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Author: rebeccagrace (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: The Firetah  Chapter: Chapter Two
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(part two)

okay guys...this is part two. It's from Harry's perspective, with a little bit of Dumbledore's thoughts thrown in.

Harry Potter sat down wearily at the Gryffindor table. What a rough first day to his fifth year. He had already lost 50 points from Gryffindor that morning for accidentally turning Draco Malfoy into a donkey in Transfiguration. Plus he had a nagging feeling that something big was happening between his two best friends. He watched Ron and Hermione for a few minutes as they cast furtive glances at each other. He would worry about that later...

Soon Harry found that he was struggling to keep his head from falling into his roast beef. He closed his eyes and had just started dozing when something made him sit up with a start. A hush had fallen over the Great Hall like a blanket. All eyes seemed to be fixed on the doors. He turned in his seat to get a better view and saw the two figures standing there. In that sweet instant, he knew his heart was lost forever. The shock of suddenly finding the one who was obviously meant for him was like a blow to the stomach, and he reeled in his chair. Harry had always considered himself rather dense at times, but this girl... he knew her. He sat up straighter, his mind clear for the first time all day. This went unnoticed by his classmates, as their eyes were still glued to the girl who stood so still, so silent, in the front of the room with the Headmaster.

Harry saw her through a lover's eyes: petite, plump, with curves exactly where they should be. Grey eyes the color of the lake after a storm in winter. Her hair- Harry had never seen anything quite like it, even on Fleur Delacour- it was like a wavy river of gold and flowed all the way to her knees. His soul cried out to touch it. He stayed put, though. He was paralyzed at finding so young what most people spend their whole lives searching for. "Well, that's it, then." He said with soft conviction, and relaxed.

Harry didn't see the flash of orange, quickly concealed, in Anchoret's eyes. But then, thought Dumbledore bemusedly, it scarcely would have mattered. He looked at Harry and knew his favorite student's heart had chosen well in this strange, remote girl beside him.

He watched as Anchoret stood before his students and staff. He saw in her eyes that love was the last thing on her mind. A cool, calm remoteness had come over the Firetah, turning her fire to a frozen stream. She stood quietly, waiting for him to speak. Any human girl would have quailed under such scrutiny. But Anchoret, no human girl she, stood unmoved.

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