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Author: rebeccagrace (Professors' Bookshelf)  Story: Madness  Chapter: Chapter One
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(part one)

Author's note: First, I feel that I must mention the fact that this story is quite out of canon. I am aware that JKR has said that there will be no teen pregnancies in the HP books, and this is a sentiment that I couldn't be happier about. But this fic is not the HP books, it is merely based on them, as you well know. I just feel the need to explore this particular "problem" in a story. I hope it turns out well.

Roger Davies scurried down the hall towards the empty classroom where she was waiting. He glanced around nervously, then caught himself and tried to look casual and unhurried. He couldn't help himself, though, and soon he was running, gasping with pain and remorse about what had happened.

He was a wreck. Ever since she had told him...well...what was he supposed to do? He hadn't even meant to...they just...His mind whirred. He hadn't even wanted to sleep with her, really. It just happened. Afterwards they hadn't said anything, and certainly not, "I love you". The truth was, they didn't love each other. They had barely spoken again until the night before, when she had approached him after dinner.

"Are you sure?"


"Meet me in the Arithmancy classroom during dinner. We won't be missed."

He turned down a final corridor and stepped into the doorway of the abandoned classroom. She didn't notice him, and he watched her for a few minutes as she stood, framed by the large window in the back of the room. She sighed and pulled her long blonde hair back from her freckled face. She turned then and gave a small yelp when she saw him. Her hazel eyes flashed and she pulled her robes tightly around her small frame.

"You startled me."


"Well come in, don't just stand there in the doorway!"

Her voice was soft but shrill. She was scared. He looked at her and then down at his own trembling hands. He was scared too. More scared then he had ever been in his life. The Dark Lord's return was nothing compared to the awful seeping terror that he felt at this moment.

For several moments they stood silently, looking at one another. A sound far off down the corridor made them both jump. The girl beckoned Roger in, and they both made their way over to the window in the dying light. The sun was setting in a blaze of hot pink. She started to weep softly.

"What are we going to do?"

He reached out to her uncertainly. She melted into his arms, shaking.

Through his fear and indecision he spoke softly to her.

"I don't know, Susan...I don't know."

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