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Author: Hildigunnur (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: At the Eve of Things  Chapter: Chapter Three
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Chapter 3.

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Author's note: Thanks to Zsenya for her beta-reading. Miss Pince should be awarded for her help on this story, she's the best! And my reviewers are great people!

They froze to the spot, Fred kept on striding to the table where George was kissing a girl. Harry assumed she was that mysterious Eve. His suspicions were confirmed when Ron whispered, "That's Eve."

Fred had reached the table and had picked George up by the collar and seemed ready to murder his twin. Ron was watching them with a frightened expression but Harry didn't fail to notice that Hermione wasn't looking at the twins, she was watching Eve. She, on the other hand, was watching the proceedings with a mysterious smile. Harry studied her while Fred used his vocabulary of bad words. Ron had been right, she wasn't anything special, but there was something familiar about her. Hermione appeared to agree. "I know her, I've seen her somewhere," she whispered to Harry.

"She's a Muggle," hissed Ron who had heard her, "maybe you two went to the same school."

"Ron, have you any idea how big the Muggle population is in Britain? I'm pretty sure I know her from the wizarding world." She had her hands on the hips and Ron was about to retaliate when a chair came crashing down. Fred had pushed George so he had fallen to the floor, taking the chair with him. He then proceeded to kick George in the ribs but only managed to get one kick in when Harry and Ron grabbed him and dragged him away. There was no doubt that everybody's attention had been caught. Madam Rosmerta was on her way over to see what the commotion was about and many were craning their necks to see what was going on. Harry looked around to see if any of the professors were present, but there were none. George had got on his feet and looked defiantly in Fred's face.

"You know, it was she who kissed me first. She wants me!" At these words Fred's face became distorted with anger.

"Take that back, you liar. I know you were pretending to be me so you could have your way with her."

"You wish!" George retorted in a mocking voice. It became very hard for Harry and Ron to restrain Fred and Harry hoped someone would help them. Everyone just stood there and obviously thought this was some kind of a spectator sport, even Hermione. She kept her eyes on Eve, who was still smiling like the cat who got the cream.

"I challenge you to a duel tonight, midnight in the Astronomy Tower. Then you can prove how big man you are," snarled Fred and George narrowed his eyes.

"You're on, bastard," said George and with that he swept out of the Three Broomsticks with one backward glance at Eve.

Harry and Ron released Fred, whose face was dark red and he was panting. Eve took his hand and whispered something in his ear and he suddenly became docile and sat down at her table. Harry looked at Ron who shrugged, but Hermione seemed determined.

"Come with me," she said, and stormed out.

"What, can't we have one butterbeer or something?" complained Ron as he and Harry strode to catch up with her. She shook her head and kept hurrying in the direction of Hogwarts.

"Hermione, why are we going back?" asked Harry while struggling to keep up with her. He had an inkling it had something to do with that Eve.

"We need to go to the library," she said.

"What for? Can't we just enjoy one weekend off all spew stuff and O.W.L. revising?" Ron seemed to be clueless.

"Ron, this is not about that. I can explain better when we get to the library and I can show you a book there that can explain all," she said in the voice she used when Ron was, in her opinion, abnormally dense.

Thankfully, they were able to get to the library without bumping into any professor. Harry imagined them explaining why he and Ron had decided to skip a Hogsmeade visit for a trip to the library. It would, on the other hand be easy for Hermione to convince everyone she just had to look something up. Besides, it was what she was there for.

Harry was making his way to a table with Ron while Hermione would get her book, when he heard his name called:

"Hey, Harry! Over here!" It was Dennis Creevey, who was there with a bunch of other second year Gryffindors. Harry sighed and walked over to Dennis.

"Hullo, Dennis."

"Why are you here? Why aren't you in Hogsmeade?" Dennis asked in a cheery tone.

"We had more pressing matters here at the library," said Harry and was going to make his way back to Ron and Hermione, especially since Hermione seemed to have found the book she was looking for.

"Mm, how do you reckon your match against Hufflepuff will go?" Dennis wasn't going to allow Harry to get back to his friends.

"We'll win, if you can excuse me, Dennis ..." Harry couldn't finish, for Dennis cut in, "That doesn't seem to be the general opinion, you know. The Hufflepuffs are very proud of their new Seeker and the Slytherins have been going around telling everybody that a puffskein should replace George as a Beater if the Gryffindors hope to have any chance to win the Cup." Harry was becoming irritated, he had planned to forgo all Quidditch worries (which were enough already) this weekend and Dennis' prattle wasn't helping. Then it appeared that Hermione had found what she'd been looking for because she was gesturing madly and Ron's ears had become as red as a fire engine.

"Look, Dennis. I'd love to chat and all but I've something important to do," said Harry and turned away to join Ron and Hermione before Dennis was able to open his mouth again.

"Harry, look at this picture," said Ron with asperity and pushed a book to Harry as he sat down. He looked at a picture of brown-haired girl with a sour look on her face with crossed arms and she was drumming her fingers impatiently on her forearm. It looked like a brunette Eve, but the name under the picture didn't indicate it. "Delilah Flint?" Harry asked, confused. He'd never heard the name before.

"This looks like Eve but this isn't the same girl?" Harry looked quizzically on Hermione and Ron who both looked very serious.

"I'm positive that this Delilah is Eve. Look," Hermione said and tapped the picture with her wand. The girl on the picture frowned even more as her hair became lighter and her cheekbones were raised. Now she was a dead ringer for Eve.

"But ... but she's a Muggle, she shouldn't be in a book at Hogwarts and besides it isn't the same name. Flint ... wouldn't that make this Delilah relative of that brute that used to be in the Slytherin Quidditch team, Marcus Flint." Hermione and Ron nodded. "But he must have been a pureblood. How could he have a Muggle relative?" Harry felt like he wasn't getting something here.

"Harry, wake up! She is faking!"

"Do you mean she was using a glamour? But why was she pretending to be a Muggle and dating Fred but seeing George behind his back?" Harry was finally understanding why Hermione had been in such a hurry to get to the library. He closed the book and saw its title: The Perfect Book of Prefects. Hogwarts Prefects 1950-1990. Volume II. Slytherin.

"I know this is off-topic but why were you reading a book about Slytherins, Hermione?" Harry asked as he pushed the book away.

"Well, I just wanted to be really prepared for my duties as a Prefect so I wanted to see who had been made Prefects," Hermione shrugged and Ron snorted and said, "You're just like Percy, he used to have his nose down some book called Prefects in Power or something ..."

"Prefects Who Gained Power and Percy was so kind to lend it to me this summer after he learned I had been named Prefect, very informative ... did you know that 70% of Prefects end up having careers at the Ministry?"

"Hermione!" cried Ron.

"Alright, alright! Back to Miss Flint or Flan ... do you think she has some sinister motives?" Ron frowned at Hermione's suggestion.

"What, you're saying she's a Death Eater?"

"Why would some witch from a pureblood family decided to put on a Muggle disguise to come between Fred and George? OK, she could be in love with them both and this was some crazy stalker thing she just did, but we all know how Marcus Flint is. I'll bet you all the Chocolate Frogs in Honeydukes that he's now a Death-Eater in training and why couldn't the same apply to his sister or cousin? I understand that being a Death Eater can be a family affair." Hermione looked straight at Harry who nodded. He was pretty sure that Hermione was spot on. Malfoy's smugness on the Hogwarts Express this summer was evidence of that.

Ron had looked Delilah up again and was looking at her picture.

"She was Prefect back in 1986 so she must have been here at the same time as Bill and Charlie. They could have recognized her, even with the glamour. The Death Eaters must be having a close tap on us," said Ron and started looking around like he expected a group of masked and hooded figures to come jumping from behind the bookshelves.

"Even if the Dark Lord is keeping a file on how many times you go to the loo, Ron, it doesn't change the fact that we have to find Fred and George and show them this before they kill each other." Hermione stood up and took the book from Ron. Harry followed her example.

They looked for Fred and George in the common room, the Great Hall, the corridors, the Astronomy tower, just about everywhere they could think off. It was close to dinner time and they supposed Fred had returned from Hogsmeade.

"Oh, why haven't we thought about that?" Hermione exclaimed suddenly. "The Marauder's Map!"

"Maybe because I don't have it anymore," said Harry and felt a bit sad about not having it.

"What happened to it?" Ron asked.

"Well, I lent it to the fake Mad-Eye Moody and I never got it back. It could still be in that trunk, wherever the real Moody is."

"He could have left it here too," Hermione said excitedly. "It could be in Filch's office or something."

"Fred and George originally got it from there, they told me," Harry said, "but they got it while diverting Filch's attention with a dungbomb."

"That won't do now. Hmm, I could go to Filch and report some mess, like flooding in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom or something and you two would sneak into his office and see if you could find the map." Hermione was already straightening her Prefect badge on her robes when Ron pointed out it would be best for them to go to dinner first because Filch would be there now. Neither of the twins made an appearance so as soon as Ron had shallowed his last gulp of pumpkin juice, Harry and Hermione dragged him to the Gryffindor tower to fetch the Invisibility Cloak.

"Mr Filch, I believe it is my duty as a Prefect to tell you that there seems to have been a flood on the second floor, next to the girls' bathroom that is usually out of order." Hermione stood with a straight back in front of Mr Filch, who growled but call to Mrs Norris to follow him.

"That Moaning Myrtle is almost as much trouble as Peeves, my dear," they heard Filch mumble to his gaunt looking cat.

"Hurry!" whispered Hermione to the boys who were concealed with the Invisibility Cloak. "I'll meet you in the common room in a few minutes."

They slid into Filch's office and Harry went straight for the drawer in the filing cabinets marked Confiscated and Highly Dangerous because it was from there where Fred and George had gotten the map in the first place. He leafed through various objects such as Scearming Yo-yos, Ever-Bashing Boomerangs, something that looked like a teddy-bear which bared its fangs at Harry, but the Marauder's map didn't seem to be there.

"Hey, Ron. I don't think it is in here," said Harry, turned around and closed the drawer where the teddy-bear had started snarling.

"You think so, but shouldn't we check this drawer?" suggested Ron and pointed out a drawer marked Various Objects Left Here by Alastor Moody (Caution: May Contain Extremely Evil Dark Magic). After a half minute of probing through the drawer's contents, Harry found a piece of parchment that had to be the map. He drew his wand, tapped the parchment and said:

"I solemnly swear I am up to no good."

Lines started to criss-cross over the parchment and the outline of the castle appear before Harry's and Ron's eyes.

"It's the map!" they both yelled excitedly.

"Let's hurry to Hermione," said Ron and pulled the Invisibility Cloak over himself and Harry. They hurried to the Gryffindor tower where Hermione was waiting. They brought forth the map and peered over it, but they couldn't find Fred or George, though the map showed many other curious things.

"Looks like Fawcett and Stebbins are doing some extra homework in the Charms room," Ron commented with a snigger.

"Honestly, Ron," said Hermione and took the map from him. "Bother! They haven't returned to the castle. Well, we just have to watch the map until they appear."

"Sound like such fun," said Ron sarcastically, "I think only one of us needs to watch it. Harry, you could be the first. I think I want to show Hermione the ploys I learned from the Muggle chess book she gave me. Bring your chessmen, Hermione."

The next hours passed with Harry glancing once in a while at the map as he watched the chess match of the century. Hermione's pawns showed extreme bravery against Ron's murderous bishops, who were nothing like one would imagine their human counterparts. The map was nothing to it even if your mind worked that way, the map could be used as an excellent gossip device. Harry's mind didn't work that way, he kept his eyes on the places where an appearance by Fred or George would be plausible.

Then, when it was just past eleven and Ron had just started his third massacre of Hermione's chess pieces, a dot that Harry was interested in finally appeared on the map.

"Fred is here and he's going straight for the Astronomy tower and ..." Harry paused because a dot labelled George Weasley had appeared too, on the third floor corridor where the entrance to the Honeydukes tunnel was. He was also moving towards the Astronomy tower.

"Ok, I think it's best we go now before they blow each other to pieces," Harry prompted. Ron and Hermione seemed to be very immersed in their game.

"Wait a minute, Harry, I've got to make this move," said Ron and urged his knight forward to slaughter Hermione's castle.

"If you don't come now," Harry said urgently, "then there will be more murders than just in this chess game."

"Harry is right," said Hermione who stood up and walked over to the portrait hole. "We should hurry up there."

Ron stood up at her word and walked to them, he was pale and looked his two friends straight in the eye.

"Do you honestly think they are going to finish each other off?" His voice was shaky and Harry felt a jolt in his stomach. Had Ron been in denial of the situation? Hermione reached forward and patted Ron's arm.

"Not if we get there now," she said softly. Ron swallowed hard and went through the portrait hole first.

It was very difficult for all three of them to fit under the Invisibility Cloak, as they had all grown quite a lot. After some shifting, they felt it would be best that the smallest of them, Hermione, would lead and Ron, the tallest, would be last. Hermione had the map to check if there was any danger that Filch would be patrolling, but he seemed to safely contained in his office. They were halfway to the tower when Hermione gasped and stopped abruptly so Harry bumped into her and Ron into him.

"What is it?" whispered Harry.

"She's there, Delilah Flint has arrived at the Astronomy tower!" Hermione said quickly. Ron pushed Harry and said, "OK, move! NOW!"

They nearly broke into a run, but without discarding the cloak. When they opened the door to the Astronomy class room, they were greeted by a smug brunette and behind her, Fred was trying to help George to remove something from his throat that seemed to be choking him.


Fred could feel the rage burn in him, George was going to get it. The curses flew through his mind, his former brother would have to eat through a straw when he would finish with him. What angered Fred even more was that people didn't seem to feel that he was right in challenging George to a duel. Katie Bell had walked up to him after their confrontation at The Three Broomsticks. She didn't seem to believe that he was going through with the challenge. Hadn't George been snogging his girlfriend in front of the whole of Hogwarts? No one really understood the depth of his feelings for Eve, she was everything and the world was worthless without her. He could understand the concerns of his family but his blood had boiled when Lee Jordan had cornered him two weeks ago and asked him bluntly if he was taking some stupid Muggle girl over a nice girl like Angelina. Fred had asked Lee if he had something against Muggles since he was asking him this. He had just laughed and said, 'Man, just watch out. She isn't going to wait forever for you to wake up.' Fred had wanted to shout at Lee that he had been very well awake last term but he and Angelina just hadn't had any luck. Besides he had felt then there wasn't any need for him to rush things with Angelina. Eve was so different, somehow she demanded commitment. It didn't occur to Fred that she'd just demonstrated that she wasn't very committed to him.

He didn't feel like going up to the castle before he had to be at the Astronomy tower, it was still warm outside, he could just stay by the lake and practice curses. Eve had just left on the Hogwarts Express back to London, he hadn't known it made return trips the same day it arrived. She wouldn't let him wait with her for the train to leave, just told him in a sweet voice, 'Go and practice, I want you to win.' He had shivers down his spine just thinking about it. Best to be prepared, how was that Disarming Charm again?

Several hours later Fred had singed a few bushes by the lake and he didn't want to do more and tire himself. He glanced at his watch, it was eleven. Maybe he should make his way to the Astronomy tower and wait for George to appear. It could be that George would come early and he could have the duel over and done with before any spectators would appear.

He was nervous, he couldn't deny that, there had never been much difference in his and George's magical abilities, so technically things could turn out either way. But Fred was determined to act quicker than George and gain the upperhand in this duel.

The corridors leading up to the Astronomy tower were empty and he thanked Merlin for that. He was in no mood to deal with stupid people pestering him about the duel. It would of course be best if George was in the same mindframe as he and would also arrive early. The Astronomy classroom was empty and Fred leaned against a wall, prepared to wait for his brother but there was no need.

"So we still share a mind?" asked George in a cold voice as he walked into the room.

"Looks like it," answered Fred in an equally bitter tone.

"There's no need to wait," said George as he pushed up the sleeves on his robes.

They took their positions, several feet between them, their wands drawn.

"1, 2, 3 ..." they counted in unison and then both shouted, "Expelliarmus!" George's wand flew out of his hand into Fred's hand and George was slammed against the wall. Fred stood there holding George's wand while George sat in a heap against the wall. This had been too easy, thought Fred, they had both acted at the same moment and that should have prevented Fred in disarming George.

"I'm not satisfied. Let's try it again," said Fred and threw George's wand back to him. He took it, rose and gave Fred a strange look.

They assumed positions again and Fred decided to use a different spell now and see what would happen. But before he was fully ready, George shouted:


Fred waited for the odd lethargy effect of the Impedimenta jinx, but it never came. George's face was full of horror when he realized that his wand had not emitted any magic. They both stood frozen for few moments and then George tried again.


Fred still held his wand firmly and George stared disbelieving at his own. This was more than weird, thought Fred, had George suddenly lost his prowess?

"What's happening?" he asked.

"I don't know, I managed to get through the one-eyed witch's hump just a while ago." George was still staring at his wand.

"No, you haven't lost your magic. You just can't use any against Fred." The twins turned and saw a brown-haired girl standing in the doorway.

"Who are you?" Fred asked right away.

"Don't you know your own girlfriend?" the girl said as she made her way over to him.

"You aren't ..." Fred stopped abruptly, this couldn't be Eve. This one had brown hair, not blonde and her face was different.

"Do you really think I wanted to be in some Muggle girl disguise when I would finish my glorious task?" She laughed malevolently.

"What is going on, Eve?" George stepped closer to her.

"My name is actually not Eve, it's Delilah Flint and I'm, of course, a pureblood witch. Now, Fred, would you be so kind to step away while I finish George off? Then I'm going to leave you here to be framed with the murder on your twin brother. Want to guess the effect it will have on the wizarding community when a member of well-known pureblood and Muggle-loving family kills his own brother for a Muggle girl?" Neither of them had moved a limb while she rambled on. Fred couldn't believe this, she had obviously gone off the deep end. He raised his wand to stop her but George had already acted, he launched at her and yelled, "You mad bi..." he couldn't finish for she had whipped out her wand and shouted:


George made a choking sound and fell to the floor, trying to loosen something that was tightening at his throat. Fred acted on his first instinct and dropped to the floor besides him and saw that it was a leather string that was strangling George.

At that moment, the door to the room opened and in entered Harry, Ron and Hermione. Before Fred could comprehend any more, Harry had shouted:


Delilah's wand flew out of her hands and Harry caught it. Hermione didn't hesitate but pointed her wand at George and said:

"Finite Incantem!"

George started gulping air and Fred removed the talisman from his neck. He threw it away and it landed with a clink on the stone floor. Then his attention was diverted to Harry, Ron, Hermione and Delilah.

"Are you working for You-Know-Who?" Hermione stood with one hand on her hip and pointed her wand in Delilah's face.

"What's that to you, Mudblood?" spat Delilah. Ron looked like he wanted Delilah to feel her own Strangling Curse, but Harry put his hand on Ron's shoulder as if to stop him.

"I think you have just answered my question," said Hermione coolly. "So, what enchantment did you put on the twins?" Delilah didn't answer right away but when Ron whipped his wand out too, she obviously felt intimidated.

"Just a clever little trick that ensured quite some admiration from those two and it also made sure they wouldn't think about anyone else," she said mockingly as she pointed out Fred and George. "Don't worry, its effects wore off when I got rid of my glamour." Fred got up and pulled George up with him. She wasn't going to get away, she had to pay for this ... Fred felt his blood boil, what she had done was so unbelievable. Harry, Ron and Hermione also seemed determined not to let her get away. They all stepped towards her but she ducked, grabbed the talisman and disappeared with a pop. The talisman had been a Portkey for her, obviously an escape route.


Fred and George looked at each other when Delilah had vanished. First, it looked like their faces were expressionless but then they simultaneously broke out into identical grins.

"I kissed a Slytherin," they cried in unison, then started spitting and wiping their mouths with the back of their hands.

"And what's even worse, she was a Flint," cried Fred and made a gagging sound. Harry, Ron and Hermione had not dared to move a limb after she had vanished but now they started laughing and the twins joined in.

"We can't hope for all the Death Eaters to use that kind of tactic," said Harry when he recovered from laughing.

"It would be nice to have loads of girls trying to get it on with you, even though they are evil minions," said Ron and Hermione glared at him. The twins stopped grinning.

"Are you clueless, dear brother? You should be so lucky to have Millicent Bulstrode chasing after you and just for the record, I'm lucky to be alive now, especially since the wench tried to strangle me with her talisman," said George. The others nodded. The twins looked at each other and tons of unspoken words were filling the room. It was a time to mend the breach.

"I think we should go," said Hermione suddenly and pulled the back of Ron's robes.

"Why?" he started but was silenced when he saw the look on her face. "Yes ... we have business to attend to. Coming, Harry?" Harry knew what Hermione was on about and had already started to descend the stairs.

When they had left, Fred and George stared at each other for several moments. It was like they were waiting for the other one do something, say something.

Then Fred grinned, stepped forth and said, "I'm so sorry about this whole mess." He embraced George who hugged him back.

"Yes, me too. Imagine that an evil minion tried to come between us," croaked George whose backlog of emotion threatened to break out.

"She nearly succeeded. We owe a lot to Hermione," said Fred, tears ran down his cheeks and the same went for George.

"Maybe we should make our dear little brother wake up and admit his feelings for her, do you think that would be a reward enough?" he suggested.

"A Weasley man is enough reward for any woman," replied Fred who wiped his own eyes with the back of his hand.

"So are you going to reward Angelina anytime soon?"

"Technically me and Eve, Delilah, whatever haven't broken up but I've the feeling there is no need to. There's much to be done, dear brother. We need to get the Wizard Wheezes started again, I need to beg Harry to be back on the Quidditch team and yes, I need to sort things out with Angelina. Do you want to know something? I thought about her even though it should have been impossible 'cause of this enchantment." Fred walked ahead of George down the stairs. George smiled, he supposed that Fred would stop procrastinating about things between him and Angelina when he finally realized how strong his feelings for her really were. George himself hadn't been able to think about any other girl than Eve under the spell.


"You're in deep trouble, my dear sister," whispered Marcus from under his mask. "The Dark Lord has learned about your mistakes and it would be an understatement to say he's displeased."

He watched Delilah pull her cloak tighter around herself. She knew the mission had failed, her first mission since they both had been initiated to the Death Eaters. This was most unfortunate, for her failure reflected badly upon him. She was dragging her feet, obviously dreading her fate. Marcus had to urge her to walk faster, he couldn't show any mercy even if she was facing torture or death.

The Death Eaters stood in a circle around their master who had his back to the entrance where Marcus and Delilah walked in. The burning gazes of their comrades was upon them. Failure like this was most disgraceful in their eyes and they didn't hide that they thought whatever she had coming, she deserved it.

"You managed to arrive on time, Miss Flint," said the cold voice of Lord Voldemort as he turned around to face Delilah. "I'm really amazed since you have shown yourself to be the most incompetent servant I've ever had and that is surely a lot to accomplish." Marcus saw she trembled and tried to avoid the Dark Lord's red eyes.

"I know I've made mistakes, but it was my belief that trying to come between the twins would be more effective than setting my sights on the youngest brother. I'm still your ever humble and faithful servant, my Lord." Her voice was quivering.

"Miss Flint, if there is one thing I hate more than Harry Potter," Voldemort hissed, "then it has to be pathetic excuses. Didn't I make it clear that I wanted you to take on Ron Weasley, Harry Potter's closest friend?"

"You did make yourself clear, my Lord," Delilah whispered. It was now obvious to Marcus that the Dark Lord would use more drastic measures then the Cruciatus Curse to punish Delilah.

"So why did you defy my orders? Did you think you could escape my rage? Surely you knew that I will never tolerate those who defy me? Are you prepared, little girl, for my punishment?" A cruel smile flickered over Voldemort's lipless mouth. "I believe that your identity is known to the Weasley brothers. You're a threat to our group and to be sure that we'll not suffer for your betrayal, I've decided you should die."

Marcus saw Delilah look at him, he saw the plea in her eyes. She was frightened, his proud, arrogant older sister was shaking with fear as she faced her death. He couldn't move as he watched her knees give away, she fell on them and closed her eyes. The Dark Lord lifted his wand and pointed it at her heart. Marcus' throat tightened as the Lord's cold voice said:

"Avada Kedrava!"

He closed his eyes as the beam of green light hit Delilah. When he opened them again, she was unmistakably dead. He breathed heavily as his chest was filled with empty rage and he felt the thirst for revenge. It was the Weasleys' fault his sister was dead, he was going to make them pay.


Author's note: I'm not stopping here (of course not). So stay tuned for All is Full of Love which will feature Marcus Flint, awfully lot of F/A, R/H and H/G romance (the fluffy kind) and George's secret admirer.

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