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Author: EilonwyG  Story: Enter The Maze  Chapter: Default
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I look at him,

He who should not have been here.

Yet regardless of whether he entered himself

Or was put up to it,

He has proved himself

A true champion.

Fair play, moral character

And friendship he’s displayed,

And I find myself

Feeling inadequate

In comparison.

What makes him different?

Beauty and charm

Are Fleur’s virtues,

Krum--mysterious and silent,

A talented yet humble seeker.

And I--a Hufflepuff at heart;

Truthful, modest, just.

Yet he and I

Are not quite so different.

I have faced my obstacles

With courage and conviction,

I’ve not quailed with fear.

Hufflepuffs are not without bravery,

Despite what others say.

Does it not take courage

To stand up for a friend?

Loyalty demands courage.

He and I are called,

Standing ready at the entrance

Of the maze.

Glancing at the crowds,

Cho’s eyes connect with mine.

Her smile gives me confidence.

We are called again;

Harry and I enter the maze,

Opponents one last time.

At the intersection,

We turn to each other.

His eyes so honest and open,

Gaze into mine.

He’s not afraid.

And I wish we could have

Been better friends.

We part on our separate paths.

Who will win?

Who shall be champion?

I play in hopes of winning,

But I will not discount

Another as a better.

In a sense,

I’ve already won.

I play not for fame, or gold,

Or personal glory.

I play to honor my house,

And to find myself.

And I think I’ve done that.


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