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Author: Emlizanne (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: Trusting In Secrets  Chapter: Chapter Two
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.Chapter 2.

Remus had no way of knowing that he was not the only person on the train who felt they were hurtling helplessly toward a future that no force but time could reveal.

Unbeknownst to him, a young woman sat in the compartment just down the corridor.  Like him, she sat alone.  Like him, she was questioning her decision to travel to Hogwarts.  Like him, she was thinking of a letter.  And like him, that letter was from Albus Dumbledore.

Apparently he was a great wizard, and a famous one.  She wouldn't know.  Her upbringing had not been exactly conventional.  The first she had learned of Albus Dumbledore's existence had been from the back of children's trading card, only a few months ago.

He had looked familiar, though.  He had looked ... the answer eluded her for several long minutes as she wracked her brain for the connection.  Then it hit her, and the realisation had sent her rigid with shock. 

The man in the picture looked like her father.  But no - a sly stab of pain forced her to amend the thought.  He looked as her father might have looked, if he had ever lived to reach such an age.

Alone, and desperate for any lead that would help her to find the answers she sought, she had written to this ‘Albus Dumbledore’.  Taken a wild risk and told him everything.  Begged him to tell her anything he might know about her family.

His response had been prompt, and its content most unexpected.  He was not certain that he could help her with respect to her inquiries, he had written, but he had noticed in her letter that she had referred to her mother as a Charmer,and was wondering if the trait had been inherited because his school had not had a decent Charmer on staff in years. 

It had taken her a good few moments before she had worked out that he was offering her a job.

Well, she wasn't stupid.  She had told Dumbledore of the danger she feared she was in.  She knew perfectly well that the letter she now held in her hands was not simply an altruistic offer of employment, but an offer of sanctuary.

It was unexpected.  She had not anticipated his protection, all she had sought was information.  And truth be told, she had not even held much hope of that.  For more than a year, she had investigated tirelessly, with not even the flimsiest of leads to show for all her efforts ...

She was so tired.  And if it was true what they were saying about Voldemort's resurrection, then she was scared, too.  Tired, scared, and running out of places to run to.

Given her circumstances, she knew that only a fool would decline what Dumbledore was offering her, but nonetheless, she had struggled with her decision.  She still wondered if she had made the right choice.

She thought again of the letter she had received, and the futile cycle of her thoughts began again.  With an impatient sigh, she shook her head.  There was no point dwelling on the same questions for hours on end when no answers were available.  Only time would tell what the future held. 

And meanwhile, she decided firmly, she was going for a walk.

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