it got there, Hermione carefully unwrapped it, and out of habit glanced at the card at the top it read, “Hermione Granger-Weasley.” Hermione blinked at the picture of herself, the picture was working in her study, and concentrating very hard. Looking closely, Hermione noticed that the picture had been glued on over the card, and the card had a familiar handwriting on it instead of the formal print. She read on,

“Mrs. Granger-Weasley is currently one of the most intelligent people alive. She has discovered two new uses for dragon’s blood and three new charms in the past five years. Mrs. Granger-Weasley is also the author of ‘Extraction Without Extinction- Methods of Obtaining Natural Substances Without Death” and “House Elves A History.” Mrs. Granger-Weasley has remained very active in House Elf rights, and is currently the wife of the luckiest man on earth, Ron Weasley.”

Hermione felt herself blushing at the handmade card. Ron really could be a sweet husband at times, when he wasn’t being an incredible prat.  Instinctively she turned the card over to see if Ron had included a list of dates on the back. But instead of a timeline there was a message written on the back.

“Hermione, look in your ink well!”

An eyebrow shot up at the note, but Hermione obeyed and unscrewed the top of the jar. She let out another squeal of surprise. It was full to the brim with Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. By inspecting the colours for a moment, Hermione came to the conclusion that Ron had only included her favorite flavours, honey, mint tea, lemon, chocolate expresso, and he had even remembered to include one of her more unusual favorites- sheet metal.

Near the top of the jar, Hermione saw a small folded piece of parchment. Smiling she opened it, it read,

‘Now go back to writing, break is over you louse!”

Hermione giggled, trust Ron to do something like that in the middle of a sweet surprise. Hermione reached back and pulled a spare quill out of her knot of hair. She licked the nib to activate the self-inking charm, and tasted- sugar?  Hermione laughed out loud, Ron had exchanged her quill for a sugar quill! She had the feeling her surprise wasn’t over yet.

Indeed it wasn’t. Once the sugar quill had touched her tongue, it sprung for her grasp and began to write in bright orange ink,


            By now we’ve both stopped being so stubborn and admitted our love to one another. We bicker like an old married couple, even though today it’s only been one year. You forgot didn’t you? Yes Hermione, today is our one-year anniversary! Let me tell you, what a year it has been. I think that this past year has been the scariest, most exciting, most wonderful year of my life. I can still barely believe it, Hermione Granger- the bushy haired, smart, wonderful girl who I had loved since I was fourteen is MY wife! What luck, what fortune, what terror? It was scary, meeting your relatives, never knowing if I was doing something wrong or right. Half fearing and wanting and explosion from you, wanting because making up is always the best part with you Hermione. So here we are, it’s been 365 days since I last said “I do” and do you know what Hermione? I will never say those two words again, because every moment with you this past year had been so amazing and perfect that I refuse to do it all over. It’s been a great year Hermione, lets have many more.”

Hermione Granger-Weasley wiped a tear away from her eyes. Then she stood up and went to find her Husband to give him a big kiss and a bigger thank you.

The End

Happy Anniversary Sugar Quill!

From Hermione


From Ronald (its RON) Weasley

Harry, er I mean HAPPY Anniversary!

From Ginny Weasley

Thank you and have many more wonderful years!

From Harry Potter

Ahhhhhh, Happy Anniversary!

From Lavender and Parvati

Sirs and misses have been very kind to Dobby and Dobby is wishing you another happy year!

From Dobby The House Elf

I hope yeh have more an more years after this first un’ HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

From Hagrid


From Albus Dumbledore

Thank You Sugar Quill, you truly ROX! ~ Emeraldd Star


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