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Author: Alphie (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: From the Eyes of the Werewolf  Chapter: Chapter Two: The Journey to Hogwarts
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(A/N: Again I must thank Thing1, Durayan, and Beruna Ford for all their help as well as others in the chat room.  I also must say that this chapter, as well as several up coming chapters, will contain text written by JK Rowling and not me.  I use it so that I don’t muddle the story too much, but I do not have permission to do it.  I do not want to get into a copy write debate and I hope all the readers will understand my reasons for using the original text.  I’m grateful to JKR for creating such a wonderful character for me to play with…Remus torture!!)



Chapter Two

The Journey to Hogwarts


A month later, Remus found himself feeling foolish for accepting the offer.  He stood on Platform 9 ¾, looking at the scarlet steam engine and wondering once again if he were doing the right thing. After all, how wise was it to place such young students in such close proximity to a werewolf, even with the Wolfsbane Potion?  And how wise was it to employ a teacher against whom almost all the parents would certainly object?


He’d arranged to travel to the school on the Hogwarts Express after checking the moon charts.  Two days ago had been a full moon, and Remus wanted to wait until after the full moon to arrive.  One less full moon spent at Hogwarts would be a good thing, he thought.  Dumbledore had actually been the one to suggest he take the train.  Remus opened his mouth to say that he would have no trouble Apparating after a good rest, but the quiet and firm look on Dumbledore’s face had stopped him.  Remus realized that what Dumbledore particularly wanted was an adult on that train who could deal with any ‘unforeseen events’.


There were so many students and families running around.  It was easy to spot the first years as they usually had pale faces and stared with wonder at everything that was going on around them.  Actually, that was how Remus imagined he looked right about now.  He was very nervous, but he couldn’t let anyone of these students know that.  It would lessen his credibility, and he was already teetering on the edge of being credible. 


A moment later, he was gently pushed aside as a family of redheads passed him, heading for the last car.  Remus watched as they hurried by, caught by the glimpse of one black-haired boy in the bunch.  The boy not only had messy, black hair, but round spectacles, and a face that was unmistakable.  Remus didn’t need to see a scar to know who the boy was.  Staring at the back of the boy’s head as he followed the red-haired family, Remus felt his heart quicken. 


With sudden determination, he picked up his briefcase and stepped onto the train.  Most of the compartments were full of rowdy teenagers, but Remus found one at the end that was empty.  He packed his briefcase in the compartment overhead and took a seat next to the window.  Leaning back and shutting his eyes, he couldn’t help but remember his first time on this train, when he met James and Sirius.  How young he had been then.


Thinking of his youth, Remus Lupin fell asleep.




“Watch where you’re going!”


“Sorry.”  Remus had almost been knocked down by the other boy, but seeing as how the other boy was older and much bigger than he was, he didn’t argue. 


Dragging his trunk along the passageway, Remus looked in the compartments one by one, hoping to find a friendly face.  There was one compartment filled entirely with girls, and he felt his face get very hot when one of them said he could join them.  He said thanks, but kept looking.  As he approached a compartment in the middle, he heard a rather odd popping noise. 


“Hang off it, will you!  Everyone will hear and you’ll ruin the surprise,” a deep voice said.


“Alright!  I just wanted to make sure it was still working,” another voice said.


Remus peeked in the compartment and saw two boys hurriedly trying to hide something. 


“What are you doing?  Knock next time!” the boy with the deep voice said.


“I’m sorry,” Remus started, “I was just looking for a place to sit.  All the compartments seem to be full.”


“Oh, well you can join us,” the boy with glasses said, nodding at the other boy with wide eyes.  The other boy didn’t seem to want Remus to stay, as he was shaking his head at the boy with glasses, but heaved a deep breath and flopped back in his seat. 


“I’m James Potter,” the glasses boy said.  He swatted at the other boy and said, “And this goon is Sirius Black.”


“Remus Lupin, nice to meet you,” he said, sitting in the seat next to James.  He shook both of the boys’ hands, but Sirius still seemed reluctant to be friendly with Remus.  His handshake was less than enthusiastic.  He can probably sense me, Remus thought.  Most people can tell that something is wrong.  Great, I knew I shouldn’t have come.  I’m just going to get made fun of again, and I’ll have to go back home.  It’s always the same story.


“Er, don’t mind Sirius.  He’s just afraid you’ll spoil his fun.” Remus saw the two boys exchange wicked glances.


“I beg your pardon?” Fun?  What were they talking about?


James leaned in close to Remus and explained in a voice just louder than a whisper, “He’s got a new toy that he wants to try out on somebody.”  James pointed over at Sirius who had a very innocent look on his face.


“Moi?  Would I play a trick on an unsuspecting individual?”  Remus could see he was hiding something behind his back.  “Don’t worry about this,” he said, referring to whatever it was.  “It’s just a new invention of mine.”


Remus looked from one boy to the other, realizing that this could really be loads of fun.  “There’s a whole compartment of girls two doors down.”  Remus smiled mischievously.


Surprised by the comment, Sirius leaned forward.  “What did you say your name was again?”


“Remus.  Remus Lupin.” 


For a moment, Remus thought that Sirius was going to knock him down for suggesting it. But instead, he hit Remus on the knee and said, with a wide grin, “Remus Lupin, eh?  Well you’re my kind of bloke!”




In his drowsy, Remus felt the train slowing down and coming to a stop.  Surely they hadn’t arrived yet.  He was certain he remembered the ride as being longer.  As he drifted back into consciousness, he heard all sorts of strange voices rummaging around in the compartment.  There was a loud thud and two distinct squeals of pain.


“Who’s that?” a female voice said.


“Who’s that?” another voice said.


“Ginny?” the first one said again.


“Hermione?” the second one answered.


The voices argued a moment while trying to find a seat, apparently sitting on one of the boys in the compartment.  Remus had had enough.  If he didn’t do something quickly, he, too, would be sat upon.  “Quiet!” he said hoarsely.


He had obviously had an effect on them as none of them were talking anymore.  Remus gathered up his hands and magicked a small, blue-flamed fire in them.  He was anxious to find out what was going on and why they had stopped.


“Stay where you are,” he told the students in the compartment as he stood up, intending to leave the compartment.  But before he even reached the door, he had his answer.  There in the doorway stood a dementor. 


What ever were they doing here?  Dementors were usually only allowed at Azkaban, and Dumbledore would never allow




So, the dementors were searching the train for Black.  That must be the reason for the delay.  Dementors surely wouldn’t be permitted on the train otherwise.  It appeared that the security around Hogwarts was indeed tight this year.  A sudden thought struck Remus.  Was Sirius now looking for Harry?  Is that why he broke out of prison?  He cursed himself for not thinking of it sooner and decided that he had better go and find Harry.


But before he could leave, he had to get rid of the dementor.  Remus felt the room grow cold at its’ presence and decided that the students need not be subjected to it any longer.  His own mind had begun racing, the sound of a wolf chasing him.  He had to get the dementor out of here before it started to affect everyone too deeply.  But at that moment, one of the boys suddenly fell to the floor with a thud, obviously overcome with the effect of the dementor.  Remus looked down at him, and, for the first time, realized with whom he was sharing a compartment. 


It was Harry. 


The dementor was affecting Harry badly and Remus understood why.  He had to get that thing out of the compartment quickly.  Stepping over Harry, he approached the dementor and said, “None of us is hiding Sirius Black under our cloaks.  Go.”  The dementor didn’t move.  Remus pointed his wand at the dementor, and muttered “Expecto Patronum!” A brilliant, silvery-white Patronus shot out of the end of his wand, sending the dementor away from the compartment. 


Remus turned back towards the rest of the students.  They were all looking very pale, and the little redheaded girl in the corner was shaking very badly.  But his main concern was Harry, who was still lying on the floor. 


The lanterns flickered back on, and the train slowly began to move again.  One of the girls had bent down next to Harry and was slapping the side of his face, trying to wake him up.  Remus, however, knew that what Harry needed was a large piece of chocolate.  He felt in his robes and brought out a large bar he had with him just as Harry opened his eyes. 


“Are you okay?” the tall red-haired boy asked.


“Yeah,” said Harry, looking around.  “What happened?  Where’s that thing?  Who screamed?”


Screamed?   Harry had heard someone scream?  Remus couldn’t help but be concerned at what Harry had just heard in his mind and wondered if it had anything to do with James and Lily.


“No one screamed,”the tall boy explained.


“But I heard screaming…”


Remus needed to lighten the air of the compartment.  With a snap the chocolate chunk was in pieces.  “Here,” he said, handing a rather large portion to Harry.  “Eat it.  It’ll help.”


“What was that thing?”  Harry asked him as he handed out pieces to the other students.


“A dementor.  One of the dementors of Azkaban.”


Five sets of eyes were now staring up at him, and no one was eating the chocolate.  He put the wrapper in his pocket and looked around at them.  Harry’s green eyes shone brightly, and Remus held his breath at the sight of them.  Remus felt suddenly nervous.


“Eat,” he finally said.  “It’ll help.”  Remus needed a moment to himself and made up an excuse.  “I need to speak to the driver, excuse me…”


He stepped out into the corridor and leaned up against the wall when he was out of sight.  Shutting his eyes, he took a deep breath.  James’ face filled his mind.  James…he looks just like you…he thought.  Remus had known Harry as a baby and they had all known then that Harry resembled his father, with Lily’s big green eyes.  But nothing had prepared Remus for this.  It was like looking into the face of a friend he had thought he would never again see.


But then it occurred to him that Harry had probably never seen James’ face at all.  Did he realize how much he looked like his father?  Remus ran his fingers over his eyes and back towards his temples.  Oh God, all the stories he could tell Harry about James.  All the information that Remus had on James would probably be a treasure to Harry, who had never had the chance to know him.  But the thought of going back in there and telling all this to Harry frightened him a bit.  To explain his relationship with James would mean explaining his relationship with Sirius and Peter.  And once all that was information was given, Harry would inevitably ask about his parents’ death.  How could he ever explain something that he himself didn’t understand?  Besides, it wasn’t really his place to tell Harry all of that, was it?  But who else knew James as well as Remus did?  Oh, that one was easy….Sirius….


Remus ran his fingers though his hair, trying to block these thoughts from his mind.  Going to the front of the train, he asked the driver how long it would be until they arrived and if he could please use one of the owls on board.  Remus quickly attached a note about the dementor and Harry’s condition to the owl and sent it off to Hogwarts.  Once Remus had an answer on the arrival time, he returned to the compartment, eager to check on Harry.  He made up his mind that he wouldn’t mention Lily and James unless Harry asked.  Yes, that would be best.


Remus looked around at the students and decided that the red-haired boy and girl must be brother and sister, but he didn’t recognize any of them.  He also noticed that none of the chocolate had been consumed.  “I haven’t poisoned that chocolate, you know…” he said, trying not to smile too widely at them, amused at their caution, almost as if his youthful reputation had preceded him.


Everyone began nibbling on their pieces, slowly at first, but more rapidly as they began to feel better.  “We’ll be at Hogwarts in ten minutes.”  Without even thinking, Remus asked, “Are you all right, Harry?”


As soon as it left his mouth, Remus felt badly.  He should have introduced himself, and certainly not have called Harry by his first name without explaining how he knew who he was, first.  Remus had the feeling he was now going to have to explain all about Lily and James and how he knew them.  Perfect, he thought.  Didn’t you just decide not to go into all this?


But Harry didn’t seem to mind that Remus knew his name.  He just said, “Fine,” and looked slightly embarrassed.


Remus took his seat by the window and thought for a moment.  Certainly Harry was used to people recognizing him…he had that dreadful scar on his forehead after all.  Remus eyed him a few times as they approached Hogsmeade station, still stunned at the resemblance he shared with James. 


As they all left the train and Harry and his friends went off to get into their carriages, Remus couldn’t help but smile to himself.  It was as if James were still alive.  If only….


“Professor!” a great burly voice boomed.  “Professor Lupin!”  It was Hagrid, waving and signaling Remus to come over to him.


“Hagrid!  How are you?”  Remus asked as great drops of rain fell on him.


“Wet! And I got to take the firs’ years ‘cross the lake yet!”  Hagrid was indeed a wet mess.


“What a dreadful journey to make this evening!” he said with a slight chuckle.


“Lucky fur you, Dumbledore sent ‘is personal carriage t’ bring you up to th’ castle.”  Hagrid pointed to a very fine coach at the head of the line and Remus, thanking Hagrid, set off to take shelter in the carriage.    


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