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Author: Tartan Faeries  Story: I'd Love To, Mr. Weasley  Chapter: Default
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Angelina Johnson stared at herself in the mirror. Nervously, she smoothed down her red dress robes and proceeded to pat her hair in all its little plaits. She bit her lip trying to fight back a nervous grin and turned to face Katie Bell.

“How do I…,” she began.

“Gorgeous,” grinned Katie, proceeding to twirl in her violet robes.

“And me?”

“Stunning, darling,” laughed Angelina.

“I feel really rotten about Alicia,” said Katie sadly looking over to Alicia’s bed.

“I know, what a time to get the flu,” sympathised Angelina. They stood in silence for a moment.

“Time, Miss Johnson?” enquired Katie primly.

“Oh, god, twenty-five past!” she exclaimed, excitement kicking in.

“Shall we?” Katie offered her arm. Giggling, Angelina accepted and together they headed for the door.


Fred kept glancing at the entrance to the common room. Her ran a hand through his hair and surveyed the scene[:]. Harry looking awkward as he greeted Parvati Patil and Ron looking surly as he observed the common room in much the same way as his brother; Seamus cringing as Lavender burst into shrill giggles and Neville speaking embarrassedly to Ginny who smiled back nervously. His head snapped round at the sound of a voice behind him.

“Hi, Fred,” Angelina said tentatively. Fred grinned widely at her and she smiled back. Clearing his throat grandly he offered her his hand.

“Care to, Miss Johnson?” he offered in an affected accent. Angelina’s eyes glittered amusedly and her smile broadened. Fred’s insides contorted, but not in an unpleasant manner-far from it.

“I’d love to, Mr Weasley,” she replied in equal grandeur, reaching out her hand, shaking slightly out of giddy excitement. Fred slowly interlaced his fingers with hers; in a manner most wouldn’t think likely of a hyperactive Weasley twin.

 Taking a deep breath, Angelina followed him out of the portrait hole. 


The excited hum from the Great Hall reverberated throughout the wide Hogwarts hallways. It increased in volume the closer they got. Finally Fred and Angelina reached the doors to the hall, passing the Triwizard champions, which included a disgruntled Harry Potter. Angelina chanced a sideways glance at Fred and flushed to see he was looking at her, an odd expression on his face.

“What?” she asked quickly, her free hand flying up to check her hair. Fred caught it in mid-flight.

“Angelina, no…its just you look really nice,” he said in a soft voice she’d never heard before .She swallowed and blushed as Fred brought her hand back down to her side. She grinned.

“Thank you,” she said quietly.

“Come on!” said Fred in his usual tone tugging her gently into the hall.


The Weird Sisters took to the stage under tumultuous applause. Angelina stood with Fred, George and Katie. The band struck up a slow mournful tune and Fred had to try his hardest to smother laughter as the Triwizard champions stepped out onto the floor. Harry looked positively agonised as Parvati steered him forcefully round the floor. Viktor Krum was as duck-footed as ever, but Fred had to crane his neck to get a good look at whom he was with –it took him a full minute. He nudged Angelina.

“That’s Hermione!” he said incredulously. Angelina followed his gaze.

“Oh! So it is!” she said in surprise. “Good for her!”

 Fred grinned at her. The floor had begun to fill and when Fred asked her to dance Angelina accepted immediately.


Several fast dances later, with the crowd parting to make way for them, Angelina and Fred were taking a well-deserved break. Angelina’s nerves had dissolved completely. They sat with George and Katie, chatting animatedly for a while. Suddenly the twins shot up having spotted something across the hall.

“Won’t be a tick!” said George as they dashed away. Angelina and Katie glanced at each other, wearing identical expressions of confusion. Katie shrugged.

“So, enjoying yourself?” she asked. Angelina beamed.

“You?” she replied. Katie smiled shyly. She and George were well suited, reckoned Angelina. George could equal Fred in the exuberance stakes, but on the whole was the more patient of the two. Katie herself was a lot quieter than Alicia or Angelina. Both seemed to have an effect on each other, George brought Katie out of her shell and Katie in turn, calmed him down slightly.

“Hey, did you see who’s at the dance with Viktor Krum?” said Angelina suddenly.

“I know! Hermione!” exclaimed Katie.

“Good for her!” they said in unison and laughed,

“Ron doesn’t seem too happy,” giggled Katie indicating the youngest Weasley boy, glaring openly at Hermione and Krum. Angelina fought back a laugh.

“They’ll sort it out sooner or later,” she assured Katie with a conspiratorial wink. Lee Jordan appeared at Katie’s elbow.

“Ladies,” he nodded approvingly, sliding into Fred’s vacated seat.

“Hi, Lee,” said Angelina.

“Heard from Alicia?” he asked in a vain attempt at being flippant.

“Yeah, this morning. She’s feeling better, sends her love and wishes she was here,” said Katie.

“So do I! I mean…” Lee blushed, but just as Katie and Angelina opened their mouths a voice of mock outrage cut through the air.

“Jordan! Well, I never. Taking advantage of two respectable young ladies,” tutted Fred from behind Angelina. George reclaimed his seat and engaged Katie and Lee in conversation. Angelina turned too look up at Fred.

“Hi,” she said softly, standing up.

“Hello,” he smiled back taking a step back.

“D’you…” he faltered. “D’you fancy taking a walk?” Angelina looked at him calculatingly.

“Yes, alright,” she agreed, stomach thudding slightly as Fred took her hand again. They edged their way round the crowds and soon the cool night hair hit their faces. Fred breathed deeply as they crossed the threshold to the world outside. Up ahead he could hear bangs and could see leaves getting thrown up into the air.

“Snape’s on the warpath!” he said laughingly. They stopped where they were, at the bottom of the steps. Angelina opened her mouth to say something but at the moment Professor Snape strode angrily out of the rose garden. Catching sight of the pair of them he opened his mouth to reprimand them, malice sparkling acidly in his eyes. Before he could find a reason, Igor Karkaroff advanced behind him.

“Severus!” he barked. Snape made a noise of deep frustration and continued up the steps. Karkaroff followed, stumbling in his haste.

Fred turned to Angelina and arched his eyebrows. Angelina shook her head having no idea what the exchange had been about. 

“I see young Ron has a case of the green-eyed monster,” she commented. Fred grinned wickedly.

“He doesn’t have a clue,” he chuckled. Looking down he took Angelina’s free hand in his. Her heart leaped.

“And as for Jordan and Spinnet…” sighed Fred, shaking his head in disdain. Angelina bit her lip. At that moment she was sure the air changed somehow. She found herself looking into Fred’s eyes, surprised to see they held a different sparkle, not one of mischief but what it was she didn’t dare think. It was incredibly endearing though, she thought as she slowly closed her own eyes. Just as Fred had drawn her so close she could feel his breath on her lips a loud crash from above them as the doors crashed open. Angelina pulled back as Ludo Bagman rushed passed them. Fred’s eves narrowed slightly.

“What’s the…” began Angelina but was cut short by Fred pulling her close and placing his lips on hers in a soft kiss. Angelina tensed out of shock but relaxed quickly in his arms. They broke apart; Fred stared at her almost apprehensively. She smiled softly at him, he smiled back and reached up to tug gently at one of her plaits. Angelina tingled all over.

“I’ve had such a great time,” she said softly.

“Me too,” he replied.



“Would you like one last dance?”



“D’you really need to ask?”

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