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Author: Emma  Story: Bloody Boys are All Stupid  Chapter: Default
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"Hermione, I need to talk to you," Ginny said with a forced calmness.

All throughout dinner, Ginny had hardly been able to keep from screaming and pulling her hair out at the same time.

"Ginny, I'm busy writing..." Hermione glanced at Ginny's distressed face, and said, "please don't tell me this has something to do with R- those boys downstairs..."

The slim red headed girl flopped down heavily on Hermione's bed, causing some hidden papers to sadly float down to the beautiful wood-paneled floor, which was piled with books.

"I'm such a prat! I'm a stupid git! I'm- I'm-Iím never going to even have a real conversation with Harry-ever!" This declaration was slightly muffled, due to the fact that there were blankets over Ginnyís head.

"Harry?" With her nose in a book, Hermione still managed to look caring and sympathetic in a confused sort of way. "You've said that to me millions of times, Ginny," she said, closing the small notebook she was writing in. "And if I tell you I donít think it's true, one more time, it wonít have any meaning. What happened downstairs after I left, anyway?"

"Well, as you know," Ginnyís head emerged from beneath he covers, "my brother and Harry were in the common room talking about the Yule Ball. They were trying to think of any other last attempts at finding partners-"

"Last attempts! Thatís exactly what it was! Now Iím remembering why I made such a fool of myself. I can't believe Ron would actually- how insensitive can he be? -Why do I even think-Argh! Bloody boys are so stupid!"

At this point, which was the climax of her small speech, Hermione was standing up on her bed and was clutching the scarlet curtains in one hand, while her other arm flailed out hitting a frame off the wall.

Ginny sat up, glad that her head was out the line of fire. Gosh, she thought. Did she really just say "bloody?" I understand, butÖ Hermione?

Nevertheless, she quickly told Hermione, with the same enthusiasm, that she agreed.

After the outburst, both girls fell into their own melancholy quietness. Ginny slid of the bed, and slumped onto the floor thinking, I could have gone with himÖ

She continued her thoughts out loud. "Ron said that I could go with Harry to the ball," she said murmuring, "since he didn't have anyone else to go with-"

Hermione snorted. "Ginny, how can they even think of you like that? As a last resort for Harry?" Harry is one of my best friends of course, but he hardly deserves you if he hasn't realized by now what a great, sweet funny girl you are."

Ginny looked down at a pile of books uncertainly. Hermione continued, "And your brother! Did he really just say, 'You can just go with Ginny, Harry.'?

What a dumb thing for him to say. Why-why do I even...Oh God- like him?"

Hermione was now sitting against the wall, with her face burried in her arms wrapped closely around her knees.

Ginny offered her solace by sincerely saying, "Hermione, it's obviously for some good reason. Maybe it's just that feeling in your stomach... light and upside down like... I know that feeling..." There was a pause. "Anyway, my point was I think he is somewhat taken with you himself, he just hasn't really noticed." She suppressed a chuckle.

"Oh, really Ginny! Don't say that!" But Hermione was grinning.

"But I mean it!" Ginny was faking an indignant look at Hermione. Now the girls were both being set into small fits of giggles. "Besides, Hermione, those things don't matter to us, right?"

Hermione took a breath to ask, "What are you on about now?"

Ginny answed, "Well, because! Bloody boys are all stupid!" She mimicked Hermioneís outrage quite well. This of course sent the two friends into utter hysterics. They spent the rest of the now delightful evening painting their toenails a sparkly blue color.


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