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Chapter 2

Disclaimer: I don't own JKR's characters and never will. I'm sure that Ms Rowling would never treat her characters in the same manner I've treated them. Eve is a bastard of original character and real life person and I try to deny any responsibility for her. Neither do I own the poem Voluspa but I seriously doubt that anyone has the copyright.

Author's note: Thanks to Zsenya for her beta-reading. Miss Pince, thanks for your encouragement, ideas and advice. Baal gets special credit for telling me I'm a genius. As for my reviewers, you have all made me a very happy girl and I hope this chapter will please you!

Lee watched his father disappear in the crowd at King's Cross. His last year at Hogwarts was starting, maybe that was the reason why he hadn't given one thought to school all summer. The reason could also be the endless sunshine in Jamaica or the fact that his father's idea of proper clothes were tie-dyed robes. It was now time to go back through the barrier to face real life. He looked around for the Weasley twins as he stepped through. He had not heard a word from them all summer, so he supposed they had been busy with joke shop plans. He boarded the Hogwarts Express when he had seen no sign of the twins on the platform and started to look for them in all the compartments. He had looked over half the train when he finally found George, who was sitting with Harry, Ron and Hermione.

"Hi, guys! What's up?" he said and looked around at them. None of them were cheerful, Hermione looked irritated, Ron glum, Harry sad and Merlin's beard, the face on George, had someone died?

"Is everything ok?" Lee asked in a trembling voice, "did something happen with You-Know-Who and the Death-Eaters?" To his relief, they shook their heads.

"Where is Fred?" he dared to ask.

"You can look for him yourself," said George in a tone that made Lee's skin crawl.

"Something's wrong between you?" Lee asked and felt somewhat nervous. The others looked at him wearily, like they had been on the train for years.

"Only he's a bastard," growled George. Lee furrowed his brow. It was very likely that George wasn't going to tell him anything. He looked at the others and Ron was clearly wearing a "don't ask" look. Lee sighed. It seemed like he would have a long train ride ahead of him.

Shortly after the lunch trolley had come by, Lee got up to look for more lively people. He still had to discover where Fred was and now he was determined to. Maybe then he would finally get some answers.

After looking through half of the train's carriages, Lee was about to give up. He leaned against a window and looked at the countryside zooming past.

"A knut for your thoughts?" said a soft voice and he turned around to face Angelina.

"Oh, hi. Well, better save those knuts for something better than my thoughts," he said and gave her a vague smile.

"I just thought that you might be wondering about the twins," he could hear a trace of sadness in her voice. "I don't know that much. I got a letter from Harry several days ago about them. Apparently, Fred has quit the Quidditch team because he and George have stopped speaking to each other."

Lee gaped. Had the twins stopped talking to each other? That sounded as ridiculous as Snape wearing pink, frilly robes to Potions class. What on earth had happened? He couldn't think of a single thing that the twins would disagree upon. He had known them for six years and they had never fought. Sure, there had been minor quarrels but they were usually resolved very quickly or as soon the twins began to collaborate on the next joke. That happened every five minutes.

"So, do you know why they have stopped talking ?" Lee asked.

"Over a girl, some Muggle girl named Eve or that's what Harry told me in his letter. I cornered Ginny soon after I got on the Express and found out some more details."

"Over a girl?" Lee was puzzled for he had always wondered how two guys as alike as Fred and George were could have such different taste in girls. Fred and himself both liked the exotic ones while the English rose was more George's type. "She must be very pretty."

"Well, according to Ginny, and hers is of course a girl's view, that Eve girl is average. Blondish, medium height, sharp features. Ginny didn't seem to have a high opinion of her." Lee noticed the bitter tone in Angelina's voice. He remembered when Fred had told him and George that Angelina had kissed him after the Yule Ball. Fred's face had been flushed and it had seemed like nothing could wipe off his grin. He had of course been glad for his friend but he had to admit that he had also fancied Angelina. The next two terms, Fred and Angelina had flirted madly but their relationship hadn't really progressed. Lee supposed they hadn't been ready to get serious but now it was obvious that Angelina wished they had.

"You know, I always thought that Fred really liked you," he said before he could stop himself. Angelina frowned and leaned against the window sighing.

"It looks like he doesn't anymore though," she said and kept her voice low. Lee fought the instinct to hug her. He wondered if this Eve held some sort of special power. He didn't see how any Muggle girl could cause Fred to dismiss Angelina and his brother.

"Do you know anything about what will happen with the twins' joke shop plans?" Lee tried to change the subject.

"Oh, Ginny mentioned that. I think that they have just buried them. That's a shame, it was the perfect career for both of them and the ideas they had. I can't imagine how in the world they were able to make those Canary Creams? I mean, those potions that have transfiguring properties, they taste disgusting. But they are geniuses in adapting potions and giving objects transfiguration abilities." Lee couldn't help but chortle at Angelina's speech.

"Enthusiastic, aren't we?" he said with a grin. She smiled shyly.

"I believe it has something to do with Fred if you really want to know," she said. "Why else would a witch like me be so fascinated with stuff that blows up in your face?" These words caused him to curse Fred. Why was the guy frolicking with that Muggle girl when he could have a beautiful witch who loved his pranks and was passionate about Quidditch? In a rush of sympathy, he grabbed her hand, squeezed it and said,"I promise that I'll try to get Fred to see the error of his ways. There's no way he's going to hang on to this Eve when he can have you. Hang in there, sister." She smiled as she whispered her thanks.


Ginny looked nervously around before entering the stands surrounding the Quidditch field. She didn't want to bring attention to the fact she was going to watch the Gryffindor Quidditch practice. A tiny voice in the back of her mind reminded her that she had a right to watch. She had two brothers on the team and one of them was on his first practice.

"Hi, you watching too?" Hermione slid into the seat next to Ginny.

"Yeah, I'm going see if Ron will make an arse of himself," said Ginny and shot a sideways glance at Hermione who stared right ahead quite determined.

"Hmmph," was her only comment. Ginny suppressed a tiny smile. She took a quick look at the players but when she saw George's face, she lost all desire to smile. His look made her stomach plummet several stories. He was hoovering ten feet above the ground on his broomstick with an extremely dark expression which reminded Ginny of thunderclouds. It tore her apart inside every time she thought about the disagreement between her two brothers. She had cried, written letters to Bill and Charlie and even tried to talk to Fred, which hadn't proved much luck. Ron was affected by this, too, she knew that. He was trying his best to remain neutral, careful not to take sides, but Ginny knew that he silently sympathized with George. Fred had picked Eve over him and Ron didn't like Eve a bit after the giraffe comment. Ginny didn't like her either, there was something unsettling about her and Ginny knew that feeling transcended the fact that Eve had come between her beloved brothers.

"It doesn't look like George is having much fun," Hermione commented.

"Yeah, and he is playing badly. The replacement for Fred, that third year ... name escapes me ... is doing much better." Ginny looked thoughtful on the proceedings on the field.

"Andrew Nestler, yeah, he is ok. But I know Harry is not happy, he's really worried about the first match."

"Why, against the Hufflepuffs, right?"

"Don't you ever listen to your brothers and their Quidditch ramblings? Ever heard about the Parkin family? The Wigtown Wanderers? There happens to be a third year girl in Hufflepuff whose name is Roseanne Parkin. She is, of course, the new Hufflepuff Seeker."

"Ok, so they got quite a replacement for Cedric Diggory?"

"Yeah, listen to us, talking about Quidditch like professionals," said Hermione and they laughed. Ginny's eyes wandered over the field and onto Harry who was taking his new role as the team captain quite seriously. He was shouting something at George who just hung his head. Ginny wondered what it could be. Of course George needed shouting at if he planned to keep on playing this poorly. George flew down to the ground and walked to the broomshed. Ginny's heart skipped a beat, Fred was standing there. She nudged Hermione and pointed out her brothers. Hermione drew out her wand and Ginny did the same. The twins were glaring at each other with loathing.

"Should we let the others know?" whispered Ginny but Hermione just pointed upwards and they saw the rest of the Ouidditch team soaring down to see what was happening.

George's voice echoed over the field, "What are you doing here? I thought you'd quit the team. Are you spying now? Are the Slytherins paying you? I wouldn't let that past you, you filthy scumbag!"

"You should talk, they could just as well use Errol as a Beater. I think Gryffindor can kiss the Quidditch Cup good-bye. You're such a loser." Fred seemed ready to attack, with his wand out.

"Repeat what you said," George snarled.

"I said you were a loser. Why do you think Eve picked me?" The second Fred had said that, George jumped on him. Harry and Ron ran forth to pull them apart but Ron got a kick in the stomach and it looked like George had punched Harry in the jaw. They tried again to break the twins apart but received worse blows than before.

"They are going to kill each other," said Katie, "we have to do something."

"It is impossible to try any charm," Alicia added.

"Girls, what are we afraid of? Let's help Harry and Ron before the twins amputate each other. Andrew, don't stand there, help us," said Angelina as she pushed up the sleeves on her robes and grabbed the nearest arm out off the waddle that was Fred, George, Harry and Ron. Ginny followed her suit and clutched one of those entwined arms. Her catch was Harry, who now had a bloody nose. Angelina and Andrew were trying to restrain a very angry Fred, who had a cut lip, Katie and Alicia were holding on to George for dear life and Hermione was helping Ron to stand upright. It seemed that he had been kicked in the head and he was a bit disoriented.

"Let me go, let me have him," George growled as he tried to wrench himself free from Katie's and Alicia's grip.

"You are going to get it, loser," was Fred's retort as Angelina tried to pull him back.

"What do you think you would accomplish with beating each other into bloody pulp?" Ginny looked at her elder brothers while handing Harry her handkerchief to stop the nosebleed. "I'm sorry but I think you two have to consider the people around you. Fighting like this could get you expelled and what do you think that would do to Mum?"

The twins' faces were set in stone. The others looked between them, unsure what to do. Finally Fred pulled himself free from Angelina and Andrew.

"Relax, I'm leaving. I'm not wasting my breath on him," said Fred, while everyone braced themselves for another brawl. Ginny watched him walked towards the castle without looking back. It was like her stomach was lined with lead, she truly grieved for the relationship her brothers had lost.


Ron opened his trunk and just as he had suspected, his Charms textbook was lying on the top of his stuff. He took it but as he was about to close the lid on his trunk, he remembered that he had to look for his Quidditch gloves, somehow he'd managed to make them disappear in the mess. He had used them for the try-outs, but yesterday on the first practice he had not been wearing any and his hands were still sore, though he didn't have any blisters.

He groaned. It was easy to see why one should pack neatly when one had to look through one's belongings. Empty pack of owl treats, a pair of trousers that had fitted him in his third year, Hogwarts: A History... WHAT was that doing there? Oh, yeah. He had managed to overturn the trolley at King's Cross with his and Hermione's trunks and they had both opened when they fell off. Oh, no! Ron felt sick, he tore through the rest of his stuff and found a battered note book with a Chudley Cannons sticker on the front and a stack of letters with a red ribbon around them. He sighed in relief, he could just imagine himself explaining to Hermione why he had her letters bound together with a red ribbon.

The Quidditch gloves were nowhere in sight so he dug further into the trunk. His old dress robes were there, he cringed at the sight of them. If there would be another event that required formal wear like the Yule Ball, he would rather go starkers like he had once threatened than put on that maroon rag again. He flung the dress robes on the floor as if they were extremely filthy but something tumbled out of them and onto the floor. Something wrapped in red silk paper, he picked it up and felt something soft inside the wrappings. Then he noticed the pack was closed with a silver seal with black letters on it. Gladrags-Wizardwear. The only new clothing he had got this year were some new school robes and they had been bought at Madam Malkin's. Ron opened the seal slowly, wondering if this could be a dress belonging to Hermione that got mixed up with his stuff just like Hogwarts: A History. The contents of the package seemed to be made of prussian blue material. He tugged the material and saw it was dress robes large enough to fit him. It seemed, as a matter of fact, that the robes had been specially made for him. The collar, sleeves and hem were lined with material in a lighter shade than the robes themselves. Ron saw the shade resembled his own eye colour. How had those dress robes got there? There was no way his mother would have bought them, they looked way too expensive.

He looked at the tag inside: Gladrags. Whiz-Man Special Collection. He did not know much about fashion, magical or Muggle but something told him that a piece of clothing marked "Special Collection" would probably cost as many Galleons as a year's worth of clothing for himself, Ginny, and the twins.Who in hell had put those robes in his trunk? Ron wondered if it had been Harry, he had the money but when did he have the time to go to Gladrags, whether it was in Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade? Then he noticed a note that had fallen onto the floor.

"Ickle Ronniekins, Your estemeed older brothers have noticed that you have taken to imitating a weed, that is to say, you are growing at an alarming rate. We feared that the item know as your old dress robes (hideous maroon tatters) have become too small. So out of our enormous generosity, we decided to give you some nice dress robes. Now you will look good at any Ball and that will make us look good (well, that is the whole purpose). Just try to have better luck with the ladies next time, we can't have you ruining the good reputation of us Weasleys. Cheers, Gred and Forge."

Ron stood with the robes in one hand and the note in the other. Briefly he wondered where the twins had come up with the money for the dress robes. That passed quickly. Instead he started to feel incredibly sad over the fact that most likely he would never enjoy or even be the target of his older brothers' jests again. Why was Fred so blind that he couldn't see anything but that Eve? George was only the shadow of his former self, there were dark circles under his eyes and according to Lee Jordan, he had stopped putting any effort into his schoolwork. Even Snape's threats didn't seem to pull him out of his melancholy. Ron thought about the letters he and Ginny had received from their parents where they asked how the twins were doing. He hadn't been able to reply to them but he knew Ginny had. Then again she wasn't giving up on them and maybe he shouldn't either. Why couldn't Fred decide he liked some girl at Hogwarts more than Eve? Ron folded his new robes together and placed them carefully at the top of his things in the trunk. At least he would be better dressed at any Ball then some stupid Bulgarian, even with a feud going on in the family.


"Mr Weasley, it is common that students are brought up to my office to discuss their academic efforts, usually their lack of. Now, since I became a Headmaster, I've never had such conversation with any of your family. The Weasley family members usually are above average and some are outstanding like your brothers, William and Percy. Your grades have been very good, impressive even when one considers the amount of detention you have served and your commitment to the Gryffindor Quidditch team. I'm also very aware of those little inventions you and your brother have made and I admit they were extremely clever, there are many years since I have seen such resourcefulness." George knew where Dumbledore was heading with his speech. "However, Mr Weasley, this is no longer the case with you. All your professors have expressed concern about your academic proceedings and I believe that your performance with the Quidditch team hasn't exactly been your finest." George couldn't help but groan - had had Harry started complaining too? Dumbledore raised one eyebrow and gazed over his half-moon spectacles.

"What was that, Mr Weasley? Rest assured, Mr Potter hasn't said a word about this to me or the other Professors. This is something that can be heard through the grapevine. Rumour has it that you and your brother, Fred, broke some sort of a psychic link and that is the reason for your bad performance on Quidditch practices.

"I can't order you, Mr Weasley, to pull yourself together and start putting an effort into your work. I could ask Madam Pomfrey to take you into counseling but that is only if you want to." George shook his head furiously, he had no desire to tell Madam Pomfrey his innermost thoughts. Dumbledore nodded slightly like he'd expected this response.

"I know that you are at odds with your brother and I suppose your situation today is a result of that. I can't settle that but there are things that you must consider, young Weasley.

"The wizarding community is at the eve of war, Lord Voldemort has risen and is rounding up supporters. There are some of us that have been preparing for when Voldemort strikes though the Ministry is still turning a blind eye to the signs on the horizion. You are too young to remember the last war but you have without a doubt heard stories though I'm sure your parents haven't told you the whole truth about their involvement in that war. Your father was one of the Order's most important liaisons at the Ministry. He may not have been in the battlefield like Mad-Eye Moody and such men but your father truly risked everything he could in the war. Your mother did a few undercover missions and once we feared that she might have been captured. Your father was going mad and it looked like he would be a widower with three young sons, but your mother managed to flee her captors and return. She told us she wasn't going to get herself killed when she had three children to take care of and two on the way." George gasped and Dumbledore smiled slightly.

"Are you saying that Mum was nearly killed by Death Eaters when she was pregnant with me and Fred?"

"That's what I'm saying, yes. Your mother, brave as she was, decided that was enough so she withdrew from direct participation in the war. No one blamed her - this had been much too narrow an escape for everyone's taste. I have restored the Order for this coming war and your parents will be active again like your two eldest brothers. Percy still hasn't given us a straight answer but since I know him to be brave and an excellent leader, I'm sure I'll soon be enlisting his help.

"The most vital thing now, is to ensure that the Light will prevail over the Dark in this war and to accomplish that we will have to stand together. There has already been a breach in the unity when the Ministry refused to acknowledge Voldemort's return and we can't afford more. The participation of the Weasley family is important. You are all courageous and skilled wizards. That's why I want you to patch things up with your brother so that the two of you can take part in the battle against Darkness." Dumbledore's eyes seemed to pierce right through George, though he sat completely nonplussed. He had nearly never given it a thought that he could be fighting evil. Make amends with Fred? His head suddenly cleared, it was Fred who had made the breach and it should be his responsibility to make things right.

"I'm sorry, Professor, but I'm afraid I can't do that. You should ask my brother to make the first step." George wasn't sure if that had sounded too rude. Dumbledore did not comment on that, his face was sad and he looked older than ever.

"I thought as much. The age of Voldemort has risen, the age of discord and enmity. As the prophetess predicted in the old Nordic poem known as Voluspa, 'Brothers will do battle unto the death, sons of sisters fight their own kin.' The evil have their many and various ways to reach their goal. You are dismissed, Mr Weasley." George got up and thought he felt Dumbledore's intense gaze on his back all the way to his dormitory.


Fred sat on his bed in the dormitory. He had just been up the Owlery to send an owl to Eve and he had to use a special charm so the owl would drop the letter in her mailbox. Next time, that charm wouldn't be necessary because he was going to tell her everything. Now she would know about him being a wizard, the wizarding world and basically everything he took for granted but would be alien to her. Deep inside he knew he was taking a big risk, maybe she would freak out or wouldn't believe him. In the letter he had told her he wanted her to come to Hogsmeade when the first Hogsmeade weekend of the term would be. He couldn't wait till Christmas to see her. There were also explanations about how she could get messages to him using owls and where she could find an owl post office in London.

George's school bag lay on his bed. McGonagall had wanted a word with him after class that afternoon but he hadn't been at dinner. Fred wondered briefly where he was and thought about how depressed George was looking but he pushed the thought out. Why should he care? George had brought this misery on himself, it was obvious from the first second that Eve had her sights set on him, Fred. George was just being an insufferable prat about the whole thing. Didn't he like that Anne in Hufflepuff anyway? She didn't have a boyfriend so it should be a piece of cake for George to get her. Maybe he had lost interest in her, then there were loads of pretty girls in Hogwarts to choose from. Just in their year in Gryffindor were three very fine girls; Alicia, Katie and Angelina.

Angelina ... somehow Fred disliked the idea that George should go after her. Her image stood very clear in his head, her black, curly hair, her dark skin, her long legs, her full lips. He brought his fingers to his lips and remembered the kiss they had shared after the Yule Ball last year. It was like it was still burning on his lips, still burning in his blood. He had tried several times to kiss Angelina again but every time the moment had been ruined. That had been frustrating and he remembered his thoughts the day after they had returned from Hogwarts last summer. He had been thinking about sending Angelina a letter and asked her to visit the Burrow or they would meet somewhere, a date or something. She seemed to be keen on him, he hadn't been afraid of denial. Then the Brighton trip had interrupted him and he had met Eve. Angelina had been quite forgotten or so he had believed. Why was she invading his thoughts now? He was true to Eve, she was the one for him but Angelina stood more vivid in his mind. Of course, she was with him in the school, he hadn't seen Eve since August. Another thought crept into Fred's mind, he remembered the kiss between him and Angelina much better than the kisses he and Eve had shared. In fact he couldn't remember how her lips felt. He remembered the spinning thoughts that had filled his mind when they had kissed, images of his family staring sternly at him, a Bludger coming flying towards him, the whole Slytherin table glaring at him, all unpleasant thoughts. It must have something to do with his guilty conscience over his brother. Why did he have these worries about George? They interfered with his relationship with Eve. He pondered if they would also haunt him when the relationship would progress. Would it feel like George was watching them when they would get intimate? Fred shuddered at the thought. Things weren't so complicated with Angelina; fantasies about her were only pleasure. It had to be the guilty conscience that was bugging him with Eve. Maybe it was time to patch things up with George, make him accept the fact that Eve was not his but it would be best to put that on hold until after the Hogsmeade weekend.


George looked around the Entrance Hall before tiptoeing to the front door. He knew that he would be missed from this morning's Quidditch practice but this was more important, even though Harry might blow a fuse. He had been trying to get his senior Beater into shape for the upcoming Hufflepuff match. He felt his pocket and found that the letter was in its place. His world had changed with this one letter which he had received at breakfast. A barn owl had dropped it on his plate and his stomach had made somersaults when he recognized the handwriting on the letter. It was from Eve! She was asking to meet him in Hogsmeade at eleven by the train station. This was of course Hogsmeade weekend and he had had a suspicion that Fred was planning to meet Eve in Hogsmeade. But she wanted to meet him first, in private.

George was full of some odd sensation, not excitement, not anxiety, maybe something in between. It could be worries about Eve being a Muggle. He presumed that Fred must have told her the truth about them but he could not help wondering how Eve was getting to Hogsmeade. The train was a plausible option but it had the strangest schedule. Besides school holidays, it only ran on full, half and the quarter moon or when Neptune was in alignment with Saturn. This had something to do with the wizard whohad designed the Hogwarts Express, he had been part-centaur and was fascinated with the movements of the planets. George was now halfway to Hogsmeade and decided to concentrate on Eve. The main thing was that she was in Hogsmeade, how she got there was besides beside the point. He picked up his stride when he saw that it was already five to eleven. There was no way he would miss a second of the time they could spend together.

George was curious to see how much she knew about the magical world and he wondered if she'd ever seen any magic. He could be the first to show her, he would give her the first impression. His mind started working very hard, he had to be impressive. Some advanced transfiguration wouldn't go amiss, he could transfigure his shoe into a unicorn and really astonish her.

Eve was sitting on a bench outside the station and George could feel his heart beating against his ribcage when he saw her. Her hair still had that strange glimmer he had noticed when he and Fred had first met her and she was squinting like she was trying to keep him in focus.

"Hey, George. You made it. I have never been on a train like that and getting on it was no easy feat." She smiled and stood up. "I'm seeing Fred later but not until one-thirty, so I insist that you show me this village. I can't believe you are wizards! Well, it's easier after trying to get through that barrier at King's Cross. This bloke helped me and he was just like I imagined a wizard, wearing a red cloak and with a pointy hat. You're wearing wizards clothes too." She gestured at George's cloak and robes. He laughed and said, "You should see the pointy hat I have at school. I don't wear it often, tends to get knocked off."

They walked down Hogsmeade's main street and he pointed out shops and various establishments. He felt a bit queasy when they arrived at Zonko's, briefly remembering his and Fred's plans for Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. Eve didn't seem very interested in Zonko's so he suggested they would go somewhere to talk, like the Three Broomsticks. She smiled and agreed to that.

There wasn't a big crowd at the Three Broomsticks, which was not surprising since it would be overflowing with Hogwarts students in a short while. They sat down at a table and George got them two Butterbeers. Eve seemed to like Butterbeer and she laughed and looked him in the eye.

"You know, whatever is between me and Fred isn't set in stone. I like you too." She wet her lips with her tongue and he felt mesmerized by that. She took his hand and laced her fingers with his. His breathing became shallow and it was like he only had feeling in his hand and every nerve in his body sensed her presence. Her head was tilted towards him, he felt her breath on his face and he leaned towards her. Their lips met in a soft kiss. George felt like his lips had become supersensitive and he brought his hand to her cheek while she grabbed his shoulder. When they broke the kiss, he had no idea if a few seconds or many decades had passed. He just stared into her eyes, quite disbelieving.

"That was ... nice," she said and smiled shyly, "worth repeating."

He had wondered if he should lean in for the reprise but something told him to hold back. Besides, the Hogwarts students would be there any minute and he imagined that he would at least be in for some serious teasing if he'd been seen kissing a girl at the Three Broomsticks. Eve was rummaging in her rucksack and after a while she seemed to have found the thing she was looking for.

"Lean towards me, George," she commanded and he did so. She tied something around his neck; he felt it and it appeared to be an amulet on a leather string.

"What is this?" he asked as he tried to look at it.

"Just something to remember me by," she said with a wry smile. "Aren't you going to thank me for it?"

"Thanks," he said rather sheepishly.

"Oh, silly. I want you to kiss me." She licked her lips and he couldn't resist. This time the kiss was passionate. George grabbed her head with both hands and felt her arms circling him. The taste of her mouth was curious, she tasted like elderflower wine. It was an intoxicating, dizzying taste. The world ceased to be for him, the only thing that existed was him and her and the desire that connected them.


George jerked back and looked up to meet the eyes of an absolutely livid Fred.

To be continued...

Author's note: Voluspa (Völuspá, in English often called the Prophecy) is an old Nordic poem, preserved in a manuscript called Codex Regius, dated ca.1270. An altered version of the poem can also be found in Hauksbók which is a younger manuscript than Codex Regius. The poem itself is believed to be older, at least older than Christianity in Iceland (ca. 1000). Those lines I quoted would are in modern Icelandic, "Bræður munu berjast og að bönum verða, munu systrungar sifjum spilla."

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