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Author: Hildigunnur (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: All is Full of Love  Chapter: Chapter One: Quidditch Romance
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Disclaimer: The Potterverse belongs to JKR, I’m just having fun with it.


Chapter 1: Quidditch Romance    


Author's note: The title of this story come from the song "All is Full of Love" by Björk which I could say is the story's theme. My thanks to Zsenya for the beta-reading and Miss Pince for her encouragement (without her, this story wouldn't have come to being). Finally I want to dedicate this first chapter to alphabet, who writes absolutely lovely F/A stories.


“Let’s have it for the Quidditch Captain!” Lee Jordan stood in front of the Weasley twins, who were carrying Harry on their shoulders. The whole Gryffindor common room erupted in cheers. Gryffindor had just beaten Hufflepuff in an exciting Quidditch game where Harry had to do his best to beat the Hufflepuff Seeker, Roseanne Parkins, to the Golden Snitch. Ron had proved himself as the Keeper, the twins had been merciless with the Bludgers and Katie, Alicia and Angelina had scored plenty of points with the Quaffle.

            George was feeling particularly ecstatic, for his training with the team had been going very badly until two weeks ago. The reasons for that were unpleasant for him to ponder. It had been a grim thing, involving a Death Eater and a scheme which would have resulted in his death, had it worked. At least, he now could take his mind off that and celebrate with his fellow Gryffindors. It had been the right decision to make Harry the Captain, he had been firm to the team but he’d never tried to boss them around.

            “I think it's time to bring out our new invention,” Fred whispered into George’s ear. In their pockets were a few prototypes of something they called Balloon Biscuits. Fred had got the idea some time ago when they had heard about Harry blowing up his Aunt Marge. It had been hard to find the right potion to make the desired effect. When they had tried to make the biscuits taste sweet, the Puffing Potion tended to lose its effects. Then it had worked when they had the brilliant idea to add honey to the potion. Now they only had to find a plate to put the biscuits on, place it with all the food that had been nicked for the party and wait for someone to take a bite and start to float around.

            They just had placed the plate on the food table when Hermione walked up to them.

            “What are you two doing?” she asked, eyeing them suspiciously. That girl can be too perceptive sometimes, George thought. He felt that a distraction was in order.

            “Oh, just thinking about how I’m going to pay you for saving my life,” he said in casual voice and looked at Hermione with a look that he hoped would convey honesty. She raised an eyebrow and Fred obviously had a hard time not laughing out loud, judging by the way he was shaking.

            “And how do you hope to do that? I hope those biscuits aren’t my reward,” she said and put her hands on her hips.

            “No, no! We were thinking about something else,” Fred said with a grin. He put his hand under Hermione’s and steered her to a remote corner of the common room. George followed them.

            “You see, we've noticed something for a while. Certain sparks flying, red ears and quick glances,” Fred said in his nonchalant tone. Hermione blushed, which cause George to grin.

            “We also wanted to know if you were in fact available,” he added and grinned more when he saw Hermione’s frightened expression.

            “Yes, our last experience with a girl didn’t go well so we decided to find one we could share and could handle being with two very able young men. You, my dear, are the obvious choice. You handled both Viktor Krum and Harry Potter, so the two of us shouldn’t be a problem.” It was amazing that Fred could keep a straight face while delivering this little speech. Hermione’s eyes were wide with horror but then she relaxed her shoulders and started giggling.

            “You are awful,” she said, “but what is it you want? I’m not going to turn a blind eye to rule breaking if that’s ...”

            “No, no. We are just inquiring if you are indeed seeing Mr Krum,” George cut in and Hermione seemed to be surprised.                                                        

            “No, I’m not seeing him, but what is that to you?” she asked in an indignant tone, “I hope Ron didn’t put you up to this. He’s always inquiring about Viktor and because he’s being such a prat about it, I haven’t told him that Viktor and I aren’t a couple.”

            “Actually Ron hasn’t said a word about this to us and we aren’t surprised. Why do you think he pesters you with these questions about Krum?” George hoped that Hermione had already realized this. She didn’t say anything, just chewed her lip.

            “Maybe because he fancies you,” Fred said, slyly. Hermione gasped and turned on her heel, mumbling something about getting the first years to bed. George looked at Fred and they couldn’t help but grin. Ron and Hermione only needed a bit of a nudge to get on right track.

            “I don’t think we have to worry about them, they'll wake up,” George said, “another matter with you though.” Fred rolled his eyes.

            “Haven’t I told you that I don’t want to rush into anything with Angelina? Just think, I’ve probably hurt her very much with Eve.”

            “Why don’t you ask her? You are in love with her and don’t try to deny it. I’m your twin, remember? I know when you’re not telling the truth.” George used a firm tone with Fred.

            “I can’t just go up to her and say: ‘Hey, Angelina. I really like you. I hope you’re not mad about the Eve business. Let’s snog!’ She'd slap me.”

            “Go to her now and ask her to go for a walk or something. I won’t talk to you until you’ve snogged her.” George turned away from his brother and engaged in a game of Exploding Snap with the Creevey brothers. He watched Fred from the corner of his eye. Fred just stood there for a while but finally he walked over to Angelina and said something to her. She got up and the two of them disappeared through the portrait hole. It was just then that the deck of cards exploded in George’s face, nearly singeing his eyebrows.

            When Fred hadn’t returned an hour later, George went up to his dormitory. He wasn’t going to go to sleep because he knew that Fred would have something to say when he returned. By now, it looked like whatever that would be, it wouldn’t be something Fred would want the whole common room to hear. He sat on his bed, picking up a book called The Galleonaire’s Guide to Grandeur. It was one of those stupid books on how to make loads of money fast. They had been reading many of those, hoping to learn how to build a business but most of those stories seemed to be about men who had had the upper hand in dealing with the goblins. George didn’t believe one of them, the goblins were very insidious and would never enter any bargain if they weren’t sure of profit.

Suddenly an owl came flying into the room. It was one of the school’s barn owls and it was carrying a letter to George. When the owl had landed on his bed, George extracted the letter off its foot. This was no ordinary letter, George’s jaws dropped when he read it:


Dear George,

I can’t longer deny my feelings for you. I watch you every day, waiting for your pranks but mostly, I just watch you. Your laughter is delightful, your grin is dead sexy and I just die when I look at your mischievous eyes. Sometimes I have hard time controlling myself for I really want to touch your upper arm and feel your muscles. They certainly show when you fold your arm like you always do. Please, don’t think I only like you for your physical appearance; your inner man is fascinating too and especially your humour. I like to think I know how you feel for we are two of a kind.

With all my love,

your secret admirer.


Who had sent this? George wondered if this was a joke. The writing was unfamiliar, but very feminine and the "i's" were accentuated with little hearts. Fred or Lee Jordan would never be able to fake this writing. One of the girls in the Quidditch team could have but their ideas of jokes were different. He recalled what Alicia had whispered to him earlier that evening, something about she wanted have him between her thighs more than any broomstick but that had been after he had compared her breasts to a couple of Quaffles. It was always in good fun, especially when someone like Harry witnessed it. Usually he went red but then joined in the laughter. If that letter had been written by any of the Gryffindor Chasers, it would have at least contained a dirty limerick. He turned the letter over to see if he could find any indication who had sent it on the back. There was none, only his name written in the same loopy hand that had written the letter. Who could have sent this?




Fred knew that George was right. He was just torturing himself with not telling Angelina how he felt. She was there talking to Katie, Harry and Ron and they were all laughing about something. It wasn’t like she was a stranger to him. He swallowed and walked up to the group.

            “Hey, Fred! It was kind of harsh sending the Bludger with such force after that second year Hufflepuff Chaser.” Ron was smirking.

            “Well, I couldn’t trust you to prevent him to score,” Fred retorted and directed his focus to Angelina who was laughing merrily over their exchange. “Angelina, can I have a word?” he whispered to her. She looked a bit surprised but nodded and rose from her seat. Fred didn’t fail to notice the grins on Katie’s, Harry’s and Ron’s faces.

            “Could we go for a walk?” he asked.

            Fred searched his mind to find a good place where he could tell her how he felt. It would be best to take a stroll outside, the weather wasn’t so cold. He started to descend the stairs and she followed. They were uncharacteristically silent.

            “Good game,” was the best he could come up with to break the silence.

            “Yeah,” was her only answer. Oddly, that made Fred feel better, for she sounded as nervous as he was. Maybe she still liked him, his heart was beating faster. He was now unable to think of anything further to say. This felt so strange, never before had he been speechless around Angelina or any other girl for that matter. Not even Eve, oh, best not to think about her. Angelina was looking shyly at him and he felt he was blushing. What was happening to him? He couldn’t remember being hit with a Bludger at the match but he felt like he had been.

            They were outside now, the gravel in the courtyard gnashing under their feet. Without thinking, they were walking towards the Quidditch pitch. Just before they started making their way up the hill where the stands were situated, Fred pulled Angelina’s arm.

            “There is something I've got to tell you,” he said and felt it would be best to tell her right away. “I really like you ... I ... I think I love you.” What?!? His brain came to a halt, had he just said he loved her? I’m losing it, he thought and she’ll think it too. He closed his eyes. That way he didn’t have to watch her running away, screaming. Suddenly, he felt light touch on his arm. She was still there. His eyes flew open and he looked at her, a very gentle smile was playing on her lips.

            “So, have I messed things up completely or what?” Maybe this smile of hers was to ridicule him. Why had he blurted out that he loved her? He had stopped acting like himself around her. Her mere presence seemed to cloud his rational thinking. She stood there completely still which was very unlike the energetic Angelina he was used to. What was she waiting for? Fred suddenly closed his eyes, he was being a complete idiot. She was waiting for him to kiss her. He drew a deep breath, stepped closer to her and put an arm around her waist. With his eyes closed, he leaned in and hoped to find his lips connect with hers quickly. It felt like he had been hit with a curse when their lips met but this was no curse, it was like he had been filled with stars and rainbows. How could a little kiss be so incredible? Her hands were now around his neck, he pulled her closer to him and soon he felt like there was nothing existing besides their kiss.

            Somehow they had moved from a vertical position to a horizontal one. Fred was busy with freeing Angelina from her cloak and soon they had discarded various items of their clothing. The October chill had no effect on them and they would have continued what they were doing for much longer if they hadn’t heard a dog bark.

            “Oy, Fang. No, ther’ aren’t any rabbits. Come ‘ere,” they heard as soon as a big boarhound came running towards them. Fred jerked away from Angelina who started buttoning her blouse. They looked at each other and grinned, shamefaced.

            Fang seemed overjoyed to find Fred and was licking his face so he had troubles putting his jumper back on. Angelina was giggling madly.

            “So, you’re em rabbits Fang wanted to find,” Hagrid appeared and raised his eyebrows when he saw Fred and Angelina. “I should give you two detention,” he said and chuckled, “but if you two go straight back to the castle, I ... err ... only saw em rabbits.” Fred knew it would be best to do as Hagrid said. He was in no mood to serve any detention.

            They made their way back to the castle. Angelina took Fred’s hand and laced their fingers together. This feels nice, Fred thought, just like it should be.

            “Fred,” Angelina sounded timid and it made him feel funny, “I’m sorry I didn’t say anything when you said that you ...” She hesitated and before he could think any further, he had said, “that I love you, right?” He felt the heat rise up his cheeks.

            “Yes, and I want you to know that I ... err ... feel the same.” He felt her hand twitch and he squeezed it reassuringly. This was so strange to him, this hadn’t been that way with Eve. There were no thoughts about love then, just that feeling that he had to have her. Probably effects of the spell Eve had cast over him. On the other hand, everything with Angelina felt sincere. Maybe true love, he thought and tightened his grip of Angelina’s hand.

            “So, how do you think the others will take this?” she asked as they walked up the steps to the castle.

            “I know that George and Lee will say, ‘About time you two got it together.’ Lee has been on my case about since the start of this term and George since things ... err... went back to normal between us.” He didn’t want to bring Eve up now. She was nothing but a bad memory to him.

            “Katie and Alicia will say the same, I reckon. I hope you don’t mind, but they were egging me to make a move on you while you were still seeing Eve,” she grinned and Fred saw she had herself been thinking seriously about doing that.

            “Really?” he replied, “though I’m glad you didn’t. Eve wouldn’t have reacted well to someone interrupting her designs. She was truly evil and please, don’t talk about her more but I’m sorry if it hurt you, me being with her.”

            “It wasn’t your fault, so no need for you to be sorry,” said Angelina. They had arrived at the portrait of the Fat Lady. Fred couldn’t resist, he stepped aside from the portrait and pulled Angelina with him. She understood what he wanted. This time, their kiss was sweeter and felt more familiar. It was like this was the first one of countless similar kisses he would receive for the rest of his life and he looked forward to every single one of them.

            Fred didn’t feel like he was walking up to his dormitory, he was levitating. How on earth was he supposed to go to sleep? He would be awake all night think about Angelina, how it felt to kiss her and touch.

            He entered the dormitory and saw George and Lee engrossed in some letter, they looked up as he walked over to them.

“So, you and Angelina?” Lee asked, George didn’t say anything but Fred knew he

wanted to know.

            “Yeah, we’re on,” he said with a grin and threw himself on his bed, “what are you two reading?”

            “Oh, someone fancies our George,” said Lee and smirked, “it’s from a secret admirer.”

            “Really, sure it isn’t just a mix-up? Some confused girl who thinks you’re me?” Fred couldn’t resist teasing George, who looked rather serious.

            “Nah, man. This is about George. She knows he folds his arm, you never do,” said Lee as he handed Fred the letter. Fred read the letter and started laughing, “we can rule out Katie and Alicia, they’d invite you to an orgy.”

            “Yeah, that’s what I thought,” said George finally, “is it just ... is it a joke or not?”

            “‘Feel your muscles.’ Oh, please, that’s so lame. Either this is some girly girl or the Hufflepuffs taking their revenge. But if you get more letters, we have to investigate.” Fred handed George the letter back to George.

            “Yeah, I’m going to brush my teeth,” said George and got up.

            Two minutes later he came back with a red rose in his hand and said with asperity, “I found this in the bathroom.” There was a note attached to the rose and Fred reached for it.

            “‘ To G.W. I want to be your rose. XXX, your secret admirer.’” He read and handed the note back to George.

            “We have to investigate this,” Lee said, “if this is joke, we bloody well can’t have someone playing with us and if this is for real, we got to find out who this girl is.” George nodded and Fred started thinking about plans.

            “This has to be dealt with carefully, I think it would be hard for any of us to spy. We need someone inconspicuous,” Fred said and rubbed his chin.

            “Yeah, preferably a girl and I do believe we’re dealing with a Gryffindor here since the rose was left in the bathroom,” said George, “but who could we get to help us? Not the girls in the team, they would just tease me endlessly. Hermione would never agree to this but ... Ginny, we have to ask Ginny.”

            “She’s perfect for it, you’re right,” Fred replied excited, “that little imp can sneak where no one dares to sneak. The only Weasley who has never been caught with her hand in the biscuit tin, yet had crumbs all over her dress. ” Lee chuckled but agreed with the twins that bringing Ginny into this would be a good idea. Agent Ginny Weasley would be on the tail of the secret admirer in no time.

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